She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 757 - She Had Sacrificed Too Much!

Chapter 757 - She Had Sacrificed Too Much!

Chapter 757 She Had Sacrificed Too Much!

Noras actions woke Justin up.

His voice was clear as he asked, Whats wrong?

He did not look like he was asleep.

Nora did not care about this. She stood up and rushed to the study room. Then, she put on her earphones. Her mothers last words started playing on them.

She took out a pen and paper and listened carefully.

After a while, she suddenly looked up at Justin and asked, Do you have good hearing? Justin hesitated. Quite. Then you do it!

Nora stood up and got Justin to take her place on the seat. She handed both earphones to him. Listen carefully to the background noise. Theres a metronome. Help me decipher the difference between the beats.

Justin did not understand what she wanted to do, but he did as she asked. He frowned and listened attentively to the recording.

After listening for a few seconds, Justin realized something.

How was this a metronome? It was just noise created by someone knocking on the table.

After studying the intervals between the taps, Justin looked up and said, This is Morse code.

Yes, thats right.

Nora picked up the piece of paper and began to decipher the content on it. As she read, she explained, I dont have very sensitive hearing. In the recording my mother had left behind, the background noise was too rhythmic and soft. I always thought it was the sound of a tap or a clock. In fact, she had sensed it the last time she heard the voice inside. However, before she could figure out what was going on, she had been distracted by something else. When she returned to it, she could not find it.

She was born with a terrible voice and sang out of tune. That was why she had missed this after so many years.

Today, Justin was analyzing the voice message Iris had sent. When he mentioned a clock in the background, Nora caught on to it.

Now, she had finally figured it out.


He raised his eyebrows and finally learned one of Noras flaws.

He walked to Noras side and held her shoulder. He suddenly said, I helped you. Do you want to reward me?

Noras attention was all on the Morse code. She casually replied, What reward do you want?

Hmm, sing a song for me?


She resisted the urge to roll her eyes at him and turned her back to him. She continued to look at the Morse code.

Justin walked over and sat beside her. Five minutes later, Nora rubbed her forehead.

Justin said, You cant solve the cipher?

The Morse code was encrypted.

Nora nodded and asked, How do you know?

Justin sighed. If the evidence your mother left behind could easily be cracked by others, it wouldnt have taken so many years. This secret could only be discovered by you. So I guessed that the Morse code must have been encrypted. Your mother must have hidden a key to the cipher.

Nora nodded.

She put down the piece of paper in her hand and could not help but feel a little discouraged.

She had finally discovered the secret. She thought that the clue to the V16 would be in her hands, but she did not expect it to be another mystery!

Her mothers password book

The corners of her mouth twitched. There are so many books left in my mothers study. How can I tell which one is it?

Besides, her mother had always liked to read.

There were even many books back home in California.


Nora immediately said, Ill go back to California tomorrow.

Justin nodded.

That night, Nora kept turning in bed and could not sleep no matter what.

At dawn the next day, she woke up. When she went out, she bumped into the three little fellows who were about to eat breakfast and go to school.

When they saw her, the three little fellows revealed shocked expressions.

Cherry tilted her head. Mommy, did the sun rise in the west today? You woke up so early?

Nora pursed her lips and heard her continue to suck up to her. But early morning Mommy is so beautiful! Ive never seen Mommy wake up early at 7:30 AM!


She suspected that Cherry was mocking her.

She rubbed the heads of the three little fellows and took out breakfast to eat a few mouthfuls. Then, she said, Im going to California today. Ill go in the morning and return in the afternoon. Cherry nodded meekly. Okay! Mommy, dont worry. Ill miss you. Ill take good care of my brothers too!

Pete said worriedly, Find a chauffeur. Dont fall asleep on the way.

Xander nodded and grinned. Its fine if you hit someone else when youre asleep, but dont hit yourself.


The corners of Noras lips spasmed.

Was she that worrying?!

She walked out with a piece of bread in her mouth. Just as she left, she saw that Justin, who she did not see when she woke up, was sitting in the front passenger seat of the car, looking at her silently.

His black car was parked at the door.

Nora got into the car without a word and said while chewing a piece of bread, I thought you went to work.

How could I?

Justin said, Ill accompany you to California.

Fasten your seatbelt.

Nora stuffed the bread in her mouth. The car rushed out with a whoosh, raising a cloud of dust.

Nora would not find a chauffeur.

No one drove faster than her.

If not for the fact that it was too dark last night, she would have gone to California overnight!

On the way, Justin handled matters on his phone.

Sean sent a message: I still havent found her.

Justin replied: The sound of the sea might be deliberately giving us false information. Contact our men at the airport and see where they went.

Sean: Yes.

Justin put down his phone and hid the worry in his eyes.

Where was Iris? Was she alive or dead? No one knew.

Yesterday, he had said it confidently, but he was still worried.


On one side was his wife and son, and on the other was his mother.

He could not do anything but ask Sean to find his mother.

At the Hunts residence.

Nora and Justin had just left when Brenda drove home.

She got out of the car, feeling exhausted. She yawned and asked the butler, Did Justin and Nora seem alright?

The butler nodded. Yes.

Brenda heaved a sigh of relief and said happily, This is all thanks to me! The butler: ?

Brenda pursed her lips. You dont understand. If not for me, Nora wouldnt have returned to her family. She might have run off with that pretty boy!

Brenda had pestered that pretty boy the entire day yesterday!

He did not even have the time to pick up his phone, let alone go on a date. Later on, when he was asleep, she deliberately took his phone and found Noras chat to send her some messages!

Nora must have felt the coldness of the pretty boy and returned to her family!

She was really the savior of her brothers family! When her brother returned, she had to let him know that she had sacrificed too much for him!

The butler was speechless.

Just as Brenda was about to speak, the butler silently opened his phone and showed her the news about how Nora and Justin had clarified the matter.