She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 776 - The Moment of Farewell!

Chapter 776 - The Moment of Farewell!

Chapter 776 The Moment of Farewell!


When Nora opened the safe, the sound of the door opening also rang out.

She looked behind her abruptly and saw the man in black entering. His hand was on the light switch, and with a snap, the room became as bright as day.

Noras eyes narrowed.

For the first time in her life, Nora, who had been leading in every field no matter what it was since she was a child, felt a sense of powerlessness.

The man was too strong.

To be honest, she didnt get that feeling even when she fought with Justin. While she was thinking, the man said again in broken English, Give me that thing. I spare your life.

Nora didnt move, keeping her hand in the same position ready to open the safe. She tried to stall for time. You are only strong because you took the gene serum. Artificial strength like that wont deter or intimidate anyone.

The man sneered, Justin Hunt can say that but what makes you think you can too? Havent you also been injected with the gene serum?

Nora frowned.

His words didnt mislead her, nor did she feel like she was not as strong as shed thought herself to be, but was instead very annoyed because of what he said. Nora knew very well that what her mother had only injected into her a minuscule amount of IQ gene-improving serum. All her achievements to date were to her own credit!

She wanted to say more, but the man had come right up to her in a flash and delivered a kick right to her face!

His movements were ruthless, merciless, and icy-cold.

Should the kick strike Nora, she would very likely die on the spot.

She didnt have time to look at the safe, she could only dodge.

Shed only just dodged the attack when the mans other leg came at her with another kick. The look in his eyes was icy and carried disgust for Nora.

I gave you a chance. Since you dont cherish it, then forget it!

He swung his fist again.

Nora dodged awkwardly and asked, Do you have a grudge against me?

She was trying to guess his identity by talking to him.

The man sneered. Dont bother guessing, you dont know me. But I know your mother! If it wasnt for her, I wouldnt be in this state today!

Nora frowned. Werent you only a few years old when my mother died?

Heh, if she hadnt developed the gene serum, would we have become tools for their experiments? I hate sanctimonious hypocrites like you! You say that we are wicked and that the world should lock us up but in reality? Was it our choice that we became like this?!

The man was speaking more, but every word of his was cold and frosty. He stared at Nora and said, So, you all deserve to die!

Almost as soon as he said that, he threw another punch!

Nora retreated again, only to find that her back was already against the wall. As the man attacked her again and again and she took step after step backward, she had been forced into a dead end.

Nora could only raise her arm to block his attack.

Even if she knew that the man was strong enough to break her arm! And crush it!

She closed her eyes and listened to the man coming nearer and nearer to her.

The moment the man was about to strike her, she suddenly opened her eyes.

The best form of defense was the offense.

How could Nora possibly sit around and do nothing?!

Without even thinking about it, she put all her strength into her leg and kicked the mans abdomen!

The man had only two choices-either he pulled back his arm, thereby allowing her to dodge the bullet, or continued to attack and she fought him to the death, even if it meant that she would suffer an even more serious injury herself!

Now that the lights were on, the security guards would discover the situation here in no time. If she stalled for enough time, someone would eventually come. As long as the V16 did not fall into the mans hands, Justin would still have a chance of obtaining it for Xander.

Nora narrowed her eyes, but little did she expect that the man would choose the second option without any hesitation.


Noras leg connected with his abdomen.

In spite of that, the man didnt stop and his fist went straight for Noras arm!


Another thud rang out.

However, the pain of having an arm broken didnt come, which took Nora aback. When she regained her senses, she realized that someones leg had intercepted the black-clad mans fist from the side.

The blow made the man in black finally take a step back.

Before Nora could see who her rescuer was, she was pulled back by her shoulders. A solid and strong figure then stood in front of her, blocking her from the man in black.

Nora stared at the person in front of her.

Even though he was dressed in black clothes, suitable for moving around in the dark, and a baseball cap, she still recognized at a glance that he was Justin!

The man in black had put all his strength into the punch just now. Although Justin kicked at his fist, it stood to reason to he shouldnt have been able to withstand the punch, yet it seemed like Justins leg was completely fine.

Nora suddenly thought of how Justin was always forced into fleeing around the room whenever she fought with him.

Now that she thought about it again, though, the man had been going easy on her all this time!

He was obviously stronger than her!

Nora looked at the man in black again. Even though he had been kicked by her and had also exchanged a blow with Justin, the man merely took a few steps back as if he was completely fine.

The man looked at the two of them and chuckled softly. Hah, you overestimate yourselves.

Then, without saying anything else, he stepped forward without hesitation. Justin and Nora looked at each other. The two of them tacitly took a step forward and fought with the man.

Despite fighting two-on-one, the man still seemed to be having an easy time.

They mustnt continue fighting with him like this.

The thought had only just flashed past Noras mind when Justin grabbed her arm and pushed her to the safe.


Justin had only uttered a word but Nora immediately understood what he meant. At once, she reached towards the safe.

The man was infuriated when he saw this. He bypassed Justin and attacked Nora.

Nora didnt care. With full assurance, she entrusted Justin with her safety and opened the safe!

The man wanted to rush over, but Justin kept him occupied.

However, the moment Nora opened the safe, her pupils shrank!


Inside the safe was nothing but a bomb!

The bomb was triggered the moment she opened the safe, and it instantly started to display a countdown of twenty seconds!

Next to the bomb was a tiny box!

Was this the trap that her mother had left her?

Had it been someone else who did not know the password, the bomb would probably have gone off the moment the door was pried open. Only when she used the password to open the door would she have time to escape.

Her mother had really considered every possibility.

Even so, she probably never thought that her daughter would be trapped here, right?

Without any hesitation, Nora picked up the tiny box, turned around, and shouted, Run!

As soon as she shouted, the man in black rushed right up to her. He reached out to grab the box in her hand.

Nora dodged and shouted, If we stay any longer, we will all die here!

Despite that, the man stood right at the door and sneered, You two can forget about leaving if you dont give me that!

The countdown reached ten seconds!

The walls of the room with the safes were forged from steel to prevent people from breaking in and stealing things. There werent any windows but only a metal door.

With the man standing guard at the door, it was impossible for the two of them to escape!

At the critical moment, Justin suddenly snatched the metal box from Nora and threw it to the left of the door. He shouted, Here, you can have it!

The man stepped aside without any hesitation to grab the box.

Nora frowned.

The timing was too tight, she didnt have any time to swap the boxs contents at all. The metal box was still the one that shed just taken out and the V16 might be in it.

She didnt dare to take any chances!

Just as she was about to rush over to grab it back, Justin grabbed her arm and she was thrown out the door with great force.


By the time Nora fell to the ground, Justin had already grabbed the metal box before the other man. He flung it out the door without any hesitation!

And then

Before Nora could get back up, both the man in black and Justin raced madly towards the door.

Justin looked at Nora.

They were out of time.

The countdown turned from one to zero.


The room exploded.

Waves of heat spread swiftly from the metal safe to the door

All Nora could see was the heat waves hit Justin and the man in black from the back. The two of them were only one step away from the metal door!

He wouldnt be able to get out in time

Upon realizing this, Nora sprung off the floor and rushed straight to the metal door!

With the door in between them, she and Justin looked at each other.

Suddenly, the corners of Justins lips curled upward. At the last moment, he suddenly slammed the metal door shut!


Nora screamed!!

Justin He was still in there!!!

He wasnt out yet!!

But the only thing that she heard was the click of the lock that came from beyond the big metal door, as well as the rumbling explosion inside