She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 79 - Cherry Looks A Little Familiar

Chapter 79 - Cherry Looks A Little Familiar

Chapter 79 - Cherry Looks A Little Familiar

Justin's heart suddenly stopped beating for a moment. It was only when he saw that she managed to regain her balance that he finally relaxed.

When he wanted to see what she looked like, rows of airplane icons suddenly swept across the screen.

After studying the interface with a frown for a while, he finally turned off the virtual gift visual effects. However, by the time he looked again, he found that sweetcherry had already turned off the camera.

For some reason, he felt a little disappointed.

He shook his head, finding his behavior rather comical.

She was just a child that he had interacted with a few times. Why was he so curious about what she looked like?

He tossed the cell phone aside. The little girl's tender voice rang out in his earphones. "Thank you for the airplanes, Grandpa! Mwah!"

For some reason, Justin felt a little unhappy.

He had gifted her so many airplanes, but why didn't she blow him any flying kisses?

As a result, yet another row of 9999 airplane icons scrolled across the screen.

After sending the gift, he came back to his senses. He felt that he must be out of his mind…

Then, he heard the excited little fellow exclaim, "Wow, Daddy! You're so amazing, too! Mwah!"

Justin's lip corners couldn't help but curl upward.

Two hours later, Cherry stopped playing and got ready for dinner.

After ending the live stream, she sat on the chair with her chin propped on her hands and looked at the two highest-ranking names on the fan list.

Sponsor Grandpa was still in top place with a total of almost $800,000 in tips.

Daddy was ranked second place with a total of about $600,000 in tips.

She felt justified and didn't have any qualms about taking money from her father. However, it seemed like Sponsor Grandpa didn't know her at all…

Cherry opened a private chat window and sent him a voice message.

At the Smiths.

Although he had asked for steak the day before, Ian had stopped eating after taking just a bite.

He rested on the bed in a groggy daze all the way until now.

Watching sweetcherry's live stream seemed to have become the only thing he looked forward to every day.

Ian was frowning.

On his attractive visage, there was a contemplative look in his eyes.

He had seen what sweetcherry looked like when her mask dropped off just now, and he found her face vaguely familiar.

It was as if he had seen it somewhere before.

Even though he couldn't recall where he might have seen a face like that before, it nevertheless gave him a sense of kinship.

Ian smiled bitterly.

Perhaps life was just too boring. Or perhaps it was because she simply looked so adorable and clever?

He was about to toss the cell phone aside when he heard a sound notification.

When Ian picked it back up, he found that sweetcherry had sent him a private message: "Sponsor Grandpa, do you wanna play games? I can guide you, yeah!"


To be honest, Ian wasn't interested, but he didn't have the heart to refuse the little girl's kindness. Thus, he replied: "How are you going to guide me?"

Beep! Another notification rang out.

He tapped on it: "Let's add each other as friends first! Do you have a Facebook account, Sponsor Grandpa? After we add each other as friends, I'll be able to add you into the game from my friends list."

Ian replied: "Yes, I do."

Sweetcherry sent him a link to her Facebook page.

Ian logged in to the Facebook account that he hadn't touched in years. He had only registered the account because of Yvette in the past.

He cast his eyes down, suppressed the discomfort in his heart, and added sweetcherry as a friend.

Her Facebook name was Cherry Smith.

She approved the friend request as soon as he sent it.

After that, Cherry sent him several pictures.

Puzzled, Ian replied with a question mark: ?

Cherry sent him a voice message: "Sponsor Grandpa, you're under my care from today onward. You must remember to log in to Facebook every day and send me messages, okay? We must maintain the sparks of our friendship!"


Ian was confused.

Cherry sent another message: "We mustn't let the sparks of our friendship extinguish! Once we send each other messages for seven days, our sparks of friendship will burn strongly! After another few days, our little boat of friendship will sail off and eventually become a giant ferry!"


Ian fell silent. He couldn't help but feel that children came up with some pretty ridiculous things these days.

However, when he thought of what she said again, he replied: "Okay."

After he replied, it was time for dinner. The caretaker came in and asked, "Sir, how about having some oatmeal?"

Ian clenched his jaw.

He didn't have any appetite, but when he thought of his promise with the little girl… He would drag his life on for a few more days, he supposed. If he passed the next day, the little girl would probably be sad.

He said dispassionately, "Okay."

Elsewhere, Nora had reached the dance studio after being dragged there by Sheril.

The classroom was very big and featured mirrors on all four sides.

The moment she walked in, she saw that there were a few young men and women there. They were currently standing around a girl in the corner and chatting.

At the sight of Sheril, a thin man came over and smiled bashfully at her. He said, "Sheril, you're here!"

Sheril blushed and nodded. Then, she introduced him to Nora. "Nora, this is my boyfriend, Caden Hayes."

Her boyfriend?

Nora sized him up carefully. She couldn't help but feel like the man made people feel a little uncomfortable.

However, she didn't say much.

Sheril introduced Nora to Caden and the two of them said hi to each other.

At this point, the chatter from a distance away reached them.

"Really? Your family is so amazing!"

"Wow, Rachel, are you going to meet Tanya Turner? I'm so envious!"


Caden was taken aback for a moment. Then, he asked with a smile, "Tanya Turner? What are you guys talking about?"

Someone answered, "It's Rachel! Her mother heard that Ms. Turner will be coming back to the States in a few days, so she specially invited her to go to their place to hold a few dance lessons for her!"

After answering him, the group of youngsters gathered around Rachel and asked, "Can we also join the class, Rachel?"

At the sight of everyone swarming over there, Caden looked at Sheril and said, "Sheril, Rachel is your cousin, right? Can you ask her to let us join the class?"

Sheril's expression immediately changed and she looked as if she had been put in a spot.

Nora, on the other hand, was taken aback. "She's your cousin?"

"Yes, Rachel is Sheril's uncle's daughter from the maternal side of the family. I'm sure she'll agree if Sheril asks her!"

Nora looked at Rachel Wood, who was surrounded by everyone and basking in the limelight.

She had wavy hair, a slim and graceful figure, and a delicate aura around her. The scholarly aura around her was a little similar to the one that Melissa had.

It was just that even though Melissa looked delicate, she also had a very dignified aura around her.

On the other hand, Rachel's imitation was lacking and it fell flat, making her seem somewhat chintzy.

With the wall of people in between, she spoke with a great sense of superiority and said, "It's very difficult to get Ms. Turner to open a class. It's not about money at all. My mother only managed to ask her to open a class for me after asking a lot of people for favors."

Someone who was trying to flatter her said, "It's rare for Tanya Turner to come back to the States, so I heard that her schedule is totally packed. It's really amazing that your family could get her over!"

Rachel suddenly looked at Sheril.. "There are already a lot of people in the class, Sheril. I may not be able to let you join this time…"