She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 764 - The Mastermind Revealed

Chapter 764 - The Mastermind Revealed

Chapter 764 The Mastermind Revealed

Zester was simple-minded. Although he did not understand what they were doing, he rushed out when he heard this.

The person on the motorcycle wearing a helmet thought that he was undetected. He turned a corner and was about to leave when he saw a burly man suddenly crawl out from behind the grass and pounce on him, scaring him.

He hurriedly turned the accelerator and wanted to rush over, but although Zester looked huge, he was very agile. After all, he was a member of the Irvin School of Martial Arts. He grabbed the handle of the motorcycle and jumped to the side of the motorcycle. Then, he let go of the handle, grabbed the persons shoulder, and pulled hard.

The front wheel of the motorcycle instantly went high up and the back wheel spun on the spot. In the blink of an eye, the motorcycle flipped over, and the person was dragged off the motorcycle. The motorcycle dropped to the grass beside him and the person on it was successfully caught by Zester.

The battle seemed intense, but Zester held the advantage.

Only then did Nora and Justin walk over slowly. Zester pulled down the helmet of the motorcycle owner. It was a fifteen-year-old child!

The child spat. Consider me unlucky to have fallen into your hands!

Nora frowned. Who asked you to steal things?

The child pursed his lips. No one. I just like to play. Whats wrong?.

Nora still wanted to speak, but Justin suddenly stepped forward and grabbed his wrist, pressing him hard against the ground. A dagger fell with a clang.

Nora narrowed her eyes.

She had thought that this child was just a thief and had been instructed by someone. After all, he was really too young. She did not expect him to be hiding a dagger.

The moment the dagger fell, the child was suddenly turned around and had his arm pinned down by Justin. In a seemingly inhuman way, he pulled his arm away from the opposite direction.

Then, he stood up and turned to run out.

His movements were smooth and flowed like water. Zester did not react at all and the child broke free.

The child ran very quickly. It was almost as fast as a 100-meter sprint. As he ran, he turned back and made a funny face at Nora.

He looked very arrogant!

If it was anyone else, this child would definitely have kept running. Unfortunately for him, Nora and Justin were also present.

Nora did not move.

Justin threw a small stone he had been playing with in his hand.


The little stone hit an acupuncture point on the boys knee, causing his knees to weaken. He fell to the ground and landed on his face.


When the boy fell, Zester had already caught up to him and he grabbed him again.

This time, Nora and Justin did not interrogate him. Instead, they brought him into the car and tied him up.

Zester drove while the little boy had his hands and feet tied to the backseat.

Nora squatted down beside him and pulled up his sleeve. She saw that there were indeed many needle marks on his arm.

She studied it carefully and wanted to search the boys body again, but she was stopped by Justin. She looked at Justin hesitantly and saw his eyes drift as he said, Ill do it.


No way. She was only searching his body, but this man was still jealous.

She smirked and raised her almond-shaped eyes slightly, looking like she had seen through Justins scheme, but she still moved aside.

Justin did not speak, but his ears turned red. He coughed before searching the boys body. Soon, he found a medicine in his pocket.

Nora had a serious expression. She opened the medicine bottle and took a sniff. Then, she said with certainty, Indeed, hes been injected with a genetic improvement agent.

She had learned this from the special department.

The word gene serum only applied to the correct formula of V1-V16. Currently, not many people in the world had injected this serum.

However, these potions, the ones that improved strength, had all kinds of hidden side effects. These imperfect potions could only be called gene improvement agents.

These injections were all unorthodox. They were extremely harmful to the body and only allowed one to obtain temporary strength.

The drug that Yvonne had been injected with was a gene improvement agent. If one did not adjust the amount of this medicine well, they would hemorrhage and die. Even if they did not hemorrhage, those who had been injected with the medicine could only live for two years.

It was not like the real gene serum. If Trueman got the V16, his DNA would be improved and he would become the first person in the world with a perfect genetic chain!

Return the medicine to me!

Seeing that Nora had opened the medicine, the boy roared angrily. Although his hands and feet were tightly bound, he twisted them with all his might.

Seeing how agitated he was, Nora asked, Where did you get this?

The boy shouted, I spent a lot of money on this before Jude gave it to me. Return it to



Nora narrowed her eyes. Who is Jude?

She suddenly felt like she had found an underground network!

The boy sneered. I know. You want to buy medicine from Jude, right? Then let go of me. Or else I wont take you there!

Hearing his words, Nora and Justin looked at each other and did not speak.

Soon, Zester brought the two of them to a villa in California.

The Hunts old residence was in California, so Justin naturally had a place there. This villa was very big. Not long after the two of them entered, Howard swaggered in as he looked at his younger brother from his second grandfathers family in the old residence.

As soon as he entered, he shouted loudly, Justin, youre too much. Why didnt you inform me that you were coming to California?

Justin ignored him and looked at Nora, gesturing for him to greet her.

However, Howard touched his hooked nose and ignored Nora. He only asked, Justin, wheres that weakling of yours? Doesnt he follow you wherever you go? Why isnt he here?

Hearing this, Nora looked up. Who is this weakling?

Pete! Hes so small and doesnt deserve to be my brothers son at all! Howard was Justins crazy fan.

He had always protected and admired him unconditionally.

However, Howard felt that it was his humiliation that Justin had a son with autism!

Pete was not fit to be his brothers son!


Howard glanced at Nora disdainfully.

This woman looked fragile. How was she different from those young ladies of wealthy families in the city? She was clearly spoiled.

Other than having a good family background, what else about her could match up to Justin?

In this world, the only person who could match up to his brother was Quinn School of Martial Arts Big Sister!