She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 765 - Protect Quinn School of Martial Arts’ Big Sister?

Chapter 765 - Protect Quinn School of Martial Arts’ Big Sister?

Chapter 765 Protect Quinn School of Martial Arts Big Sister?

When Howard thought of this, he suddenly reacted and glared at Nora. Did you scold me just now?

Nora raised her eyebrows and shrugged. She did not say anything.

Of course, she would retaliate when someone scolded her son. She was not so easygoing where anyone could pinch her cheeks.

Howard was instantly furious and wanted to rush forward to beat her up, but he had just taken a step closer to Nora when Justins bright eyes swept over, scaring Howard.

Howard was a boor.

He had been immersed in martial arts since he was young. He had a strong masculine aura and was fundamentally opposite of the Irvin School of Martial Arts teachings. Therefore, Irvin had never taken him in as a disciple.

Moreover, Howard was a die-hard fan of the Quinn School of Martial Arts, so Quinn would ignore him even more.

Justin did not care that Howard was furious and asked, You came at the right time. Do you know Jude?

When it came to a serious matter, Howard calmed down. He sat opposite Justin and said, Ive heard of him. Judes dark power rose under California this month. Im involved in some of it, so I know a little. This person came less than half a month ago and already has a group of loyal supporters. I heard that its because he has a secret drug that can make people stronger. Now, hes quite powerful in California. Im also thinking of meeting him!

With that, Howard touched his chin and couldnt help but ask, Brother, is there really such a medicine? It can make people stronger? If I get some, will Quinn take me as his disciple?

Justin: I dont know if hell accept you as his disciple, but if you really eat it, Ill have to come to California again in two years.

Howard: Why?

To collect your corpse.

Howard was speechless for a moment before he sighed. When I heard about it, I was indeed tempted. But after some thought, I realized how could a person become stronger just like that? There must be a price to pay. Besides, I still despise people who rely on drugs to become stronger.

Howard was a reckless person obsessed with martial arts. He wanted to become stronger and had a dream.

However, he was also stubborn and had his own pride.

Fortunately, he did not rush to court death.

Justin suddenly asked, Do you know Judes stronghold?

Of course.

How many people do you have?

Howard immediately patted his chest and said, Justin, in California, you can have as many as you want!

Justin nodded. Ok, get our men prepared. Well destroy their nest tonight!


With that, Howard turned around and left, calling for help.

After he left, Justin looked at Nora with a stern expression.

Nora thought about it and suddenly asked, Do we need to tell Morris?

After all, Morris was from the special department. It was more appropriate for him to handle such matters. The secret organization and the gene serum were both being investigated by the special department.

Justin was silent for a moment before saying, Alright.

Nora picked up her phone and informed Morris about the plan.

It was illegal for them to fight in private, but if Morris came, they would be assisting the officials.

After receiving her call, Morris immediately sent someone over.

At night, a group of people gathered in an abandoned steel factory in California. Morris and Brenda rushed over quickly, but the other members of the special department had not arrived yet.

Howard led more than a hundred people and was explaining to Justin, These are all men we trained with. Justin, command them without any worries!

The group of people instantly stood up for Justin. They shouted in unison, Big Brother!



It looked a little like a gangster meeting.

Nora felt that it was funny.

However, the next moment, Howard suddenly pointed his spear at her. Justin, why did you bring her here?

Nora: ?

She raised her eyebrows but before she could say anything, Brenda said unhappily, Who is she!? Howard, why have you been so rude since your childhood? Or dont you know that shes Justins wife? Shouldnt you be calling her Sister-in-law?

Howard pursed his lips. Get lost. What right does a woman like you have to order me around?

Brenda sneered. Because I can beat you down!

Howard was momentarily at a loss for words.

Other than Justin, Brenda was the only one in the Hunts who could fight. Otherwise, she would not have been able to work with Interpol.

However, Howard said coldly, I cant argue with you, but it doesnt matter if you come. After all, you can fight. What is she doing here? Is she here to hold us back? There will be many clashes there. It will be a real fight. Who will protect her?.

I can protect Nora. Besides, theres Justin too. Why are you such a busybody?

Brenda defended.

Howard sneered. Youre protecting her? Is your mission here to protect her? Besides, Justin, how can you use you protect her? There are so many of us here to protect you! A woman who doesnt know martial arts must be bored. Is she joking?

Brenda continued to defend her. But Nora knows medicine. Shes our forensic doctor!

Forensics doesnt charge into battle. Besides, were here to catch people today, not to see a doctor. Are you kidding me? People should know their limits. Keep her here obediently, lest she pisses her pants in fear and blames me later!

Brenda was furious. If Justin wants to bring her, what can you do about it? Or do you want to rebut his decision too? Are you disobedient? Besides, as a man, shouldnt he protect his woman? Justin, tell me, should I let Nora in?

Justin watched as the two of them argued. Howards words were simply laughable. He raised his eyebrows and said, Okay, Ill protect Nora.


What kind of stupidity was this?

She raised her almond-shaped eyes slightly but did not speak. She could not be bothered to argue with this retard.

However, Howard did not give up. See, Justin? You should find a wife like Quinn School of Martial Arts Big Sister. No matter what you do in the future, she wont hold you back! Even if this woman cant compare to her, she should at least learn some fancy martial arts, right?

Nora: ???

Howard took a deep breath and walked to Justin and Noras side. He waved his hand. Lets go!

Forget it. He would help protect the person his brother liked!

He would have to take the opportunity to take a photo of this womans frightened and crying appearance and make his brother despise her!