She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 766 - Being Dramatic

Chapter 766 - Being Dramatic

Chapter 766 Being Dramatic

With great momentum, the group infiltrated the abandoned steel factory ahead of them.

Their mission that evening was actually a little difficult.

The hundred or so men were all ordinary people, whereas some of the men under Judes command had taken the gene-improvement solution. In comparison, it seemed that ordinary people were relatively at a disadvantage.

Fortunately, Howard had gathered a relatively large group of people, and they were also launching a surprise attack. Most of Judes subordinates were not there.

There were only about thirty people there.

Therefore, Howard was full of confidence and felt that he would definitely win.

You guys, go in through this door. You guys over there, go in through that door

Howard gave the men instructions for the formation so that they could prevent the enemy from escaping.

They not only had to capture Jude today, but they also had to prevent news of their attack from getting out. Otherwise, Judes subordinates would never come over again. Should that happen, they wouldnt be able to capture them all. Those men didnt do anything wrong, though. Rather, it was because they had been injected with the gene-improvement solution, so they only had two years left to live.

Morris would definitely want to save them.

After all, most of them werent aware of the truth and didnt know what exactly Jude was doing. Their desire to become stronger was the only reason why they were under his control. They didnt deserve to die.

The special department officers would come over immediately once they arrived. As the main force and the vanguard, Morris and Brenda took the lead and rushed in first.

They were professionals, after all.

Morris and Brenda led their respective men and attacked an entrance each.

The steel factory had three entrances. Howard, Justin, and Nora were in charge of attacking the last entrance.

Howard took the lead and snorted at Nora. Stay behind me and dont be a hindrance to Justin, understand?

Nora ignored him, merely following him at the back leisurely.

Seeing her lazy appearance, Howard couldnt help but say, Are you here for shopping, or are you here to capture someone? Did she have any idea at all just how cruel and savage the people whom they were about to face in there were?

Despite that, Nora merely glanced at him leisurely again and slowly uttered, Oh.

Howard felt as if his punch had landed on a wad of cotton, his attack totally negated.

Infuriated, he muttered, Pete must have inherited his invalidity from you! No matter what you do, you just cant keep your spirits up. What a weakling!

Nora glanced at him. Do you believe me when I say that hell be able to beat you in a fight ten years later?.

No matter how strong a five-year-old was, it was impossible for them to beat a trained martial artist like Howard.

But that might not necessarily be the case ten years from now.

Howard sneered and said, Of course I do, he is Mr. Quinns disciple after all! What are you proud of, though? Even if Mr. Quinns disciple was just a block of wood, it would still be able to beat me in a fight! Besides, its entirely because of Justin that Mr. Quinn decided to take him as his disciple!


Nora countered sarcastically. However, it was exactly that simple sentence of hers that annoyed Howard a little. He snapped, What kind of attitude is that? Are you looking down on Justin?

Noras lips hooked into a smile. Why couldnt he have taken Pete as a disciple because of me?

Howard sneered, You? Do you think you are the Quinn School of Martial Arts Big Sister? Do you think you can get Mr. Quinn to take a disciple so easily?

Well, she really was, though.

Nora touched her nose and glanced at Justin.

Justins lips curled into a smile.

What a dimwit. He was in for a surprise later!

Justin wanted Howard to experience social death for despising Nora and Pete all the time. The nastier the things he said at this moment, the more the slap to his face would hurt.

Therefore, Justin did not bother explaining Noras identity to him.

Amidst Howards complaints, the group finally charged into the factory.

At the sight of them, someone immediately shouted, Who are you people? What do you want?

Hed only just spoken when Howard rushed over, his fist striking the man and putting him in a daze. Even his teeth had come loose and he spat out a few.

After he punched the man, Howard deliberately turned around to reveal the mans miserable appearance to Nora. Hed thought that the woman would be terrified at the sight, or at the very least, turn pale, right?


Nora glanced at the man and then she yawned???

What kind of joke was this?!

Should she be yawning even at an exciting moment like this?!

Howard was stunned.

But the next moment, he understood.

The woman must have incredible mental resilience, otherwise, Justin would not have brought her here, either. Hmph, she wasnt that useless after all. At least she didnt burst into tears like other women.

When Howard thought of this, he continued to rush forward.

Over at where Brenda and Morris were, their siege advanced rather quickly, causing Judewho was in the abandoned steel factory-to rush towards Howards group with a few of his martial arts experts. He was planning to break through them and fight his way out. When Nora followed behind Justin leisurely while Howard and his men were clearing the way, they encountered a group of people in a corridor.

There were eight of them in total. The one surrounded by the others was obviously Jude, who had long hair and blue eyes.

He was big and stout and had bulging muscles all over his body, making him look very fierce.

Damn! Howard said, Why did we have to run into the eight of them?

Whats wrong? Justin asked.

Howard replied, Those eight men are known for their fighting skills, especially Jude. I thought they would split up and flee separately, but unexpectedly, they stayed together and we even ran into each other. Justin, my men are no match for them. If we force our way through, they will probably become injured.

Howard didnt want his comrades, who saw him as their leader, to die for nothing. Those eight men were simply too strong, his brothers would only end up as cannon fodder.

Therefore, Howard wanted Justin to take action. Justin slowly said, Okay. Stand back, all of you.

Following his instructions, Howard led his men to stand behind Justin.

Seeing this, Jude laughed and said, Not bad, thats pretty gutsy of you. In that case, today, I shall show you how powerful I am!

Then, he said, That guy should be the strongest among them. Ill keep him occupied while the seven of you rush out!

Yes, sir!

Justin said to Nora behind him, I will deal with Jude. Ill leave the rest to you.

Nora nodded.

Among the eight people, Jude was the only one who was a little troublesome. The rest were no big deal.

Just as she was about to reply, Howard, who mistakenly thought that Justin was speaking to him, said loudly, Dont worry, Justin, leave the rest of them to me! Even if I die, I will never give them a chance to leave!


Those were just a few insignificant riff-raff. Did he really need to be so dramatic?