She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 762 - Rushing into the Dragon King Temple

Chapter 762 - Rushing into the Dragon King Temple

Chapter 762 Rushing into the Dragon King Temple

Mr. Hunts matter?

Justin narrowed his eyes.

From the way Nora rushed out of the car, he could tell that she cared a lot about her aunt. Furthermore, back then in California, he had seen Nora almost drop her disguise to save Irene.

Therefore, Irene was someone Nora cared for deeply.

These few hooligans used his name to do evil, wasnt this letting them leave a bad impression on her elders before he even met them?

He sneered. Mr. Hunt? Why didnt anyone tell me?

Seeing that he was being so disrespectful, the hooligan waved his hand. Since you dont know how to appreciate our kindness, dont blame us for being rude!

As soon as he finished speaking, seven to eight people behind him rushed forward.

It seemed like he was planning to restrain the four of them and force Will to sign it!

The hooligan leader stood behind them, but he was a little anxious. The leader had called again to urge them to settle this matter in a short time and take away all the things Irene had brought from the Smiths.

Therefore, even if Will and Irene did not relent, they planned to use force today.

He just did not know why two people suddenly came out and blocked his way. Since that was the case, he would not be polite!

When the few of them went forward, there was even someone who looked at Nora and rubbed his wrist. Boss, are we hitting women too? This little girl is quite beautiful!

The leader casually slapped him on the head and said, Pfft! Were on a serious mission now! If this woman knows her place and leaves, Ill let her off this time.


The group of people thought that they would definitely succeed today, but they did not expect the seven to eight people would collapse to bite the dust within a minute!

The hooligans fell to the ground, especially the one who had teased Nora earlier. Not only did the man in the suit knock him down, but he also buried his face to the ground!

The leader was stunned and he looked at Justin again. F*ck! It turns out we bumped into a tough guy. Let me tell you, it doesnt matter how powerful you are. Youre dead meat! You even dare to offend Mr. Hunt from New York. I think youre tired of living!

With that, he took two steps back, picked up his phone, and said, Leader, we bumped into a tough guy here Yes, he knocked down eight of my men alone. I think you have to look for a professional! What? Youll come over personally to see who this blind person is? Alright, Ill wait here!

After hanging up, he looked at Justin warily. Our leader is coming soon. Hes from the Hunt Corporation, Mr. Hunts trusted aide in California! Hes also the person in charge of Hunt Corporations power in California. Im telling you! Dont run if you dare to fight!

Justin stared at him coldly. When he heard his words, he narrowed his eyes and thought carefully in his mind. The person in charge of California was Zester West?

When the hooligan heard this name, he hurriedly nodded. Yes! Its President Zester. Heh, since you know him, you must have heard of his power, right? Let me tell you, President Zester is an expert from the Irvin School of Martial Arts! He has a close relationship with Mr. Hunt. You should have heard of him!


How could he not have heard of him?

Zester was his junior.

Since his junior was out looking for a job, he, as the Big Brother of Irvin School of Martial Arts, had to help him. Therefore, he had let him join the Hunt Corporation. Justin absolutely did not believe that Zester had betrayed him and was doing all of this in private. This was because he knew Zester very well. He was not a smart person. He was single-minded and could only carry out orders, it was impossible for him to have any bad intentions. Then someone could only have used Zester.

Who could this be?

He could only ask when Zester came over.

He did not say anything else and turned to look at Nora.

Nora did not want Irene and will to wait downstairs either. She simply held Irenes arm. Irene, lets go upstairs!

Irene nodded.

The four of them walked upstairs to Irenes house. They entered and sat on the sofa in the living room. Irene looked at Justin first.

Justin coughed and stood up. He was about to greet her when he heard Irene say, This is the bodyguard the Smiths arranged for you, right? Thank you so much for earlier! Please take good care of Nora in the future and protect her!

Justin: ?

He stood there awkwardly and looked at Nora silently.

He saw Nora secretly covering her mouth and giggling

The corners of Justins mouth twitched, and he simply agreed. Okay.

After saying that, Irene sighed and looked at Nora. Nora, I know youre not behind those people out there. Mr. Hunt was the one who sent them here. I understand, these things are all yours. Mr. hunt did the right thing. He should return them to you. Will also said, Yes, take them. Otherwise, itll only make Mr. Hunt unhappy. A person like him must be in an unpredictable mood! Nora, would it be difficult for him to get along with you if you get married?

Irene asked nervously, Every time Lisa calls, she always says that youre doing well. The Smiths love you very much, and the Hunts also love you very much. Even if on account of the Smiths, they dont dare to neglect you. But what about Mr. Hunt? How does he treat you? Nora, dont be afraid, you can tell me. Marriage is not a small matter. You cant make do with it Mr. Hunt must be very domineering, right? If youre unwilling to get married, tell me. Ill help you

Nora: ?


Seeing that Irene and Will were going too far, Nora pursed her lips and smiled. Justin coughed and suddenly said, Um, Irene, sorry to disturb you.

Irene looked at him in surprise.

Why was this bodyguard calling her by her name?

As she was thinking, a clamor came from downstairs. President Zester, theyre upstairs. Two ignorant people came and insisted on protecting them. Theyre quite good at fighting. The men have all been beaten down!

Then, Zesters deep voice was heard. Follow me. I want to see whos tired of living!

The hooligan said in a fawning manner, This person has some skills. You have to be careful!

Zester sneered and said, Even five of him would not be enough in front of me. Besides, the only person in the world who can beat me is my Big Brother!

As they spoke, the two of them went upstairs.

The hooligan shouted from the door, President Zester, theyre here!

After saying that, he looked at Justin as Nora proudly and shouted, Youre dead!

When Irene and will heard this, they immediately became nervous. Then, they saw the burly Zester walk in. He entered aggressively, but the next moment, his aura suddenly changed