She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 767 - It Turns Out That My Sister-in-law Is An Expert

Chapter 767 - It Turns Out That My Sister-in-law Is An Expert

Chapter 767 It Turns Out That My Sister-in-law Is An Expert

Justin took a step forward. Jude was indeed rather skilled, though it was also possible that his skills and great physical strength were all thanks to the gene serum, making him a little difficult to deal with.

When Jude started exchanging blows with him, he knew at once that he was in trouble. Hed originally thought that the people at this entrance would be easier to deal with since those at the other two entrances were all professional police officers, but it seemed that hed made the wrong choice!

He immediately said to the people behind him, You guys, break your way through first!

Only when they left would Justin be distracted, thereby giving him the chance to escape.

The few men behind him were all subordinates whom hed taken a lot of care to groom. They were the strongest in their circle and had also shown the best results after taking the gene-improvement solution.

Even Howard was no match for them, which went to show how strong they were.

The men nodded immediately. They bypassed Jude and Justin and rushed towards Nora and Howard.

Justin didnt intercept them.

It seemed like he trusted the people behind him very much.

At the sight, Howard was terribly moved.

In the past, Justin had always called him a good-for-nothing because he didnt make any progress despite practicing martial arts for so long. All of his moves were just fancy, without any real substance. Yet Justin was putting so much trust in him at this moment.

There were eight of them in total. They might not be as strong as Jude, but they had numbers on their side!

He must not let Justin down!

With that in mind, lofty ambitions suddenly surged up in Howard. He bit the bullet and stepped forward at once. I can do it, Justin! Dont worry!

As he let out a roar, he attacked one of the eight men at once!

Howard felt that this must be the highlight of his life. He followed after Justin, using his bare hands to deal with Judes seven henchmen well, one of them.

He used everything he had to dodge his opponents attack, and then he punched and kicked them.

They exchanged numerous blows without any pause.

The two of them delivered kicks at each other with great force, as though they wanted to beat all the dust off their clothes. Wherever he was hit, Howard felt as if his bones were close to breaking. The pain was so great that he was close to losing all his strength.

But he mustnt admit defeat!

He mustnt bring shame to Justin!

Thus, Howard gritted his teeth and continued to strike the opponent hard!


With a great shout, Howard finally knocked the man down onto the ground!

The two of them were pretty much equally matched, but with his determination, he had beat him!

When he held the man under him, Howard felt that he had done it! He had succeeded!

He raised his head excitedly, only to suddenly realize that he had only stopped one of them and there were six left!

The people behind him only knew fancy moves without any substance. They could handle ordinary people, but not any of these eight opponents.

The six men must have already sent all the people behind him flying by then, right?

While not fatal, they would definitely suffer injuries.

No, wait

That woman!

Howard hurriedly looked behind him to check on Nora and see if she was hiding in the corner and shaking in her boots.

He wondered if Justin would be mad at him for not protecting Nora well.

While he was thinking about it, he turned his head to the side, only to see

The six men, whom hed thought of as incredibly powerful, had all collapsed onto the floor beside him?

All of them lay there, unable to get up.

Nora stood beside them and dusted off her hands leisurely, as though she was the one who had defeated the seven men.

Howard looked at the people behind him and praised them. Not bad, guys! Out of those seven tyrants, I didnt expect you guys to actually be able to stop six of them! Whos the one thats so impressive?

As soon as he said that, his men all looked at one another. At last, all of them looked at Nora.

Howard: ??

What was that supposed to mean?

But when he looked at the men again, they looked like they had absolutely no intention to do anything

Howard was not like the brainless Chester. He couldnt help but frown and think.

Half a beat later, he stared at his men incredulously and said, What are you guys looking at her for? Surely it cant be her who did this, right? Did she beat them all with her beauty? What kind of joke is that?!

The men nodded in unison.

Then, they looked at Nora in shock again.

Theyd originally thought that she was a girl with a weak personality. After all, she had such a good temper. Howard had scolded her for so long, yet she hadnt retorted at all.

But when they thought of the brutal scene just now

They felt like their worldviews had been totally subverted! Who would have thought that a delicate woman like her would be a master martial artist?

Stunned, Howard frowned. No way, you guys

Before he could finish speaking, the man under him suddenly pushed Howard away and ran out.

Stop him!

Howard shouted. The next moment, he saw the man running up to Nora.