She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 760 - Someone’s Impersonating?

Chapter 760 - Someone’s Impersonating?

Chapter 760 Someones Impersonating?

27 years ago, Yvette had become a pharmaceutical master in New York. Unwilling to accept the current situation, she went to the best university in Switzerland.

At that time, Wayne was a rising star at Staav University. Everyone said that he would create a miracle in biology.

Yvette went straight to him and said that she could create a gene serum that could improve human genetics. She also took out the gene serum V1 and tempted him to follow her back to the country.

Yvette had used this tactic to deceive Wayne. Following that, she made a bet with Wayne on which of them could replicate the V1.

Because at that time, there was only one V1.

Later on, of course, Yvette won and Wayne lost. Yvette made Wayne agree to fulfill one of her requests.

Wayne agreed without hesitation.

At that time, Yvette did not say what the request was

A year later, Wayne suddenly received a call from Yvette. She said, You owe me. My request is that you return to the country and come to California to help me manage a company.

He took care of it for 25 years.

Wayne cried bitterly on the other end of the line. When I came to California, I asked for a leave from the school. I said I was here to do research. So many years have passed, but I havent gone back to cancel my leave! Your mother is very outrageous! Ms. Nora, you cant be so cruel to me!


Hearing this, she felt that Yvette had indeed gone overboard with Wayne.

However, Nora did not understand how Yvette took in her underlings back then. Old Maddy and the other two were so loyal to her.

Now, she had reason to suspect that they had all been tricked by Yvette.

Her mothers smart and powerful image suddenly cracked a little in her heart.

Wayne continued, Ms. Nora, theres really nothing left to take care of in the company! I dont want that V1 formula anymore! It has been so many years. Can you let me go? Boohoo Let me tell you, Im feeling bitter

Seeing that Wayne was about to start nagging again, Nora interrupted him, Do whatever you want.

Wayne choked. Really?


Nora found him a little annoying. You can stay too if you dont want to leave.

Wayne immediately said, No, I just feel a little like Im in a dream. Ms. Nora, youre much more open-minded than your mother!


Then Ill resign- Ill submit my resignation letter tomorrow! Leave the companys matters to others! However, Ms. Nora, it has been so many years. I actually have feelings for the company, you

Nora could not help but say, If you dont shut up, youll have to keep managing it. Okay, goodbye, Ms. Nora. After the talkative Wayne finished speaking, he could not help but add, Ill write a resignation letter now. Ill email you later.

Nora hung up straight away.

Then, Justin said, Since youre here, do you want to visit Irene?

No matter what happened to Henry, although unrelated by blood, Irene was her aunt and had indeed been very good to Nora since she was young

After acknowledging the Smiths, Nora did not come back again. Since she was in California, there was no reason not to visit her.

At the thought of this, she nodded.

Justin turned the car around and drove to the Blacks according to Noras instructions.

On the way, Justin got out of the car to buy some fruits when they passed by a fruit stall. After getting into the car, he suddenly lowered his voice and said, We were indeed followed. After we left your house, someone entered and began searching.

Nora lowered her eyes. Do you know who it is?

Justin said, My people are tracking him. Lets pretend that we came to California to visit an old friend, and not expose anything. Nora nodded. Sure.

Her heart sank.

There were indeed many people who wanted the gene serum.

She lowered her eyes in thought as the car finally arrived at the Blacks.

Her aunt, Irene, had married her uncle Will Black and then had a daughter, Lisa Black. This family of three treated Nora very well.

The Blacks lived in a small house, about 140 square meters. It was a small family.

When the two of them arrived, they saw a few hooligans squatting there.

Someone was smoking. Everyone was staring at the stairs.

When she saw them, Nora frowned.

At this moment, a middle-aged man lowered his head and came out to throw the trash.

When he went out and saw the gangsters, he shrunk his neck and turned to walk upstairs. However, before he could take two steps, someone chased after him and shouted, Will Black, when are you going to pay us back the money you owe us?

Will Black?

Nora, who had not gotten out of the car, was slightly stunned.

This hunchbacked man was her uncle? But what had happened that turned him so much older in just a few months?

She frowned and was in thought when Will said, I dont have any money!

You dont have money. Doesnt your family own a small company? You can hand over the company to us!

Will shouted angrily, I wont do it!

The person immediately stepped forward and grabbed his collar. Stop stalling. Im telling you, the Smiths will not save you!

Will was indignant. On what basis can you coerce me to sell my company?! Im not selling it! Is there still any law in this world?

Why? The punk spat and continued, You guys offended the Smiths! Let me tell you, we have Hunt Corporation backing us! Miss Smith is President Hunts fiance! We have to help President Hunt vent his anger!

Will was in disbelief. This, this was instructed by Nora? No, its impossible!

Why not? Henry treated her so well, but in the end, shes not his biological daughter. She must be holding a grudge. Besides, Henry is already dead, so why are you still alive? Furthermore, your family made a fortune back then from Irenes dowry, so the Blacks also belong to Miss Smith. Why cant we help Miss Smith take back the company?

Will was stunned and speechless.

Right at this point Ahem, ahem.

Irene walked out of the door with a bad expression. She was clearly forced into a corner by these gangsters.

She took a deep breath and finally said, Give it to them!

Will was anxious. Irene, we

Irene sighed. Hes right. My brother stole from Yvette, and I also took her money when I got married. Your business might as well be hers. We owe Nora too much