She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 77 - Who Says I Don't Dare To Turn On The Camera?

Chapter 77 - Who Says I Don't Dare To Turn On The Camera?

Chapter 77 - Who Says I Don't Dare To Turn On The Camera?

Someone more professional than her?

Whitney sneered. With a confident and arrogant look in her eyes, she scoffed, "Can you even find someone more professional than me in the States?"

Ms. Lynn tugged on Nora's sleeve and said, "Ms. Smith, the competition that Mrs. Lowe had participated in was the Blackpool Dance Festival. It's a world-class international ballroom dancing competition… Mrs. Lowe has founded a dance academy in New York that specializes in teaching students gifted in the art, and there are scores of people who wish for her guidance. She holds great authority in the dancing circle."

Then, Ms. Lynn lowered her voice and said, "In order to have her teach their children, there are even some wealthy families who treat her very politely. She's even given the Hunts' and the Smiths' children dance lessons before…"

Nora scoffed lightly when she heard Ms. Lynn's explanation. As it turned out, that woman named Whitney did indeed know what she was doing.

No wonder she had the guts to try resolving the issue with money in a kindergarten like this just now.

People engaged in the arts typically had rather lofty ideals. She must have formed an exaggerated opinion of her abilities, thanks to the other parents' flattery.

Nora cast her eyes down and slowly said, "Ms. Lynn, I will find someone more professional than her to judge whether Cherry is suitable to dance or not."

Whitney had exquisite makeup on. By then, she had also already put on her coat and leather shoes, making her seem exceptionally elegant. When she heard what Nora said, she sneered, "We'll wait and see, then. However, until you find someone more professional than me, Cheryl Smith will not be allowed to attend my dance classes!"

After saying that, she took Sinead's hand and turned to leave.

However, as soon as she turned, someone grabbed her ponytail. Then, her shoulder was held down and a great force threw her against the wall next to her!


In front of Whitney was an icy-cold wall. Her hair was still being pulled and her shoulder held down. She couldn't move at all. Furious, she demanded, "What are you doing?"

A low and mild voice slowly reached from behind. "Mrs. Lowe, shouldn't you apologize to my daughter after bullying her?"

Cherry was mischievous and never allowed anyone to give her the short end of the stick.

Neither would Nora allow her daughter to suffer any grievances for no reason.

Whitney yelled, "No way!"

As soon as she did, Nora yanked her hair downward hard again, making her scalp sting terribly. As though she was simply stating a truth, the woman's voice was calm and peaceful as she said, "Apologize."

There was a murderous look in her frosty eyes.

Whitney shivered. She swallowed hard and clenched her fists tightly. At last, as though humiliated, she said, "I'm sorry."


Nora let go of her and yawned again. Only then did she pick up Cherry again and lazily leave the dance studio.

After she left, a furious Whitney yelled hysterically, "I'm calling the police! How dare she assault me! I'm having her thrown in jail!"

Ms. Lynn and the others finally recovered from the sudden turn of events just now.

At this point, the principal also arrived fashionably late. Upon hearing Whitney, he held her arm and said, "Mrs. Lowe, we're all people with respectable identities here. Moreover, we really have no idea who that lady is. The bigwigs have specially instructed us to treat her with civility…"

The bigwigs…

Whitney clenched her fists tightly and breathed heavily as a look of intense fury came over her face. However, she did stop clamoring about calling the police.


In the jeep on the way home.

Cherry sat in the passenger seat and buckled her seat belt. The large seat made her look even smaller than she was. She asked, "Mommy, are you really going to ask Aunt Tanya to come back to the States for my sake?"

Nora raised her eyebrows. "No way."

Cherry was puzzled.

Aunt Tanya was someone who loved dancing. She had also participated in competitions and emerged as the champion before. She had immediately thought of her when Mommy said that she would find someone more professional just now.

However, Mommy was actually saying that she wasn't asking her to come back?

Amid Cherry's puzzlement, Nora chuckled and said, "Your Aunt Tanya is returning to the States next week. She was invited to a dance conference as an examiner."

Cherry immediately became excited. "So that's what it is!"

While the two of them were chatting, they had already returned to the Andersons' residence.

After parking the car and entering the house, Sheril came over with a smile and said, "Nora, I've successfully produced the Carefree Pill according to your formula! We can finally start mass production now!"

Nora nodded. "Oh."

Sheril was about to say more when Melissa walked over with a smile. "Alright, you may have accomplished something big, Sheril, but don't you forget the trivial matters now."

Trivial matters?

A puzzled Nora looked at Sheril, who smiled and said, "I have dance class later, Nora. Can you come with me? Let's have the choreographer choreograph a dance for us. We can perform it together during the dance party!"

Nora didn't want to go. She wanted to go upstairs and sleep instead, so she replied, "No, it's…"

"C'mon, let's go!" Sheril pulled Nora by her arm and called out, "Mom, look after Cherry, okay?"


An absolutely unwilling Nora was then dragged out of the door!

But before she was dragged out the door, she saw the gentle expression on Melissa's countenance and she found herself unable to refuse her kindness again.

Forget it, she would just go.

On the way there, Sheril asked, "Can you dance, Nora?"

Nora thought for a moment before she replied, "Just a little, but I don't dance often."

Perhaps because she spent more time sleeping than others, she preferred engaging in more stimulating activities when she was awake—such as racing, skiing, and martial arts.

When it came to dancing, the only kind she liked was tango.

However, because she practiced martial arts, her strength was too great. There was basically no man who could suppress her aura, so she stopped dancing.

Sheril smiled and said, "It's fine. We'll just pick up a few moves casually. It's okay even if you don't dance during the party!"

After Nora went out, Cherry obediently went to the study with her cell phone, intending to spend the next two hours gaming and doing a live-stream.

As soon as she started the live stream, she saw that her number one fan, Sponsor Grandpa, was already there. Cherry immediately greeted excitedly, "Hello, Sponsor Grandpa!"

Sponsor Grandpa responded relatively slowly: "Hello."

Cherry said, "I'm playing as the same hero today. Without Chesty making trouble here today, I'm gonna try getting into this season's rankings on the local server!"

She turned on the game after she spoke.

Then, a large number of notifications suddenly scrolled past her screen!

Cherry was taken aback for a moment. Then, she saw that Sponsor Grandpa had tipped her with 9,999 airplanes.

Sponsor Grandpa wrote: 'This is for you to buy candy with, little fellow.'

Cherry smiled sweetly and said, "Thank you, Grandpa!"

After she entered the game and played for a couple of minutes, she noticed that Sponsor Grandpa was arguing with some of the other viewers in the comments.

"Stop pretending to be a kid, sweetcherry. That kiddy voice of yours makes me wanna puke! You're so shameless to try attracting big bosses that way!"

Sponsor Grandpa: "She's a child."

"Haha, which idiot with too much money to spare is that Sponsor Grandpa of hers?"

"There must be something wrong with his brain. Is there any child who plays games so well? sweetcherry is definitely a cross-dresser using a voice changer! Otherwise, why wouldn't they dare to turn on the camera?"


Cherry became angry. "Who says I don't dare to turn on the camera?!"