She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 78 - She's Turned On The Camera!

Chapter 78 - She's Turned On The Camera!

Chapter 78 - She's Turned On The Camera!

More people started to comment:

"Turn it on, then? You're a bastard if you don't!"

"Is sweetcherry going to turn on the camera? I feel like I'm going to go blind later!"

"I smell a fight breaking out. This is a gaming channel. Does it matter whether they turn on the camera or not?"

"Yes, it does! No one goes as far as them as to straight-up pretend to be a five-year-old kid even if they use a voice changer when they play games. Do they think our IQs are very low?"

"Exactly! They even duped others into giving them tips to buy candy with. Tsk, the point here is—there are actually people who are falling for it! The top fan on their list who calls himself Grandpa just gave them another tip worth $150,000!"

"How does a perverted liar like them find the cheek to do live streams? Is it because their original voice sounds too awful?"

"That kind of tender voice is originally a child's, which is supposed to sound cute and lovable. How come they have the gall to change their voice into one like that? What an insult to kids!"

Of course, there were also loyal fans of sweetcherry who defended her. It was just that there were only a few of them, so they were all drowned out by the insults.

"Watching sweetcherry pretending to be a kid is exactly what we like. What's it to you? If you can't stand it, then why don't you get out?"

"Exactly. Are they holding a knife to your neck and forcing you to tip them?"

"The hero the live streamer plays as is a little girl who carries a cannon. I think it's very apt that they use a child's voice! Why are you being such a busybody?"


When Cherry saw that even her loyal fans didn't believe that she was a child, she frowned and said huffily and seriously, "I'm not a kid!"

In the comments:

"Hahaha, they've admitted it now!"

"I knew they were lying!"


A few comments had only just scrolled past the screen when Cherry said huffily, "I'm already five! Which part of me is a kid?"

The comments fell silent for a while. Then, a loyal fan wrote weakly:

"Sweetie, that's enough. Let's not say any more. There's nothing shameful in pretending to be a kid anyway…"

"If you say any more, it'll start to seem a little pretentious. It's enough! Enough!"

As for the antis, they switched on their combat mode.

"Ugh, they're still pretending to be a kid. It's so gross! 'Already five'? More like you're fifty, right? Which five-year-old can read so well?"

"A fifty-year-old probably doesn't have that kind of hand speed and reflexes. They're probably in their twenties or thirties… What I'm seeing in my mind is an ugly, gross, and wretched-looking middle-aged man…"

"Didn't they say they're gonna turn on the camera? What are you still dilly-dallying so much for? Hurry up and turn it on!"

"They must be deliberately saying all that in order to change the subject, right? Turn on the camera! Turn on the camera!"

"It's not like they have the guts to. If they turn it on, they'll expose their own lies!"


Seeing that no one believed her, Cherry felt as if she had suffered a great injustice. She said quietly, "Okay, I'll turn on the camera now. Wait a minute, okie?"

After finishing the round at hand, she fumbled around for a while and finally turned on the camera.

The moment she did, an uproar went through the comments!

At the same time, Justin ended a busy day of work.

Bored, he glanced at Pete, who was studying next to him, and picked up his cell phone. Suddenly, he thought of the friend whom Chester had posted about the other day.

After downloading the live streaming app, he searched for 'sweetcherry'.

As soon as he entered her live stream, he found that the comments were in a huge uproar.

"F*ck! F*ck, she's really a kid!"

"I can't believe my eyes!"

"sweetcherry is actually really only five?"

"F*ck! I'm actually a lousier player than an elementary school kid? Ah, no, a kindergartener? Self-doubt in progress here right now…"

"Ahhh, she's so cute! She's so cute! To think such a cute little baby who talks so adorably really exists!"

Justin, "?"

When he finally looked at the screen, he saw that the screen, which originally was showing just the game interface, now had a small window at a corner on the right.

Inside the window was a small figure.

She looked like she was about five years old. It was hard to tell whether it was a wig or her real hair, but she had two little braids on each side of her head, which made her look very adorable.

She was also wearing a white feather mask that covered most of her face.

The little fellow said huffily, "There, I've turned on the camera! I wasn't lying, yeah! All of you should apologize to me!"

In the comments:

"She's really only five? Oh my god! My outlook on life has been shattered!"

"I'm sorry! I was wrong! Please forgive me, big boss!"

All the antis had already disappeared in the background and didn't dare to speak anymore.

Someone asked:

"Why are you wearing a mask? Are we not worthy of seeing what sweetcherry really looks like?"

"I already find her so cute when she's just sitting there like that! Can you take off your mask and show us how you look? Don't worry, there aren't any ugly children out there!"

Sweetcherry waved and explained seriously, "No, I'm afraid that Daddy will see me!"

"What are you afraid of? It's nothing bad that you're making money on live streams. It's not like your father will smack you, right?"

"Exactly. If I had such a lovely daughter, I'd definitely spoil her like a precious treasure!"

Of course, there were also some who didn't agree with her actions. They reprimanded her, "Five-year-olds shouldn't be playing with the cell phone every day. It's not good for children! Your father is right to discipline you!"

Cherry said seriously, "No, Daddy won't discipline me, but he'll take me away and forbid Mommy from ever seeing me again!"

Her top fan, Grandpa, couldn't help but write: "Your father is such an awful man!"

The rest of the comments agreed with his statement.

"Why would he take her away? Are your parents divorced? Is it because your father would think that your mother isn't teaching you well if he finds out about the live stream?"

"My goodness, it's so sad that there are fathers like that in this world. It's so awful how they always think the world of themselves. My heart aches for sweetcherry."

"Although it isn't right that children play games every day, I checked the records just now. Sweetie, your game time is fixed, right? And you only play for two hours a day… I'm sure your mother has put thought into this, right? For some reason, my heart aches for Sweetie. I hate your wicked father!"

After seeing the comments, Cherry waved her hands anxiously and said, "No, no, it's not like that! It's not like that! My father doesn't know that Mommy gave birth to me, so if he finds out, Mommy will be in trouble!"

"Your mother sounds so tragic. Did she raise you by herself?"

When Justin heard what she said, he suddenly thought of Pete…

Even sweetcherry's mother knew that she should take care of her child, yet Pete's biological mother was so horrible!

A hint of anger flashed in his eyes.

Cherry was about to say something when she noticed a tip of 9,999 airplanes. Amid the airplane icons scrolling across the screen, her number two fan, 'JH', wrote a few big words in bold red text: 'Your father isn't worthy of calling himself a man!'

Cherry, "??"

Daddy, is it really okay to insult yourself like that?

She panicked and got up from her chair. "Daddy, you—"

Before she could finish, she lost her balance and almost fell. However, after she steadied herself, the mask on her face instead fell off…