She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 770 - Dead Or Alive?

Chapter 770 - Dead Or Alive?

Chapter 770 Dead Or Alive?

Nora and Justin stared at the Morse code translation, both a little speechless.

There was only a string of numbers in the translation, which looked like some kind of code. Apart from that was the name of a bank and the vault number of a safe deposit box.

This showed that her mother had left something in the safe back then. Could it be the V16?

Noras brows drew together as she pondered about it.

Justin asked, When are you going over to retrieve the contents?

Nora looked at him and then back at the bank


The safe deposit box her mother had set up was in the Bank of New York, but if they returned and went to the Bank of New York so rashly, the people tailing them would surely realize that something was amiss.

But if they dont go in person Should they send someone else to retrieve the contents instead, Nora was concerned that her mother might have left some kind of trap behind which would cause the person to fall into the trap if they didnt notice anything.

Therefore, their biggest problem at the moment was to find out exactly how many people were tailing and monitoring them, as well as how to avoid them

In other words, they needed to find a suitable excuse to go to the Bank of New York.

Nora sighed silently.

She tossed the ledger aside and thought for a moment before she said, Lets find a suitable opportunity.


That night, both of them were a little troubled.

They werent in the mood to do anything else even when they were lying on the bed. Nora also had insomnia for once. After mulling over something for a long time with her eyes closed in the dark, she suddenly turned to Justin and asked, How was Judes martial arts prowess?

Although Justins breathing was steady the whole time, Nora could sense that he was still awake. Sure enough, as soon as she spoke, Justins voice came over.

It was alright. The gene serum is actually not as scary as we imagined. Really?

Nora was a little dubious.

If Judes martial arts prowess was only alright, then how come Justin only managed to subdue him after she defeated eight people?

However, the Irvin School of Martial Arts moves were light and nimble, and they were known for their strategies instead. Perhaps it did take that much time for them to deal with such people.

Nora breathed a sigh of relief when she thought of that.

Shed originally thought that since Jude was so strong, then the mastermind would surely be even stronger. But if Judes skills were just alright, then perhaps the gene serums effect wasnt that great after all.

All her worries were unnecessary.

With that in mind, Nora turned around and finally fell asleep peacefully.

Upon hearing her even breathing, Justin suddenly stood up.

He strode to the bathroom, opened the door, and then took out a first aid box in a practiced manner.

Then, he lifted his gray silk pajama pants.

There was a large bruise on his thigh. He applied some ice and lightly massaged the bruise.

After the massage, he took off his shirt.

He looked in the mirror and turned around in silence.

On Justins back was another large patch of bruises. On top of that, there was also a bit of blood. His injuries were a shocking sight.

Had he been an ordinary person, he probably would have been in so much pain that he could not even walk or move. Yet Justin hadnt shown even the slightest sign of that.

He applied some more ice to the bruises on his back with nary a frown.

He had gotten all these bruises from Jude during his fight with him that day. Of course, Jude had also suffered very serious injuries.

Even so, just how terrifying was it that someone could fight on par with him just because they had taken the gene serum?!

On top of that, Jude was really just a nobody underling!

This showed that the person who had sent Jude had at least ten Judes under his command!

Justin could beat one or two Judes, but what about eight or ten?

Even he and Nora together probably wouldnt be a match for them.

Justin sat in the bathroom after he treated his wounds, his brows slightly furrowed. His expression also became extraordinarily grave.

Their enemy was too powerful and too terrifying

The gene serum had been around for more than twenty years ago. It was unknown how great a force they had built all these years. No wonder Yvette had chosen to die back then, and no wonder the special department still hadnt obtained any substantial leads despite so many years of investigation.

Justin frowned. Suddenly, he took out his cell phone and sent a message to Lawrence and Sean: Enhance our security measures! And summon all our men back.

Sean quickly replied: Yes, sir.

Lawrences reply came half a beat slower: Got it, Boss. Has something happened?

Justin took a deep breath and wrote: Protect the three children and Nora.

Yes, sir.

After sending the messages, he made more arrangements on his cell phone before he gently returned to the bed and lay down beside Nora.

The next day, by the time Nora woke up, Justin was already awake. He seemed to have already washed up and changed. He stood at the head of the bed and looked at her. Lets return to New York?


Then, Nora added, But before I go back, theres one thing I need to do.

An hour later.

At the Blacks.

Nora handed the key to the Smiths villa to Irene. Aunt Irene, why dont you guys move to the villa?

Irene was about to refuse when Justin said, The villa will become abandoned if it stays unoccupied year-round. Nora grew up there after all. If your family moves in, you guys can also help take care of it.

As soon as he said that, Irene and will looked at each other. Then, they nodded.

Nora then handed Idealian Pharmaceuticals management rights to Will. Uncle Will, Ill have to trouble you to take care of the company while were in New York.

Will nodded.

After handling all this, Nora and Justin finally set off for New York.

At the same time.

Far away in Switzerland, a cruise ship drifted on the sea.

The cruise ship was huge and had all kinds of facilities on it, including even luxury shops. However, there were no guests on board, and it seemed like someone had reserved the whole ship.

In a room.

Iris lay there quietly.

A tall man stood quietly beside her.

The man reached out and gently stroked the womans cheek. He whispered, Iris, its time to get up and eat.

Hed had her favorite morning tea prepared.