She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 769 - New Trap

Chapter 769 - New Trap

Chapter 769 New Trap

After saying that, Nora walked past him and walked out with Justin.

There was no point in staying any longer in the laboratory. They were going to interrogate Jude to find out who was giving him the orders so that they could find the mastermind hiding behind everything.

It was only when the two of them reached the entrance that Howard finally realized what Nora meant. His eyes widened in disbelief and he stared at Nora from the back in shock and astonishment.

When he did, he saw that, because the door was a little narrow and two people could not pass through it at the same time, Justin subconsciously took half a step back while Nora walked out calmly without feeling like anything was wrong. Howard:

Since when did Justin ever give way to others?

He had always been the leader of the family, yet he was naturally giving way to someone else now.

In addition to being in love with her, it was even more so because that person was worthy of him doing so!

So, she really was Big Sister!

No wonder Justin, who had always been very protective of his own, didnt even say a word when he badmouthed Nora. On top of that, hed even given him a seemingly half-amused look.

At that time, hed thought that it was because Justin liked Big Sister, but he finally realized why now!

Howard felt like he had been slapped in the face, and he was distressed.

He had actually mocked Big Sister!

Was it too late for him to apologize?

With that in mind, Howard hurriedly followed after them.

On the way out, Nora kept thinking about the problem she was facing, wanting to know the specifics of the clue to the V16. After the incident just now with Jude, she couldnt quite wait anymore.

Her gait couldnt help but speed up. Justin followed closely behind her.

When the two came to the car, Justin was about to open the car door for Nora when a figure darted over, opened the car door, and said humbly, Nora, be careful not to knock yourself against the top of the door!



Howard looked at Nora ingratiatingly with a smile. Nora, what do you think of my martial arts? Do I have any hope of entering the Quinn School of Martial Arts and becoming your disciple?

Nora thought for a while. Suddenly, she sighed and said, Lets get the old man to teach you instead.

She then picked up her cell phone and called Quinn.

Quinn was very loud. He hollered, Whats up, Sleepyhead?

Nora touched her nose, not quite used to someone calling her by a nickname. She coughed and said, Ive found you a disciple.

You took a disciple for me? Have I agreed to it? Yet you took them in so casually? If you want to take a disciple, then take one for yourself! Quinn retorted.

Next to Nora, Howard felt as if his heart was in his throat when he heard Quinn.

He had met Quinn before. Back then, when he was in New York, Quinn hadnt even shown Justin any courtesy. Wasnt Nora being a little too impolite with him?

Would Quinn expel her in a fit of rage?

Just as he was thinking about it, he heard Nora say calmly, Ive already told him to go to New York to look for you.

Hed better bring a present!


Okay? What do you mean okay? You no-good disciple, you

Before Quinn could finish, Nora hung up the phone and looked at Howard silently. Quinn is old, so hes a little long-winded. Dont mind him.

Howard was already frozen on the spot like a statue.

Hed never imagined that Quinn would actually agree to it just like that! Additionally, Nora completely had the upper hand in her talks with Quinn!

While he was in a daze, Nora and Justin got into the car, left the place, and headed straight to the Hunts family home.

Even if outsiders were tailing them, they wouldnt be able to enter the residence.

Jude was taken away by Morris and Brenda.

After returning to the family home, Howard asked, Nora, why didnt you bring Jude back?

Nora was puzzled. For what? Interrogation?

Howard frowned and replied, Yeah, didnt you catch him to find out who was the one giving him the orders?.

Arent Morris and the others more apt when it comes to interrogating prisoners?

So, why should she bring the prisoner back and do it herself instead?

If she was that free, she might as well make up for lost sleep instead!

Thinking of this, Nora curled her lips disdainfully.


By the time they arrived at the family home, it was already 10 PM. After entering, Nora and Justin steadfastly ate dinner without rushing, and then went to their room to rest.

After the two of them entered, a servant in the Hunts family home quietly walked to an inconspicuous corner, took out a cell phone, and made a call.

Doesnt seem like they have found the codebook. Or else they would have been in a hurry to see read it.

The person on the other end of the call said something and the servant replied, Okay, I understand, sir.

After saying this, he hung up the phone, quietly made up an excuse, and went up to the door of the room Justin and Nora were in. While no one else was around, he pressed his ear against the door and listened to the voices inside.

Nora said, Dont be so anxious Slow down

Nora, dont move. Let me do it


Are you satisfied?

What followed were suggestive sounds, which even made the eavesdropping man blush.

After the man listened for a while more, he finally turned and left. He then took out his cell phone and sent a text message: I am certain that they didnt find the codebook.

Inside the room.

Nora sat steadily on the sofa with the ledger, and codebook shed found, in her hand and read it leisurely.

At the edge of the bed, Justin had put one hand on the bed and was pressing down hard, causing it to creak.

He continued his performance.

Nora, does it feel good?

Nora, do you want more?

Nora, lets do it again?

What? One more time? Are you really trying to squeeze your husband dry?.


That man was simply too shameless. Although he was just acting, wasnt he going a bit too far?

The corners of her lips spasmed. Did you take some kind of drug? How many times do you plan to do it in one night?

Justin chuckled. Im very strong. Why dont you try me?


The man was really becoming more and more explicit after the two of them got together.

She lowered her head and continued to look at the codebook in her hand.

Five minutes later, the code was deciphered.

As she stared at the revealed information, Nora held her forehead in surprise.

Seemingly having sensed her peculiar reaction, Justin finally ended his solo exercise on the bed and strode over to her. When he saw the Morse code translations recorded in her notebook, he also frowned. Thats it?

Nora heaved a quiet sigh. I knew it, Mom must have set up another trap for us! What should we do?