She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 753 - Press Conference

Chapter 753 - Press Conference

Chapter 753 Press Conference

Mrs. Hunt immediately rebuked Lauren angrily. What kind of explanation do you want from them? Nora didnt grow up with the Smiths at all, what kind of responsibility would possibly lie with the Smiths? Dont talk nonsense! Even if the engagement is called off, the cooperative relationship between the two families will not change! After all, the children belong to both of them. They are also Smiths grandchildren!

The Hunts werent trying to curry favor with the Smiths. However, if her grandson had the Smiths support, then he would have a much easier time in the future.

The moment Justin defeated Herman, Mrs. Hunt had sided with Justin.

Although she knew that a rift had already formed between her and her grandson the moment she stepped forward to defend Herman, everything she did was for the good of the Hunts.

Justin could be said to have been brought up by Mrs. Hunt. Her feelings for her son and grandson were the same.

Now, she would support whoever was more capable.

Take, for example, Raymond. He was also her son, but she had still sided with Justin without any hesitation back then.

Lauren curled her lips disdainfully.

However, she did not dare to refute Mrs. Hunt. In this family, only with the old ladys approval would she be able to go further.

She said, Yes, yes, youre right. Nora is not equivalent to the Smiths Im just afraid that the Smiths will fight for the custody of the children once they call off their engagement.

As soon as she said that, Mrs. Hunts brows drew together tightly and she subconsciously said, Pete mustnt be given to them!

But right after that, she hesitated. Cherry likes her father, so she should also stay. We should respect the childrens wishes!

Lauren sighed. Ian Smith is not someone who will compromise easily. Mrs. Hunt sneered, The Smith Corporation now belongs to Joel Smith. Will he want Pete to go there and compete with his children for the familys assets?

Lauren, however, was still embellishing the story. But Ian is still around

Mrs. Hunt looked at her sharply. Its precisely because Ian is still around that we should talk it out with them properly! Everything is negotiable! However, the fault doesnt lie with us in this matter!

She looked straight at Nora. You know very well what youve done out there. You have let the Hunts down! Especially when you cant even clean up after yourself properly, causing the whole thing to blow up so badly. Youre such a good-for-nothing!

Mrs. Hunt was right.

If the matter wasnt exposed to outsiders, then even if she felt frustrated about it, she could still bear with Nora.

After all, it was always better for such scandals to be covered up. But now that it had been exposed, she would have to see that the matter was dealt with!

The more she thought about it, the more frustrated she became. The way she was looking at Nora was as if she wanted to rip her apart. Youre so shameless and an utter disgrace! Ugh!

S mon

Nora ignored her. She was more than happy to watch the two act like clowns.

However, when Mrs. Hunt suddenly verbally attacked Nora, Justin would have none of it. His expression darkened and he said, Grandma, you shouldnt be so bitter towards Nora when its not clear what is going on


Its not clear what is going on yet? Mrs. Hunt looked at him furiously. You actually know very well that she cheated on you, dont you? Are you still playing dumb with me about what is going on? Theyve even found out who she cheated with by now! Yet you are still telling me that its not clear what is going on yet? Justin, why have you suddenly become so muddleheaded?!

Justin lowered his gaze. Grandma, youre the one whos being muddleheaded!

Lauren interjected, Lets have a good talk about who the muddleheaded one really is today. Nora, I have a question for you: The rumors on the Internet are so vivid and convincing, so was Q in that villa you visited or not?!

Nora raised her eyebrows. Shed just woken up, so her lips were a little dry. She licked them a little before she slowly replied, Yes, Q was there.

Lauren scoffed, There we go.

Justin looked at her and said unhurriedly and dispassionately, I was also in the villa.

Lauren scoffed. Justin, are you still defending her when things have already come to this point? You were also in the villa? What were you doing there? Surely you werent there just to watch them cozy up to each other, right? Or perhaps youre trying to say that Q was only staying there temporarily? Why does Q have to stay in Noras villa when the Smiths own so many houses?

Dont bother coming up with some kind of excuse that Q is a security guard or something, either. Would Q act as a security guard for you guys when hes such an amazing hacker?! Stop your poorly disguised attempts to cover up the truth!

Mrs. Hunt also spoke earnestly. Justin, dont defend her anymore. I know what you are worried about. Dont worry, I will give you my shares. With Grandma here, I wont allow your father to overwhelm you again! As for the Smiths Lets move on. There is no need for you to suffer such grievances!

Mrs. Hunts heart was truly aching over him. She thought that her grandson was only putting up with it because of either the Smiths or the children.

After all, Justin was a man of great forbearance.

At this point, the butler came in. When he saw them, he paused for a while before he said, Sir, there are some reporters outside. They would like to interview you about Ms. Smiths ch going out on a date.

As soon as he said that, Lauren curled her lips disdainfully and said, Look at whats happening, its to the point that even the reporters are here! The Hunts have really embarrassed themselves! Justin, are you still going to protect that woman?

Mrs. Hunt also said, Justin, you have to be firm and decisive. Go out and tell the reporters right away that youre calling off the engagement!

Justin looked at Nora. When he saw her giving him a slight nod, he said, Take the reporters to the reception hall.

Yes, sir.

The butler left to make the arrangements. They were going to hold a small press conference in the reception hall at home.

Justin, you havent become totally muddleheaded, after all!

Mrs. Hunt breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at Nora and said, Lets go over together! Well make things clear today!

She took the lead.

Nora and Justin followed behind her leisurely.

Lauren suddenly came up to Nora and asked with a soft laugh, Ms. Smith, I know its not appropriate of me to ask something like this, but is Q good-looking? I cant help it; master hackers like Q and Y are simply too mysterious, so Im really curious!

Even though she claimed that she was asking out of curiosity, she was merely trying to bring up Q to disgust Justin!

Shed thought that Nora would be evasive about the topic, but unexpectedly, Nora actually thought about it for a while before she answered, Yeah, Q is handsome.

Lauren: ?

Was the situation already so bad to Ms. Smith that to make it worse made no real difference to her?

She took the opportunity to ask, He is? I dont believe you, surely he cant be more handsome than Justin, right?

Nora glanced at Justin. Her lips curled into a smile and she replied, Yeah, I think Q is more handsome than him.

After speaking, she even raised her eyebrows, looked at Justin, and asked, What do you think?

Lauren: ?

Nora must be out of her mind! To think she had even ripped off the very last bit of decency. She was in for a good show later!