She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 758 - Password Book!

Chapter 758 - Password Book!

Chapter 758 Password Book!

Brenda lowered her head in confusion. When she saw the content, she was stunned.

She slowly raised her head and looked at the butler in disbelief. Then, she said, Was this set up by Nora and the others? Dont tell me that Nora is really Q!

The butler was silent for a moment before he finally nodded.


Brendas fatigue from earlier was swept away. She instantly puffed up as if she had been deceived and walked out the door. Ill see him!

Brenda drove back to the villa in the suburbs.

When she arrived at the door, she began furiously knocking on it. After knocking for a long time, the door was finally opened. Solos face was pale, and he stood there looking extremely exhausted.

He rubbed his eyes. It was obvious that he had just fallen asleep. When he saw Brenda in front of him, Solo instantly revealed a surprised expression. Sweetie, youre back?

Brenda was stunned by his address. She continued to shout, Whos Sweetie?

Solo was puzzled. Didnt you say last night that your name was Sweetie?

Brenda: I think so. Forget it, I wont pester you about my name. Let me ask you, why did you lie to me?

Solo was even more puzzled. What lie?

Brenda took a deep breath. I asked you if you were a programmer. You said yes!.

Solo tilted his head. I really am! Im a programmer and I write codes. I make games for others to earn money!

Brenda: ?

Therefore, this fellow was not Q, nor was he a hacker. He was a true programmer?!

She choked and asked after a moment, Then when I asked you if you were from Switzerland, you said yes to that too?!

Solo felt even more aggrieved. Im really from Switzerland. I still have a plane ticket here. Do you want to take a look?

Brenda: ???

She was stunned. So youre not lying to me?

No, why would I lie to you? ill drop dead right now If I did! Solo swore. Then, he looked at her and revealed a shy and innocent look. Um, you came over so early. Did you miss me?

Brenda: !!!

She finally understood that she had made a mistake!

She had found the wrong person!

Oh my goodness!

She had suffered a huge loss.

At the thought of this, Brenda looked at Solo again. She did not expect to have sacrificed so much for her sister-in-law and brother.

No, she could not take this loss.

Therefore she had to sleep with him a few more times!

At the thought of this, Brenda grabbed his collar and pushed him into the door

It would take five hours to drive to California.

After driving for two hours, Nora switched places with Justin.

She could rest in the front seat.

She picked up her phone and realized that last night, Solo had sent her a few baffling messages like a lunatic.

Actually, I just want your money. I dont like you at all. I already have someone I like.

Its over between us. Lets leave it at that.

Nora: ?

The corners of her mouth twitched as she replied to Solo: ?

After sending it, she received a message from Solo. He had been typing for a very long time.

However, after typing for a long time, he only sent one photo.

It was Brenda?!

Furthermore, why was Brenda sleeping on his bed?

Solo asked: Do you know this person? She said shes your sister.

Nora: Yes.

Solo continued to ask mysteriously: I found her police badge. She said she was a cop, not Interpol, right?

? :Nora

She thought about it: Why?

Solo: I committed a crime overseas and only returned to the country to hide. Its good that shes not Interpol. Im just afraid the Interpol will catch me!

Nora: ??

She thought about it. It seemed like that was what Morris had said when he introduced Brenda to her in the special department. Was she sent by Interpol?

Her lips suddenly twitched.

However, she could not expose Brendas disguise, so she did not say anything.

Unexpectedly, at the next moment, she saw Solo send a message: By the way, I told her that Im a programmer. I make games and stuff. Dont tell her that Im a hacker~ Thank you!

Nora: !!

What were the two of them up to?

Why were they hiding their identities from each other?

She shook her head in confusion.

Justin looked at her and asked, What are you doing? Nora thought about it and said, Being a



The corners of his mouth twitched. He still wanted to say something, but Nora leaned back and closed her eyes to sleep.


The two of them arrived in California very quickly.

Justin drove very steadily. After entering California, he turned around and saw that Nora had already woken up at some point. She was looking into the distance silently.

She grew up in California. Nora was very familiar with this place.

She looked at the street silently.

When she was young, she had not attended school because she was fat and weak.

She had been locked at home.

However, her master lived next door and taught her martial arts.

Therefore, she could actually sneak out. Sometimes, she would walk along this street and see how other parents and children interacted.

As she watched, she would become sleepy. Then, she would find a random place to take a nap. After sleeping, she would wake up and continue walking.

There were a few times when she did not go home after walking the entire night, but Henry and Wendy at home would not notice.

She did not feel sad. Instead, she felt more free.

The two of them returned to the Smiths house in California.

Henry had not returned. When Wendy came back, she had swept away all the family assets. The villa belonged to Henry. Without him, they could not sell it.

Coupled with her aunts protection, the villa was still around.

The door had a combination lock.

Nora walked over and entered the passcode.

She did not know the passcode initially. It was her aunt who had told her after changing the passcode. She had also said to her, This house was left behind by your mother. It should be left to you. This house is yours.

After Henry passed away, this house was transferred to her name.

After Nora entered the villa, she realized that there was no change on the first floor. The valuables in the house had been taken away, but it was not messy. It was probably cleaned by her aunt.

She went upstairs and realized that the door to the study was open. After pushing the door open, she saw that it was filled with books left behind by her mother, Yvette.

Her mission today was to find the password book from these and crack the Morse code.

But which book was her password book?

Nora wandered around the room, thinking.

Suddenly, she thought of something.