She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 768 - I Don’t Need It

Chapter 768 - I Don’t Need It

Chapter 768 I Dont Need It

Howard was greatly alarmed. In his opinion, the person whom he had intercepted was likely the strongest among the seven.

Although he didnt like his sister-in-law very much, for Justins sake, he couldnt let her get hurt either.

Was that guy running up to Nora to take her hostage and force everyone into retreating?

What bad luck!

He knew it, women were trouble. Why did she have to come?

As soon as the thought formed, he stepped forward to rush over. But his leg had only just reached out when he saw the man reaching towards Nora.

At some point, there was already a dagger in his hand. He jabbed it right at Noras neck.

Dont move! Or Ill.

But before he could say kill her, Nora had suddenly stretched out her hand, grabbed his wrist, and exerted a little force.


The dagger in the mans hand fell to the ground, and his wrist emitted a crisp snap.

Howard had just beaten up the man, but even all the pain hed suffered just now couldnt compare to the sharp pain he was currently feeling. The pain made him turn limp, and he slumped onto his knees in front of Nora.

To everyone, Nora seemed to just be holding his wrist lightly. With her eyes slightly raised, she slowly asked in a low voice, Are you getting down on your knees to beg me for mercy? Thats not quite appropriate, is it?

The whole place was quiet.

Even the thug had fallen into a daze from the pain. He looked at Nora in astonishment. Where on earth did the delicate woman get all that physical strength from?

On the other side, Howard looked at them in astonishment. He swallowed and looked at his men. So, she really was the one who beat all those men just now?

His men, who only knew fancy moves, lined up in a row and then silently took a step back in unison so that they were all one step further away from Nora. Then, they nodded together.


By the time the situation here was resolved, Justin had also finished dealing with Jude. At this time, Morris and Brenda also rushed over from the other two entrances.

By then, Nora had already let go of the last mans hand. The mans wrist was drooping limply, his bones obviously fractured.

Upon seeing the men collapsed on the floor beside Nora, Brenda raced towards her at once and sent the man with the limp wrist flying with a kick. She glared at Howard furiously and demanded, Whats wrong with you? How can you let him rush all the way up to Nora? What if he scared her?

She held Noras hand and said, Dont be afraid, Nora! Im here!


His lips moved. He wanted to explain, but before he could say anything, Nora glanced over at him, scaring Howard so badly that he shut up at once.

Nora didnt want Brenda to know that she was very strong. After all, she found Brendas protection of her very heartwarming.

Howard, who looked like he was in a huge dilemma, shouldered the blame and said, It it was my mistake!

Brenda: ?

She and Howard had always been fighting with each other. Why was he suddenly giving in this time?

However, she didnt want to spare too much thought on those issues at the moment. After she held Noras hand, she looked at Justin and complained, Justin, why didnt you stop him?


Alright, alright. Nora patted Brendas hand comfortingly. After she calmed her sister-in-law down, her gaze swept across the people present. Howards men immediately straightened their backs and shivered in unison.

Noras gaze then swept across the people on the floor. Her little sidekicks immediately reacted and they walked over to arrest everyone lying on the floor and escort them out.

After tying them all up, Brenda said, Nora, weve found their R&D base. I will take you there now.

Nora nodded.

To be honest, shed always wanted to see how these gene-improvement solutions with unknown chemical components were made. But when she entered their laboratory with Brenda, she found that everything there was very plain and crude.

This was no R&D base at all!

Whats going on?

Brenda turned to the side and grabbed Jude.

After Jude was arrested, he had known right away that there was no escape for him. He immediately explained, We actually dont have a base or anything like that. These gene-improvement solutions are just diluted versions of the gene serum!



After they had put in so much time and effort, the truth was actually so dull?

And here they thought they had caught a den of thieves that manufactured gene serums!

Where did you get the gene serum from? Morris asked, his voice low and serious.

An honest and obedient Jude explained, I bought it. We have a sales channel abroad where we can buy pure gene serums. The diluted serums dont cause too much harm to ordinary peoples bodies.

They only have two years left to live, yet youre saying the serums dont cause too much harm to the body?

Morris frowned.

Jude said cautiously, The gene serum can only be used on children. Adults cant withstand it at all, they will explode and die immediately. But once its diluted, their genes can still be improved a little Besides, there are statistics that show that some people have survived past two years

What happened after the two years?

They lived for another half a month.

Brenda sneered, You are pretty smart, arent you? Using the gene serum on yourself while giving others the gene-improvement solution instead. Youre purely just harming people!

No, no! Jude was very honest. How would I be worthy of using the gene serum? Im also using the diluted gene-improvement solution. I need money, my child has a terminal illness, but the medical fees cost more than one hundred thousand dollars. Only if I used the gene-improvement solution on myself would I have been able to convince the others that I have become stronger, and only then could I sell the gene-improvement solution I didnt have any other choice

His words stunned everyone present. All of them looked at him in disbelief.

Even Nora and Justin exchanged a look.

Theyd initially thought that Jude was likely one of the five children who had survived the experiments back then, but little did they expect that he actually wasnt?

No wonder he was so easygoing!

Judes martial arts prowess just now, though He had kept Justin occupied for three minutes all by himself!

At present, there were actually large skill gaps in martial artists in the country.

Apart from Irvin and Quinn, the strongest were Big Brother and Big Sister. The other disciples didnt have bodies well-suited for martial arts. Moreover, in these modern times, no one would work that hard to practice martial arts, either.

As a result, apart from a few top martial artists, the rest were all rather mediocre.

This was also the reason why Big Brother and Big Sister were so popular in the circle, as well as why their statuses were unopposed!

Because there were very few in America who could even last ten moves with Justin!

The diluted gene-improvement solution alone could improve a persons physical constitution this much. In that case, just how strong would people who had been injected with gene serums, and whose genes had truly been improved, be?

Nora and Justin suddenly felt that even they might not be their opponents match should they encounter them!

Their hearts sank.

It was also in this instant, in the face of absolute power, that Nora finally realized how terrifying the gene serum was.

No wonder even her mother had been driven into a corner and chose to die back then.

Her expression darkened. When she thought of how those five people were after the V16 that Xander needed, she suddenly felt rather panicked, scared, and at a loss.

The V15 gene serum was already so powerful. Should they be injected with the V16, wouldnt they all become superhumans?!

While she was thinking, at some point, Howard had already sneaked over to her. Earlier, he had been overbearing and arrogant towards her and had also reprimanded her as and when he wanted to, but he was now very cautious around her.

He asked softly, Um, Nora You must be from the Quinn School of Martial Arts, right?

The Irvin School of Martial Arts didnt try to win by physical strength. It was just like how Justin hadnt subdued Jude with just one move.

Only the Quinn School of Martial Arts would use such open and aboveboard moves.

Nora admitted to it with a grunt.

As soon as she did, Howard spoke again. Then are you Linda from the Quinn School of Martial Arts? Have you met Big Sister before?

The martial arts-obsessed teenager scratched his head. I I want to ask Big Sister to be my teacher! Do you know where she is? What does she like? How can I please her?

Nora looked at the young mans pious attitude and sighed silently. I dont need pleasing.