She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 759 - Find the Code Book

Chapter 759 - Find the Code Book

Chapter 759 Find the Code Book

Nora said directly, The password is not in these books.

Justin asked hesitantly, Why do you say


Nora said, Mother knew what kind of person Henry was. They dont want to love him. After she passed away, Henry would definitely have removed all traces of her at home, so she definitely wont have left the passcode in this house.

Justin nodded.

Some of the books in the study had not been read at all. Some of the books had not even been opened. It was obvious that Henry had bought them to show off.

He asked, Do you have any leads?

Nora nodded.

She suddenly said, What is it that you can leave behind in the open, something normal people wouldnt bother with?

Justin frowned. He suddenly thought of something and suddenly said, The account book!

Thats right. Its the account book of Idealian Pharmaceuticals!

Nora walked out.

She did not have any attachment to this home that she had lived in for 18 years.

To her, this was just a place to sleep. Henry and Wendy did not treat her well, so she did not have any feelings for them.

She slept well anyway.

Therefore, she had no feelings for this place.

Justin glanced at the room again. He was very curious about the place Nora had grown up in. However, he saw Noras determined back and followed behind her.

Half an hour later, Nora brought Justin to Waynes house.

Wayne opened the door and saw her. He immediately shouted excitedly, Ms. Nora, are you finally returning to inherit the family assets?


She was silent for a moment before saying, Back then, when Mother handed Idealian Pharmaceuticals to you, did she give you the accounts?

Wayne immediately nodded. Yes! I have it!

He moved aside and let the two of them in. Then, he went to the study room, picked up a bunch of account books, and handed them to Nora. These are for the past few years. The earnings of the pharmaceutical factory have always been very stable. There are about five to six million dollars every year. Ive already transferred this quarterly dividend to your card. Also, these

Nora interrupted him. I just want the account book my mother left you.

Wayne was stunned. Why? If you dont look at the accounts from the past few years, how would you understand the balance sheet? Ms. Nora, have you never managed a company before? Actually, to manage a company, you have to look at the accounts first. For example, look at this sum of money

Nora saw that he was as long-winded as usual. She glanced at it and grabbed a book among the more than ten account books on the table.

The cover of the notebook was made of small flowers. It was obvious that it was not Waynes style. Furthermore, the cover was a little worn out. It could be seen that it had been around for a long time.

After she opened it, her mothers words fell into her eyes.

Nora looked up at Justin and stood up. I found it.

Justin nodded and got up as well.

Wayne was still talking endlessly, but Nora interrupted him. Alright, stop talking.

Wayne: ?

Nora said, Idealian Pharmaceuticals is yours from now on. You dont have to report to me.

Idealian Pharmaceuticals was just a small company her mother had left behind to take care of her basic expenses. Furthermore, Wayne had been managing the company for so many years. He had already lived up to Yvettes expectations.

It was understandable that she would give this small company to him.

Wayne: ?

He immediately said emotionally, Ms. Nora,


Before he could finish, Nora interrupted him. Dont be touched. You deserve it.

After saying this, she and Justin left without hesitation.

Wayne: ??

He did not want to say that he was touched. Boohoo!

He wanted to go on a holiday! Back then, Ms. Yvette had trapped him here. She even said that as long as he successfully handed the company to Nora, he would be free.

However, he did not expect to be trapped by Ms. Nora for the rest of his life.

He wanted to retire!!

Nora got into the car and placed the book in her bag.

Other than her, there were a few more people in this world who were also looking for V16. These people were all people like Trueman, who had taken the V15.

Caleb had said before that in the experiment back then, five children had survived.

Including him and Trueman, there were three people outside.

These three people had probably already become big shots by now. Furthermore, Joel had once said that after learning that Nora was his sister, Quentin had been personally protecting her. At that time, he had realized that there were several groups of people following her.

Therefore, Nora would not expose the account book to anyone.

She would look at the account book when she returned to a safe place.

On the way, Justin saw that she was a little bored, so he asked, How did Wayne offend


Nora: ?

She looked at Justin in confusion and tilted her head. He didnt offend me!

Justin: Then why did you use such a small company to trap him in California?

When Nora heard this, she was even more confused.

Seeing her like this, Justin seemed to realize something and chuckled. Dont tell me you really think this Wayne guy is a manager?

Nora asked, Isnt that so?

Justin was certain now. It seemed like Nora really did not know Waynes identity.

The corners of his mouth twitched as he said, This Wayne was a world-renowned biologist more than twenty years ago. He served as a biology professor at Staav University.

Nora: !!

She was stunned.

Staav University was currently the top institution in the world, and the microbiology department of this institution was the top existence in the world.

This Wayne was actually a professor at Staav University?!

20 years ago, he was not even 30 years old!

Justin continued, I dont know how he offended your mother, but he was trapped in California for more than twenty years. Now, because of you, hes going to be trapped for the rest of his life.


No wonder this person was so agitated when she said that she would give the company to him. So it was not because he was touched, but because he really did not want it?

Nora was thinking about this when Wayne called her. Nora picked it up and heard him crying. Ms. Nora, please let me go! I really just want to retire!

Nora thought for a moment. How did you offend my mother?

Wayne instantly shouted, Ms. Nora, Im innocent! Ill explain things between me and your mother to you before you make a judgment, okay?.

20 minutes later, after hearing Waynes story, Nora was so shocked that she lost all her sleep.