She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 777 - Whose Corpse Is That? Is Justin Dead Or Alive?

Chapter 777 - Whose Corpse Is That? Is Justin Dead Or Alive?

Chapter 777 Whose Corpse Is That? Is Justin Dead Or Alive?

A metal door separated the two worlds.

Nora used all her might to kick and stomp at the door, but she simply couldnt open it. She could only watch helplessly as the fire in the room got bigger and bigger.

The explosion also finally attracted the security officers attention, who immediately called the firefighters.

Nora stared at the door.

Her countenance remained calm and collected the whole time. Even when people started rushing to the scene, she rationally slipped the metal box into her pocket.

Soon, the fire was put out. The firemen finally pried open the door and rushed in.

Everything inside had been blown up and burned to ashes. On the ground lay a charred, unrecognizable corpse with only the bones left.

There was only one corpse This filled Nora with hope.

The man in black and Justin had both been inside, so how could there be only one corpse?

Right away, she looked at Morris, who had come over upon hearing the news, and said, Do a DNA check.

Morris didnt have Justins DNA data.

However, Nora did. In order to do a comparison with Xanders DNA, she had even retrieved samples again. Thus, Lily had accurate data of his DNA.

Morris nodded at her request.

Some people also came to investigate why they were in the bank late at night and even bombed it.

However, Sean promised to compensate the bank for all their losses while Morris also said that Nora was the special departments legal adviser, so it was perfectly normal for her to come over and conduct investigations.

With that, news of the incident was suppressed

Nora went straight to the special department together with the dead body.

When she returned once more to the familiar place, all the people around her who had once wronged her felt so guilty that they didnt dare to face her.

When Brenda heard the news, she rushed over and looked at her in disbelief. Nora, i-is that Justin?

No, it isnt.

Nora sounded certain, but she didnt know whether she was saying that to Brenda or to herself. She said, Theres only one corpse, it cant be him

Brenda also nodded when she heard this. She said, Thats right, thats definitely not Justin, Nora. Justin has always been mysterious, and hes always so secretive about everything he does. Also, ever since he was abducted when he was five, he always brings more than twenty bodyguards with him. Theres no way anything would happen to someone who fears death as much as he does

Despite saying that, her voice gradually became choked up.

Even Brenda didnt quite believe what she was saying

If that wasnt Justin, then where did he go? Didnt he know that Nora and his children were waiting for him to come back?

Why hadnt he shown up yet?

But she couldnt say that, much less did she dare to. In fact, she was just holding out a glimmer of hope that the body was not Justins!

Upon hearing this, Morris glanced at Brenda.

The woman, who had always been exquisitely dressed, looked a little like she was in a mess at the moment, which went to show how flustered she was due to her involvement with the matter.

He took a deep breath and sent the bones to the lab.

While waiting for the result, in order to relieve some of the pressure on Nora and Brenda, Morris asked, Nora, you said just now that the two of you met a man in black when you two went to the bank to take something. In order to save you, Mr. Hunt locked himself in the room with the man in black, right? If so, then why was there only one dead body at the scene?

Nora looked at him.

Morris explained to her cautiously, This can only point to one thingthere must be other passages out of that room! I have already gotten my men to look into it. If other passages exist, then Mr. Hunt should be fine.

Nora nodded. Yes, thats exactly it.

Seeing that she looked somewhat flustered, Morris let out a soft sigh. Suddenly, he asked, So, did you get what you wanted to take from the bank?

Did she get it?

Nora raised her head slightly and stared at Morris. A while later, she shook her head lightly and replied, It was taken away by the man in black. He was waiting at the bank precisely because he wanted to take it from


Her voice became softer and softer toward the end. One could hear dejection in her voice.

At this moment, Morris cell phone rang.

After he answered, a touch of joy came over his expression. He looked at Nora and said, They really found a tunnel in the room! So, Mr. Hunt really may have left from that tunnel!

However, Noras heart instead sank when she heard him.

Sure enough, there really was a tunnel in the bank. In that case, who had dug the tunnel?

While she was contemplating, chaotic footsteps suddenly came from the door of the lab. Hermans furious roar then came over.

Whats going on? What exactly has happened to Justin?!

Before Nora could speak, Lauren said reproachfully, Ms. Smith, why did the two of you go to the bank in the middle of the night instead of sleeping? Why was there an explosion? I heard that this only happened to Justin because he wanted to save you? Who exactly have you offended? Why did this happen?! Hermans eyes were all red. It was obvious that he was heartbroken and devastated over what had happened to Justin. He stared at Nora and demanded, Cmon, talk! Whats going on?!

Nora clenched her jaw.

She did not explain, but Sean, who was next to her, said, Its Mr. Hunt who invited Ms. Smith to the bank. He wanted to show her some of the things hed prepared for their wedding, but he did not expect to encounter a robber

Sean also lowered his head. Ms. Smith has nothing to do with any of it.

She doesnt? How can it have nothing to do with her?! Lauren yelled furiously, If it wasnt for the wedding, would he have gone to the bank in the middle of the night? And end up giving the robbers a chance? In my opinion, Nora jinxes the Hunts! Ever since she appeared, the Hunts have been really unlucky!

Her words made Herman feel even worse.

Noras eyes were still lowered and she did not speak. She was still re-enacting in her mind everything that had happened earlier.

Everything had been such a blur that even now, she still hadnt figured out what exactly had happened.

The man in black had only appeared at the bank because he followed her there. In that case, how come Justin also showed up at the bank? On top of that, he even happened to be in the room where the safe-deposit boxes were?

Had he done the same thing as her? Because he knew that it was dangerous, he didnt want to drag Nora into it?

While she was thinking, Herman sat on the bench next to her.

Lauren supported Herman by the arm. Herman, you must hang in there. Justin is no longer around. If something also happens to you, what are the Hunts going to do?

Upon hearing this, Herman immediately understood something. He straightened his back abruptly and said, Youre right, I mustnt collapse. Now that Justin is gone, Im the only one who can handle the Hunts now

Lauren nodded. A kingdom mustnt go without a king for a day. Similarly, the Hunts mustnt be missing a president either. Now that Justins fate is unknown, you have to bear responsibility for the family and the company!

They were clearly planning a coup dtat!

The sight filled Sean with anger.

It hadnt even been determined whose charred corpse it was, yet those two were already starting to think about the family inheritance? They didnt have a conscience at all!

He looked at Nora angrily, only to see the woman say coldly, Justins fate is not unknown. Hes definitely still alive!

If hes alive, then why didnt he come back to look for us? Lauren countered. To be honest, we all know deep down that the corpse is most likely Justin! Nora Smith, its all your fault, so stop pretending like youre that loyal and in love with him! Do you really think I dont know what youre thinking? Youre just concerned about your position as Mrs. Hunt and how Justins assets will be distributed, right? Ill tell you thisyour children are still young, so dont even think about taking over the company! Herman is the most rightful successor to the company now!

Nora clenched her fists.

She took a deep breath. Just as she was about to speak, the door to the lab suddenly opened and the doctor in charge of the DNA lab came out.

Nora went toward him at once while Brenda and Lauren also rushed over anxiously. The group of them surrounded the doctor.

Herman wanted to go forward, but he didnt dare to. Instead, he stood behind the crowd in a daze.

Before Nora could say anything, an anxious Lauren asked, Doctor, the charred corpse, who is it? Are the results out? Is it Justin?