She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 763 - Luring the Snake out of the Cave

Chapter 763 - Luring the Snake out of the Cave

Chapter 763 Luring the Snake out of the Cave

Zester stood rooted to the ground and looked at the people in the room in shock.

Justin stood there, but there were three people sitting on the sofa. They were Irene Smith, Will Black, and one other woman.

The hooligan beside her was still clamoring. Let me tell you, this is Mr. Hunts friend, President Zester! Hes in charge of the Hunt Corporation in California. Furthermore, hes from the Irvin School of Martial Arts. You actually dared to attack us just now. Youre too much. Youre dead!

With that, he looked at Zester and pointed at Justin. President Zester, it was this bodyguard who attacked me just now!


He rubbed his eyes and asked in confusion, Why does this bodyguard look so much like Big Brother?



Nora originally thought that this Zester might have something to do with the gene serum or was ordered by someone. But at this moment, looking at his silly appearance, she could not help but twitch her lips.

Yes, she had solved the case.

This Zester must have been deceived.

After all, such a foolish person could not have been sent by the mysterious organization as a spy.

When the hooligan heard this, he said in surprise, President Zester, this person is good-looking and handsome. I already said that it was Mr. Hunts order to get those things, but he refused to listen. Hes clearly not taking Mr. Hunt seriously. You have to teach him a lesson!

Justin could not be bothered to beat around the bush with them. He directly looked at Zester and asked, Who asked you to come here?

Zester was stunned. This persons voice is the same as Big Brothers!

Justin: !!

His expression changed as he reprimanded, Zester West!

Zester shivered and immediately jumped up. F*ck! It really is Big Brother No, why are you here? And why did you smile at me just now? You smiled so much that I didnt even recognize you! You should be more fierce to me. Thats more familiar!

Zester was really a little stunned earlier. In his impression, his Big Brother had always been very serious. Who asked him to smile just now? It made him unable to be recognized.


How could he not smile at Noras aunt?!

His expression darkened. He felt that this junior was too stupid. He took a deep breath and continued, Who sent you to ask for these things?

Zester: It was you

After saying that, when he saw Nora, his eyes flashed. Then, he lowered his voice and said, Oh, I understand. Justin, are you planning to help Nora do something? In the end, your flattery fell on deaf ears? Alright, Ill help you shoulder the responsibility. You didnt order me to do it. I wanted it myself! Im a good brother, right?!

Justin could not be bothered to speak anymore and slapped his head. When did ever I order you to do this?

One had to use a stupid method against an idiot.

As expected, Zester finally said something useful. You sent me an email! You even sent me a voice message. Have you forgotten? Youre so young, but youre already so forgetful?

Justin suppressed the urge to kick him away. Let me see the email and voice message!

Zester nodded and took out his phone to open the email. Sure enough, it was from Justins account.

Justin narrowed his eyes.

His email had not been used much recently, but there had always been a firewall. There were only two or three people in the world who could break through his firewall, so it would be easy to find.

Zester found the voice message and played it for him.

The voice inside was very similar to Justins, but he was sure he had not said these words.

Justin narrowed his eyes.

At this moment, Nora walked over and took Zesters phone. She also looked at them. Nora said, The voice is synthesized. Someone recorded parts of your voice to make this.

Justin raised his eyebrows and smiled.

Heard ones own recorded voice would feel a little unfamiliar, of course. It was difficult to judge.

He did not expect Nora to be so familiar with his voice.

Nora did not know why this man was smiling at her. She opened his email again and checked it before saying, Why does this firewall look so familiar?

Justin stood behind her. Yes, how can you not be familiar with your own creation?

Nora: ?

She then realized that the method to break through Justins firewall was really something she used often, and there were also traces of her using it.


How could she have hacked Justins email and sent something to Zester?

She frowned. There are two possibilitieseither the other party learned my method, or he used my software.

Justin nodded.

After a moment of silence, they looked at Zester in unison.

Who did I tell you to give these things to?

Who did Justin ask you to give these things to?

Zester, who was being questioned by the two of them at the same time, was even more stunned. He looked at the two of them in a daze and said weakly, Wasnt it supposed to be sent to Big Brother?

Whats the address?

Just, just the villa at Big Brothers home in New York!

The villa at home

Could it be that the person who had arranged for this was in the Hunts?

However, the Hunts had just been cleaned up by Justin. The servants in the house had also been cleaned up. This kind of problem should no longer exist.

Therefore, the person who wanted to find info about V16 from the book her mother had left behind could not be at the Hunts.

If he was not at the Hunts, then


Half an hour later, Zester walked out with a box full of books. After he went out, he immediately called a delivery company to collect the mail to New York.

Soon, the courier came and received his parcel before leaving with it.

The delivery man put away the package. There was still another parcel to collect, so he did not stay long. However, he did not notice that after he left, three people came out of the house and followed behind him sneakily.

The delivery man did not care much about the package. He threw the package into his car and drove to the next house to receive the package.

When he went upstairs, the express car was parked outside.

Not many people passed by this time in the district.

Nora and Justin stood in an obscure corner not far away.

Zester looked at the two of them and was very puzzled. Big Brother, Nora, what are you doing here?

Almost as soon as he said this, a person on a motorcycle suddenly came to the courier car. Then, he pulled out a box of books and threw them into the courier car. Then, he took out the parcel from the Blacks.

His movements were so fast that if they had not been staring, they would not have realized it at all!

Catch him!