She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 773 - Husband And Wife Work Together

Chapter 773 - Husband And Wife Work Together

Chapter 773 Husband And Wife Work Together

Philip narrowed his eyes when he heard this.

To be honest, when he abducted Iris, hed initially planned to take her away, but he hadnt expected the Hunts to be so capable. On top of that, Justin was not as simple as it seemed.

Justin had driven them into such a corner that they nearly couldnt leave New York.

After that, when Philip wanted to return to his turf, hed received a call from King, asking him to send Iris back home safely.

Philip realized it then.

No wonder King had sold him the shares at such a high price. King had already taken the Hunts side a long time ago, everything he did was to help the Hunts.

He couldnt figure out the relationship between King and the Hunts, but he didnt dare to offend him, either. Thus, he had put on an obedient front and pretended to obey his instructions, but taken Iris to the cruise ship the next moment.

As long as they were at sea, King wouldnt be able to find them. Even if they found their location, they wouldnt be able to do anything

This was also why hed taken Iris to the ship.

Of course, there was also another reason.

When they were in college, hed once asked Iris where she wanted to go on a vacation the most. Iris had replied, I dont like sports. Mountain climbing and all that makes people sweat and it stinks. I like ferry vacations. I can travel around the whole world on a cruise and it wont tire me out either.

This most elegant way of travel was her favorite.

At that time, Philip had said that he would take her there in the future.

He was just fulfilling the promise hed made back then.

Thinking of this, Philip took the satellite phone from Jason. Kings deep voice came from the other end.

Philip, Iris hasnt returned home yet.

Philip replied, Yeah, she and I still have some old promises that we have not fulfilled. We are having a lot of fun, so please dont worry, Mr. King.

King fell silent for a while. Finally, he said, If anything happens to her, I will make you die a terrible death!

The other partys harsh words shocked Philip.

The main reason why no one dared to refute King in the group was that he really was just like a king. When Philip inherited his Imperial League account as a child, King had already been in the group for as long as forty years.

He could remember like it was just yesterday that someone in the group had questioned Kings position and actions thirty years ago. Their century-old business empire had gone bankrupt within a month.

King had used actions to prove his position and status.

Since then, no one in the group dared to ever go against him again.

Philip was a fierce and savage man through and through, but even he was afraid of King. He thought for a while, but still decided to ask, May I know how you are related to Justin Hunt? Why do you protect them so much?

King sneered, Dont ask things you shouldnt be asking. You just need to know that Iris is a relative of mine. Anyone who hurts her will have to pay the price.

His relative

That meant that they were related by blood!

Philip was stunned. Hed thought that as long as he got over his own issues, he would be able to be with Iris again; just like how Herman had obediently divorced Iris when he casually manipulated the Hunts a little.

Iris had also stayed in the suburbs for more than twenty years and never remarried.

Little did he expect that Iris had such a powerful background?

But if Iris knew King, then shouldnt she have sought help from King instead of him when Justin was kidnapped?!

What exactly was going on?

Philip was puzzled, but when he wanted to ask further, King had already hung up.

This gave Philip some reservations.

He suddenly looked at Jason. Get our men to thoroughly investigate Iriss background.

Although Jason didnt understand, he nonetheless said respectfully, Yes, sir.

At the Hunts residence in New York.

Justin lowered his gaze and went into deep thought after he hung up the phone.

Philip was a little crazy, and he also had an unyielding aura etched deeply in him. Therefore, he mustnt push him too hard; it was very likely that Philip would otherwise kill both himself and Iris.

Justin had exposed his family ties with Iris just so Philip would hesitate to do anything rash.

Of course, Justin was also now certain that he understood Philip very well. The man loved Iris very much and was reluctant to hurt her. Or else why would he hold back for more than twenty years?

Boss, we have found their whereabouts. Philip owns a cruise ship that left shore three days ago. Those who had booked tickets have all received refunds and information about compensation from the cruise ship. Therefore, we are guessing that Mdm. Iris is on the cruise ship.

Sean reported his findings. We have contacted the people on the cruise ship. We have an informant there, and he has passed us a message saying that Mdm. Iris is fine. On the contrary, Philip has been begging her for forgiveness.

He frowned and went on. The troublesome part is, although we have pinpointed the cruise ships location, there are too many of Philips men on board while we only have one informant, so we have no way of snatching her back. Additionally, if we dispatch a helicopter or a ferry to take her back, given the commotion it would cause, we wont be able to completely guarantee Mdm. Iris safety at sea. Therefore, we may still need to wait for her to return safely by herself after she and Philip resolve the issues between them.

After confirming that Iris was safe for now, Justin was relieved.

He lowered his head and looked at the map on the table. Just get someone to monitor them at all times. Dispatch a ship to follow them from a distance and make sure they dont discover the ship. But if any problem arises, they are allowed to immediately approach and carry out a rescue operation!

Yes, sir.

Sean took out his cell phone and made arrangements.

After the arrangements were made, he looked at Justin, only to see him staring at the location of a certain bank on the map.

Sean asked, Boss, whats wrong?

Justin was silent for a moment. Suddenly, he said, Station all our men in New York near this bank. Nora and I will be going there within the next two days.

Yes, sir.

Sean turned to leave, but before he stepped out, Justin suddenly stopped him. Get a few of our men to follow me out tonight.

Seans heart sank.

Justin was the Irvin School of Martial Arts Big Brother. To be honest, he was fully capable of protecting himself in most typical dangerous situations. The reason why he brought so many bodyguards with him was just so he could weaken the enemys attention on him.

Yet he was specially bringing their own men with him this time? What kind of dangerous mission was he going on?

He lowered his head and said, Ill go with you.

No, its fine.

Justin suddenly looked at him. The Hunts and the Imperial League need you.


Suddenly, it felt a little like Justin was leaving his last words, which made him feel rather uneasy.

He called a few of their most skilled men over. Then, he watched as Justin led the men and entered the darkness.

At the same time, Nora also quietly left the Hunt Manor.

She was going to the bank to see what on earth her mother had left her!