She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 774 - She Can’t Wait Anymore!

Chapter 774 - She Can’t Wait Anymore!

Chapter 774 She Cant Wait Anymore!

Nora couldnt wait anymore.

Perhaps it wasnt the V16 but clues to it in the safe deposit box, but there were only two months and twenty days left until Xander had to take the V16.

Every passing day was torture for her. This was especially true when she saw the terrible atmosphere at home upon returning from California earlier in the afternoon. Cherry was not playing games, neither was Pete working on his Mathematical Olympiad. Instead, both of them were circling around Xander.

Cherry had taken out all her favorite Barbie dolls and princess dresses and wanted to give them to him.

Xander hadnt taken them.

As for Pete, he also hinted that he could give him all the Mathematical Olympiad worksheets he had bought.

Xander hadnt taken those either.

The little fellow slumped on the sofa and waved as he said, I dont like your stuff! I only like animals!

When Cherry heard this, she immediately suggested, I have an uncle who also loves animals a lot. He has a lot of stray cats and dogs. Why dont we get Uncle Louis to send us a few?!

But Xander had waved and said, No, I dont want them. Those animals are your uncles friends, not mine.

Cherry corrected him. Xander, hes also your uncle. He is very generous. Besides, he also needs money to feed that many cats and dogs, but he doesnt have any. He will definitely thank us if we help him raise a few!

Pete also nodded and said, Yes, he also has a dog whose coat has a mix of colors.

As soon as he said that, Xander replied, So what? Even if he does, its still not Rainbow.

Rainbow was Dog No. 3. As its coat was a mix of different colors, Xander had named it Rainbow. The name was too clich, and even Rainbow itself disliked it. However, that was what Xander called it, so it had no other choice.

Rainbow was also the healthiest among the dogs there.

However, just this morning, Rainbow lay down on the floor and never woke up again.

Xander, who had become accustomed to death and parting, had dug a hole in the garden together with Cherry and Pete and buried Rainbow there.

There were now several more mounds in the garden, all of which contained Xanders friends.

Every time they went to the garden, their hearts would be exceptionally heavy.

As soon as Xander said that, Cherry and Pete looked at each other, neither of them daring to continue. Cherry changed the subject and said, Xander, have you decided yet? Are you going to take the same last name as me or Pete?

Neither Cherry nor Pete would be changing their names.

But surely Xander couldnt keep using Yale as his last name, right?

While Cherry and Pete were thinking about it, Xander waved and said, Nah, I havent.

Cherry said, Why dont you take Smith as your last name like me? Grandpa will like you a lot!

Pete said, Boys should take Hunt as their last name, of course. Its better to have the same last name as Daddy.

Cherry then said, But if Xanders last name is Hunt, then wouldnt he end up competing with you over family assets? Lets have Xander take Smith as his last name and inherit Grandpas assets instead!

Pete and Xander both looked at her. What about you?

Cherry grinned. I have Grandaunt!

Pete: ?

Xander: ??

Cherry tilted her head and said, Grandaunt doesnt have any children, so she has always said that everything she has is mine. Princess Lucy can testify to that!

Princess Lucy had been staying at the Hunts ever since she came to celebrate Cherrys birthday the other time. She had stayed with Cherry and played with her for three whole days.

Later, because of all the uncertainty and turmoil regarding Herman and Philip, Justin had sent her back.

She and Cherry had been reluctant to part when she had to go.

At the mention of her grandaunt, Cherry tilted her head and said, I miss Grandaunt!

Xander had been listless the whole time.

Even when Nora came home, all three children rushed over, and she played with them for a whileXander was still not very happy.

However, it seemed like the little boy had learned to hide his emotions from an early age, so he didnt let it show at all.

After having dinner with the children, Nora sent them back to their room to rest.

The three little fellows were still very young. Coupled with the fact that she was around that night, they had all clamored to sleep with her. Thus, all of them lay down together on the bed.

The heartless Cherry fell asleep very quickly.

Pete looked at Xander worriedly.

Nora patted his head.

Pete was simply too sensitive. On top of that, he even knew to be mindful of other peoples emotions. He was so sensible that it made ones heart ache.

On the contrary, it was Xander the little devil who couldnt fall asleep. It was only after Nora lit the calming incense she had developed that Pete and Xander finally fell asleep.

She got up to check on Justin and see what he was doing

But as soon as she moved, she heard Xander shouting in his sleep, Mommy, save me! Rainbow, I dont wanna die. Sniff

Rainbow, is it cold in the soil?

Does it hurt when you die?

Do you still feel anything after death?

Nora was frozen in place.

She had lit the calming incense, so despite Xanders extreme unease, he didnt wake up. However, his words pierced Noras heart like a dagger.

As it turned out, Xander was feeling very insecure.

He had been fearful all along, yet the boy had never said anything in front of them.

It was true that he felt sorry for the animals and was sad to part with them. But who wouldnt be afraid of death?

This was especially when Xander had an extremely high IQ. He understood the concept of life and death.

Nora took a deep breath and walked out of the room.

She didnt go upstairs to look for Justin.

On the way back to New York, she and Justin had agreed to find a suitable opportunity to get rid of the people tailing her. After that, they would go to the bank to retrieve the things there.

But she couldnt wait anymore.

After Justins fight with Jude, he had become extremely cautious. This made the perceptive Nora realize that the people tailing them could not be ordinary.

According to Caleb, the five children who survived back then had all become big bosses in different places. Trueman and Caleb were in Switzerland, but there were still three others who were following her in search of the V16!

She didnt know who they were, nor did she have any clue as to their identities at the moment.

But if she dragged this on any further, she was really afraid that she wouldnt be able to save Xander anymore.

It was just a safe deposit box, wasnt it?

She would just go and retrieve it!

With that in mind, Nora left the Hunt Manor. She didnt drive. Instead, she tried her best to avoid the people tailing her in the dark and turned into a small alley at the side.

After doing this several times, she finally got rid of the people tailing her and arrived at the bank.

The bank was closed and locked up at night. This was not an issue for Nora, though.

She took out her cell phone casually and tapped away on it quickly.


The door to the bank opened and Nora slipped inside.