She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 772 - Taking Revenge For Her

Chapter 772 - Taking Revenge For Her

Chapter 772 Taking Revenge For Her

Iris was stunned.

Philip had found someone to carry a large fish tank into the room. The fish tank was half a persons height and nearly three feet long. With a basin in his hand, someone poured water into it.

After doing it a few times, the tank was full.

Iris couldnt understand what Philip wanted to do. However, the servants left after filling the tank with water, leaving only Philip and Iris in the room.

Philip gazed at her with his deep and bottomless eyes. Inside his eyes was love so strong that it was nearly crazy. He suddenly said, Iris, I know you are angry at me for almost strangling you to death, so I will take revenge for you now.

After he spoke, he suddenly lowered his head and plunged it into the water!

Iris pupils shrank and she sat up abruptly.

As she hadnt eaten for three days, the violent movement made her vision blackout. She shook her head. After regaining a bit of light in her eyes, she looked at the room again.

Philips hands were grasping both sides of the fish tank tightly, and his head was still immersed in the water!

Iris shouted, Are you crazy?!

She rushed up to Philip and grabbed his collar to pull him out. However, Philip was very strong, Iris couldnt make him budge in the slightest.

Iris hurriedly got down beside him and started to bang on the fish tank!

In the water, Philip opened his eyes, which were a little red from holding his breath. He stared at Iris, his lips moving. Although there was no sound, Iris understood what he was saying: Are you still angry?

Iris was utterly stunned.

She stared at Philip in disbelief. The mans eyes were firm and determined as if saying that if she continued being angry, then he would really suffocate himself to death!

Iris hurriedly nodded to express that she was no longer angry.

She really was not angry.

She merely felt freed.

Despite that, Philip didnt get out of the water. His lips were still moving. He asked, Will you eat?

Iris clenched her jaw, not sure how she should


If she ate, she would be compromising.

But she didnt want to continue her relationship with Philip. Now that she had gotten on in years, she felt that enjoying family life and playing with her grandchildren at home was the best outcome she could ever have.

While she was hesitating, she noticed that Philips eyes were starting to roll up, indicating that he was about to pass out.

Iris yelled, Come out of there! Come out!

But Philip did not move.

It was as though he would never come out unless she answered him.

Seeing that the man was really about to suffocate himself to death-a minute had already passed since he went into the waterIris did not dare to waste any more time. She hurriedly shouted, Ill eat, Ill eat!

When Philip heard this, he finally let go

However, by then, he was already exhausted and couldnt climb out at all and he fell into the fish tank instead.

Iris tried to pull him out again. As the man wasnt resisting anymore, she managed to pull him out after putting every bit of her strength into it.


Water splashed onto the ground, wetting the entire deck

Philip lay there, his arms limp beside him. As he took gulps of air, he slowly opened his eyes.

Iris rushed up to him and gave him a slap across the cheek!


Iris stared at him and snapped furiously, You lunatic! You are a lunatic!

Philip, however, merely stared at her with a smile. His simple and naive appearance suddenly reminded Iris of their first date.

He was introverted at that time. To be honest, among all the people courting Iris, he was neither eye-catching nor outstanding, yet she had chosen to date him.

He didnt know where to take her or how to be nice to her, so he had stood below her dormitory and waited for her. After she got dressed and came downstairs, he could only give her a silly smile.

The faces of that boy from back then and the man in front of her gradually overlapped.

Iris cast her eyes down and said nothing.

The servants outside had already entered, and they started to clean up everything in the room.

Soon, the water on the floor was gone and the fish tank was also carried away. The room became clean and spotless. They even prepared a change of clothes for Iris, whose clothes had gotten wet when she pulled Philip out of the water.

Iris went to the bathroom and changed.

After she came out, she found that Philip had also changed into a set of clean clothes with the help of the servants. He had calmed down somewhat by then. The table was also full of her favorite breakfast foods.

Iris walked over. Before she could do anything, Philip pulled out the chair for her, his behavior extremely gentlemanly.

Iris sighed.

She lowered her head.

If she didnt eat, she didnt know what else Philip might do

Never mind.

She would just take it that all her years of growing flowers in the suburban villa were just a vacation. She made up her mind to eat and drink properly from now on. Otherwise, if her health suffered, how was she going to go back, enjoy family life, and play with her grandchildren?

As for Philip She lowered her eyes.

Shed just treat him like a stranger.

Seeing that she was willing to eat, Philip broke into a grin excitedly. He sat opposite her and kept offering her different dishes. However, she didnt eat any of the food he served her.

Philip sighed silently and put down his cutlery. Iris, I know you still blame me for everything that has happened, but I will slowly make up for what Ive done. We will definitely be able to return to what we were like in the past.

Iris wanted to say that it was impossible, but when she looked up, she saw Philip staring at her and saying, Itll definitely be possible. Definitely, absolutely.

Iris decided to shut up.

After she finished eating, she felt a little more energetic. Although she was still rather weak, she didnt want to lie down in the room anymore, yet she didnt want to be alone if she were to go out for a walk, either.

She wanted even less to be with Philip.

While she was deep in thought, Philip smiled and said, Iris, look whos here?

Iris turned to see Mrs. Landis walking in. At the sight of Iris, Mrs. Landis stepped forward and called out, Maam!

Iris was surprised.

Philip sighed. Were going to have to drift at sea for a while. I was afraid that you would be lonely, so I brought her here too. With her accompanying you, you would probably have a very good time here. By the way, you can go shopping. The cruise ship has everything, and there isnt any limit to your purchases at all.

They were on a tourist cruise ship. Even a single ticket cost thousands of dollars, yet Philip had reserved the entire ship.

The cruise ship was huge and lavish.

The cruise ship was just like a large shopping mall. There were all kinds of luxury goods there, so one wouldnt find it boring even if they stayed here for a month.

As Iris listened to what he said, she lowered her eyes, patted Mrs. Landis hand, and said, Then lets go out for a walk.

If she stayed in the room, shed have to face Philip. If so, she might as well relax, calm down, and protect herself well. They would eventually dock one day. After Iris and Mrs. Landis went out, Jason quietly came in and walked up to Philip. He said, Boss, King is calling again. What do you think his relationship with Justin Hunt really is?