She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 778 - This Feels Great! You’re Exactly The One I Want to Hit!!

Chapter 778 - This Feels Great! You’re Exactly The One I Want to Hit!!

Chapter 778 This Feels Great! Youre Exactly The One I Want to Hit!!

Everyone looked at the doctor in unison.

Nora stood opposite the doctor. She stared at the doctors lips, only to see him say word by word, Based on the DNA samples provided by Ms. Smith, we have confirmed that the body is indeed Mr. Justin Hunts.

That one line of his caused the whole place to fall silent.

Everyone looked at the doctor in disbelief.

As for Nora, her expression was calm and her eyes cast down. It seemed like she was thinking about something

The entrance to the Hunts manor was jam-packed with people.

A few cars approached.

Nora was the first to get out of the car. Immediately, she saw Mrs. Hunt, who was at the entrance, take a step forward. Her hands shook as she asked, Nora, where is Justin? The DNA result shows that the corpse isnt Justins, right?

Nora was silent.


Another car came to a halt. Herman, Lauren, and the others got out of the car. As soon as they did, Herman looked at Mrs. Hunt. His knees gave way and he fell onto the ground.

In tears, he cried out, Mom!

His behavior made Mrs. Hunt suddenly realize something. Her eyes widened and she staggered backward. Her vision turned dark and she was about to faint.

Fortunately, Fanny carried the Zabe Corporations Calming Pills with her at all times, so she hurriedly fed her a pill and stabilized her condition. As Mrs. Hunt gasped for breath, the perplexed old lady asked, What on earth is going on?

Herman was heartbroken.

Even if all he did were bad things when he was young, Justin was still his son and he had always been proud of him. Now that his son was dead how could he possibly not be sad?

Lauren took the opportunity to speak. Its all Noras fault! She wanted Justin to show her what hed prepared for their wedding in the middle of the night, so he took her to the bank. But they ended up being targeted by crooks, who took the valuables and even killed Justin in an explosion!

Mrs. Hunt staggered backward again. She took a deep breath and looked at Nora.

Nora did not explain.

She couldnt blow up the matter about the gene serum. Besides, she was also very flustered and her mind was in a mess at the moment, so she didnt have anything she wanted to explain either. She merely stood where she was, her gaze in the direction of Justins villa.

The three children were still there. She wondered how they were.

While she was thinking about it, Lauren came forward, pointed at her, and rebuked her. Its obvious at a glance that youre from the boonies. How dare you ask for money and gifts in the middle of the night?! Is money all you can see?! Nora, youre the one who killed Justin!

At once, the people around them started whispering to one another, and all of them pointed at and gestured to Nora.

Seeing that Nora had become the target of public criticism, Lauren looked at Mrs. Hunt with satisfaction. She walked over, held her arm, and said, Mom, Im sorry, but Justin is already dead! The Hunt Corporation mustnt be without a CEO, so in my opinion, why dont we let Herman

Before she could finish, Mrs. Hunt took a deep breath and looked straight at Fanny. She said, Fetch my wooden walking stick!

Fanny looked at Mrs. Hunt hesitantly.

Mrs. Hunt, however, stomped her foot angrily. Go!

Fanny could only hurry into the house. A while later, she came back out with a walking stick.

The walking stick was made of thick, solid wood, and it hurt a lot if used to hit someone

Mrs. Hunt took a deep breath and took the walking stick from Fanny.

The walking stick was very heavy. When she took it from Fanny, she paused for a while.

Brenda, who had followed closely behind the others back to the manor, had already parked the car by then. At the sight, she raced towards them in a panic and shouted, Grandma, what are you doing?! This isnt Noras fault, you mustnt hit her! If Justin was still here, he definitely wont let you do that!!

Next to her, Lauren sneered, Brenda, how can you be so insensible? If it wasnt for her, Justin wouldnt have died. Why are you still defending her? Do you have a conscience or not?

Brenda, however, put herself in between Mrs. Hunt and Nora. She said, Grandma, wake up! This really has nothing to do with Nora! No one expected an accident like that. Besides, Nora must be the most heartbroken among us all right now!

Mrs. Hunt didnt listen to her. Instead, she said to the security guard next to her, Pull her away.

Yes, maam.

Someone stepped forward and held Brenda back. Although she could get physical with them, she didnt want to make a huge scene.

She rolled up her sleeves and shouted to Nora, Nora, hurry up and go! Dont stay here stupidly to let her hit you!

