She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 754 - Nora Smith Is Q!

Chapter 754 - Nora Smith Is Q!

Chapter 754 Nora Smith Is Q!

At the same time, Lauren was also secretly delighted. Given how she had just provoked Justin, he would definitely lose his temper!

Just as she was thinking about that, Justin thought for a while before he looked at Nora with a smile and said, Q is prettier than me.

Lauren: ??

She was a little confused. At the same time, she also became a little uneasy. However, she didnt quite understand why she was feeling so uneasy.

The lack of hostility between the two also confused her very much.

Why on earth was Justin being so tolerant towards Nora?

Even Herman had been jealous when he discovered that Iris and Philip were in a relationship before!

While she was puzzled and uneasy, Nora and Justin entered the reception hall.

As soon as the two entered, the reporters started to fire questions at them madly:

Mr. Hunt, do you have an explanation for the expos on the Internet? Is Q really staying at Ms. Smiths villa in the suburbs?

Justin smiled calmly at the question. He glanced at Nora and said, I suppose you can say that.

His words caused an uproar among the reporters.

Was he planning to admit to the cheating?

Should Nora be revealed to be cheating, then Justin would definitely break off his engagement with her!

So, are the two of you holding this press conference to announce your engagement annulment?

A bold reporter voiced a question.

The Smiths and the Hunts political marriage impacted the New York business circle, so everyone was very concerned about it.

Mrs. Hunt nodded when she heard the question.

Unexpectedly, the next moment, Justin instead answered, No.

Everyone: ?

As everyone looked at him in puzzlement, Justin explained, I am indeed the one my fiance was on a date with at the suburban villa.

As soon as he said that, one of the reporters there let out a soft laugh.

Mrs. Hunt also glared at him.

Lauren frowned. Right away, she said a little sarcastically, So, the three of you were on a date in the suburban villa? Surely it cant be that you and Ms. Smith were playing host to Q in the suburban villa, right? And then by chance, you guys encountered someone planning to hack into the villas network to see who Ms. Smith is on a date with? If so, then what a huge coincidence that is!

This was the only possibility that Lauren could think of.

The reporters snickered even more.

That excuse couldnt get any more hilarious, alright?

On top of that, it was an utterly brainless one too!

One of the gutsy busybodies among the reporters spoke up.

Mr. Hunt, are you still protecting your fiance even at a time like this? Is the Hunt Corporation really done for? Has it come to the point where you have no choice but to rely on the Smiths?

Or is it not so much that the Hunt Corporation is done for but rather, Mr. Hunt has suffered too great a loss from the infighting? You cant break off the engagement with the Smiths, so youre deliberately making that excuse?

Even so, thats too hilarious an excuse. Q is obviously staying at the Smiths villa, yet you are still saying that youre the one on a date with Ms. Smith. Surely it cant be that you are Q himself, right?! Hahaha

His last sentence was completely a joke.

However, it suddenly alarmed Lauren.

Her head whipped towards Justin, and she suddenly thought of something that Herman had once said: Justin is very smart. He has demonstrated a high level of understanding of computer technology before.

Could it be that Justin really was Q?

No wonder he and Nora had been unusually composed just now.

The thought made her raise her head suddenly and look at Justin nervously, for fear that he would say that he was indeed Q.

If so, wouldnt their upcoming plans be utterly disrupted?

While she was thinking, a stern and serious Justin replied, Of course Im not Q.

Lauren let out a huge sigh of relief.

Everything was fine as long as he wasnt Q!

As long as he wasnt Q, the allegations of Noras cheating would be cemented!

The reporter was just joking, but unexpectedly, Justin had actually answered him so seriously, which made him pause for a moment.

Just as everyone was about to continue with their questions, a low voice rang out.

I am Q.