She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 775 - A Stranger!

Chapter 775 - A Stranger!

Chapter 775 A Stranger!

It was pitch black inside the hall.

Nora turned on her cell phone immediately after she entered. On the screen was the layout of the bank.

Although her mother had deposited the things in the bank more than twenty years ago, the location of the safes was still the same despite the layout of the bank changing over the years.

Thus, her mothers things were still there.

Nora remembered clearly that it was safe no. 06 and the password was her birthday.

She walked soundlessly towards the safe deposit boxes.

There was no staff inside, only security officers patrolling back and forth. However, it was very difficult for them to spot her.

Nora was in full black clothing, so she completely blended with the darkness.

Light-footed and nimble, she headed straight to the safe deposit boxes. But after she passed by two rooms, she suddenly heard footsteps behind her.

Noras pupils shrank and she suddenly darted into the corner next to her. When she looked behind her, she caught a shadow flashing past.

It seemed that it was very unsafe here tonight.

And she wasnt alone here!

The thought made Nora bite her lip. Her first thought was that she hadnt managed to avoid the people tailing her and had been followed!

Aside from professionals like Morris, the only ones who could follow her without her noticing were people more skilled than her in martial arts.

Someone more skilled than her in martial arts?! Was it Judes boss?

Could that person be one of the five children who had survived in the gene serum laboratory?

It could only be one of them!

Nora broke into a big frown.

Her mind ran at high speed. What should she do?

Since he had followed her here, he must already know by now that something was up with the bank. Even if she turned around and left, it would be difficult for her to dispel the other partys suspicions.

Even if he didnt know that the safe in question was No. 06, now that he had locked on to the bank, all he needed to do was just check all the safes and he would find the clue.

Therefore, she had no way out.

Tonight, she, Nora Smith, must retrieve the V16 that her mother had left behind. Otherwise, it was highly likely that she would be caught by the other party!

With that in mind, Nora took a deep breath.

Then, she suddenly stopped and went on the offensive!

She would test the black-clad mans skills first.


The moment she launched her attack, the two got into a fight. The other party responded very quickly. Before her fist could connect, he was already blocking her attack and counterattacking.

In just a single exchange of blows, Nora concluded that he was most definitely someone whose genes had been modified with the gene serum!

Because his physical strength was too great!

Nora had been practicing martial arts for a very long time. Since she was a child, she had been relying on her natural talent to come this far. On top of that, she even became the Quinn School of Martial Arts Big Sister.

This was the first person in her life to give her a foreboding pressure.

Her almond-shaped eyes were widened big and round as she stared at the person in front of her.

In the darkness, the mans eyes shone green. He wore a baseball cap and a facial mask, revealing only his eyes. The way he stared at Nora was as if he had just spotted his prey.

When he was blocking Noras attack, the man chuckled and said, Is that all youve got?

He had an accent. It was obvious that he was a foreigner.

In this instant, Nora felt a little angry at herself for not training properly. If she had been a little more diligent, then she might have had a chance if she went at her opponent with full force.

She took a deep breath. Who are you?

You dont need to know that. Just hand over the V16 obediently and I will spare your life.

The man moved toward her one step at a time. Resistance is futile. All my genes have been improved and I have no flaws. I am the most powerful fighter on earth now. Without any firearms, you wont be a match for me at all.

The man spoke confidently and arrogantly.

How could she use firearms here, though? If she did, all the security officers would come running in an instant!

Nora was in a half-squat, ready to attack.

She knew that she was not the mans match, but she couldnt just go down without a fight.

The V16 was Xanders, she would never relinquish it to anyone else!

She took a deep breath and sneered, Try me.

The man seemed a little surprised at her reaction. Nevertheless, he let out a low chuckle and said, Trueman is right, you are indeed too stubborn. You hold out hope until youre faced with the grim reality. In that case, I shall show you how strong I am!

The man stepped forward abruptly and closed the distance between him and Nora!

Nora had just exchanged a punch with the man, so her fingers were still hurting. How would she possibly dare to still fight him head-on?

Thus, the moment the man got near, Nora tucked and rolled. A scalpel suddenly appeared in her hand, going straight for the mans throat!

The scalpel was her weapon.

She had always been a tough woman who met challenges head-on. She didnt believe that the man was really stronger than her!

But the next moment


Not only did the man evade her attack, but he even struck her wrist. Nora had always had a lot of physical strength, but her hand was in severe pain at this moment as she lost all the strength in her hand instantly.

The scalpel fell right onto the ground!

She really couldnt beat him!

The thought flashed through Noras mind. By then, the man behind her had already come close again. When it looked like he was about to catch her, a contemptuous sneer flashed across Noras lips. At once, she turned back and brandished her hand!

A blast of white smoke erupted in the air.

It was a drug to knock one out!

The man froze for a moment.

However, Nora didnt take the opportunity to attack. It wasnt like she could beat him anyway. Also, her objective today was not to kill the opponent but to find the V16.

So If she couldnt beat him, then she would just run. There was no problem with that whatsoever.

She did a tuck-and-roll and slipped into the corridor next to her. Then, she raced forward.

She didnt look back, but she could sense that the man was catching up to her.

The gene serum had improved his body, so his physical abilities surpassed that of ordinary people. The drug just now only had minimal effect on him. There was no way it would subdue him.

Therefore, Nora ran like the wind. The tables and chairs in the bank also hindered the man during the pursuit.

The man got closer and closer to her. Just as he was about to catch her, Nora dodged and ran into the room where the safe deposit boxes were.

Then, she locked the door!

At once, the sound of someone trying to break the lock rang out at the door. However, Noras objective was precisely psychological warfare.

She raced towards safe no. 06 to get her hands on the V16 before the man could rush in!