However, Mrs. Hunt had already raised the walking stick!

When Lauren saw this, her lips immediately curled into a smirk.

Justin was dead, and to make matters worse, Mrs. Hunt was about to hit Nora. Those three little bastards had lost their shield. From now on, the Hunts would belong only to Herman. She would see who else was going to fight with her!

She even looked at Nora and said, Nora, Mom is already so old. If you still have even a bit of conscience in you, then just stay still and let her vent her anger. Otherwise, wouldnt you be letting down Justin when hes already dead??

Nora stood where she was, showing no reaction to her words whatsoever.

Just as Lauren was feeling smug, the raised walking stick suddenly struck her hard instead!


The severe, burning pain stunned Lauren and she couldnt react for a while. She stared at Mrs. Hunt incredulously and shouted, Mom, youre hitting the wrong person! Nora is over there!

Right after she spoke, Mrs. Hunts second blow landed on her fiercely. She said, Youre the one Im beating up! Something has happened to Justin, yet you are not sad at all! Your entire mind is on the Hunts assets! Why is Herman so blind that he would marry someone like you?!


When the walking stick struck Lauren again, she finally started to dodge. However, the moment she moved, Brenda, who had been standing beside her utterly stunned, recovered. She said, Grandmas getting old, are you planning to go against her? If anything happens to her because you made her angry, then youll be a sinner! Lauren: !!

That bitch was using what she had said just now against her!

Furious and panicked, Lauren could only look at Mrs. Hunt. Mom, mom! Stop hitting me! Justin is already dead, you only have Herman now! Hes your only son left! Isnt that


Who says I only have one son? Raymond and Spencer are also my sons! As for the successor to the Hunts, aside from Justin, I still have Pete!

Mrs. Hunt shouted firmly and loudly.

Her words shocked everyone present, and all of them looked at Mrs. Hunt in disbelief.

What did Mrs. Hunt mean by that?

Was she planning to support Pete, who was only five years old, as the head of the Hunts?

Lauren bit her lip and shouted, Mom, youre too biased! Pete is only five! What can he even do?

Mrs. Hunt, however, lowered her head and said in a low voice, He is certainly still young, but theres Nora! She is the young lady of the Smiths and also Petes mother. There is absolutely no problem with her temporarily taking over as CEO of the Hunt Corporation in Petes stead!

Lauren was even more stunned. She? Does a woman like her even know how to do business?! You must be muddleheaded!

Hah, this matter is settled! Now, well see to Justins funeral matters!

Mrs. Hunt made the final decision.

After all, she had been in the Hunts for many years. Even now, she still held a lot of prestige in the family.

Seeing this, Brenda helped Nora towards the old lady. Then, she held Mrs. Hunts arm and said, Grandma, you totally saw the big picture this time!

Mrs. Hunt glanced at her coldly and cast her eyes down.

After that, the Hunts made arrangements for Justins wake.

Nora returned to Justins villa. As soon as she entered, she saw the three children looking at her.

Cherry and Petes identical faces showed similar anxiety.

Xander tried his best to disguise his concern with indifference, but the way his eyes flicked towards the door from time to time betrayed him.

The moment Nora entered, Cherry ran up to her. She raised her head and asked, Mommy, is Daddy really dead?.

Faced with the three children and their three pairs of pure and innocent eyes, Nora found herself at a loss for words for a moment.

Suddenly, she felt a little angry. She lowered her head and replied calmly, No, he just has something to do, so he went out for a while. He will be back in three months at the most.

Xander glanced outside the room. Then, he said, Youre lying!

No, she wont! Cherry said firmly, Mommy never lies to me! Mommy said that we mustnt run away from our difficulties, but face them head-on, so she will never lie. If she says that Daddy isnt dead, then hes definitely still alive!

After saying that, an assured Cherry turned on her game on the cell phone.

Pete and Xander:

The two boys glanced at each other, and then looked at Nora in unison.

Nora ruffled their hair and sighed. Dont worry. Ill go upstairs and change first.

She had to attend the wake later, so she needed to change into formal clothes. She also needed to go upstairs to see what was in the metal box that Justin had exchanged for with his life. Was it the V16? Or just a clue to its whereabouts?

Although the three children could sense something, they didnt dare to say anything, so they just nodded.

Nora went upstairs and gave Lily a call. Are the test results of the bones out?

Lily spoke very calmly, and her voice sounded very reassuring. She replied, Yes, its out, Boss. The results of the DNA comparison with Mr. Hunts are