She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 761 - Untitled

Chapter 761 - Untitled

Chapter 761 Untitled

When Will heard this, he was silent for a moment.

Irene had a brain tumor and had just undergone an operation. She was still in a recuperative state and looked much thinner than before. The flesh on her face had sunken in.

Looking at his wife and recalling how she was bright and beautiful in the past, Will sighed.

Ever since the reveal that Henry was not Noras biological father, Irene had been in a constant state of anxiety. The thing she said the most every day was: How could my brother be so shameless? Everything of the Smiths should belong to Nora! How could he be like this?! He took the money Noras mother had left behind and raised his woman and daughter, but he did not care if Nora lived or died

He owes Nora too much.

He owes Nora his entire life.

She hated Henry very much, but a few days ago, news of Henrys death had reached them. When Irene heard it, she was stunned.

At that time, Will thought that Irene would be very sad. Unexpectedly, she only remained silent for a moment before sighing. This is his retribution!

She looked very calm, but from that day on, she could not sleep at night. One day, Will woke up in the middle of the night to use the toilet. He saw Irene standing on the balcony muttering to herself, Henry, why did you leave just like that? You cant repay what you owe Nora for the rest of your life. Even when you leave, you take your debt with you

Irene became thinner and thinner every day.

Will wanted to say that he had used Irenes dowry for his capital and he was the one who had been managing the company bit by bit.

So they could return double the initial capital to Nora. They could also leave behind their retirement savings.

However, when he saw his wifes appearance and how she spent her days in guilt He had seen her pick up her phone several times and enter Noras number, but she never dared to call her.

Will sighed and suddenly lowered his head. Okay, Ill listen to you.

He looked at the few hooligans and said, Ill give the company to you!

Nora, who was in the car, frowned.

Her hand was on the door handle. Just as she was about to get out of the car, Justin suddenly grabbed her hand and said softly, Wait a little longer.

? :Nora

The moment she looked at Justin, she came to a sudden realization!

These few hooligans were not hired by Nora or Justin. Then who had hired them? What was their motive?

She narrowed her eyes.

Indeed, the conversation continued.

After Will said this, the few hooligans stood up. Alright, Ill get someone to deliver the contract immediately.

Will helped Irene up.

However, before they entered the building, the hooligans behind them shouted, Wait!

Irene turned around.

The hooligan smiled. Miss Smith said that when you got married years ago, other than some money, there were also some books and jewelry. They were all left behind by Miss Smiths mother, give them to us now!

When Irene heard this, she pursed her lips.

In the car, Nora and Justin also understood that these people were indeed here for Yvettes belongings.

The two of them then got out of the car. Nora shouted directly, Wait a minute.

Hearing her voice, Irenes body trembled and she turned around suddenly.

She looked at Nora in disbelief.

Even Will was surprised and looked over.

The two of them looked at her directly. They did not expect Nora to come here.

Actually, they all knew that these few hooligans werent Noras.

It was because they had clearly said that they were under Mr. Hunts orders. Nora would not be so heartless to them.

It was just like how she had treated Irene back then.

However, Irene did not want to call Nora. She felt that if Mr. Hunt had come to ask for it, she should give it to him.

Moreover, she owed Nora this.

As she was in a daze, Nora had already strode to Irenes side and called out softly, Irene.

Hearing this, Irenes eyes turned red.

Nora was still willing to acknowledge her. This meant that Nora had never blamed her.

She held Noras hand. You came at the right time. Take those things away!

Nora frowned and was about to speak when the hooligan shouted impatiently, What is it that youre taking away? Dont you understand? Those things are ours. You have to give them to us!

Nora narrowed her eyes and looked at them coldly. Who do you think you are?

To be honest, her heart ached when she saw her aunts haggard appearance.

She should have returned earlier to see her. According to her aunts kind and conflicted character, she would definitely feel that she had let Nora down. However, Nora had been so busy with Xander that she had forgotten everything and ended up forgetting her aunt. This was why Irene had lived so long in guilt.

Nora was a little angry.

When the hooligans heard this, they sneered. Young lady, youre so young. I advise you not to interfere in other peoples business! Let me tell you, were from the Hunts!

Nora narrowed her eyes.

The hooligan continued, Do you know the Hunts in New York? There has been a lot of talk about the fight for the throne recently. Unfortunately, the one who to lose was Herman. Mr. Hunt is awesome! He can even win against his own father. He doesnt care about the few of you!

When Justin heard this, he walked forward and asked, Who instructed you guys to do this?

The hooligan sneered. Who are you? Dont you see no one in the district dares to interfere? What are the two of you doing here?! Why should I tell you who assigned me this mission? You just have to know that this is all Mr. Hunts wish!

Irene had never seen Justin before, so she did not know him.

When she saw him now, she looked at Nora in confusion.

Nora was about to explain something to her when the hooligan became impatient. He stepped forward and grabbed Will. Will, the contract is here. Hurry up, sign it and well leave!

a was already here. How could Will still sign it?

He said, Im not signing this contract. I He handed the things belonging to the Blacks and Yvette to Nora.

Unfortunately, before he could finish, the hooligan became too anxious. He interrupted him and shouted angrily, Youre not going to sign it? I bet you wont cry until you see the coffin! Since thats the case, dont blame us for being ruthless!

With that, he waved his hand and someone rushed forward.

Justin blocked the three of them. Seeing his strong aura, the punk said, Brother, I advise you not to interfere in Mr. Hunts matters!