She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 755 - Iris Goes Missing, Meeting Again

Chapter 755 - Iris Goes Missing, Meeting Again

Chapter 755 Iris Goes Missing, Meeting Again

As soon as the voice rang out, everyone looked at the woman standing beside Justin in unison.

Nora was dressed casually in black streetwear with her hair loose behind her. She looked lazy and relaxed as she stood where she was, as though she was still half-asleep.

However, the woman had a powerful presence that was hard to ignore.

Even so, everyone thought that they must have misheard what she just said. One by one, they looked at her. Someone asked incredulously, M-Ms. Smith, did you say something just now?

Nora yawned impatiently.

She wasnt in the mood to watch the show when the one she was facing was a reporter.

She couldnt be bothered to speak, so Justinwho usually also couldnt be bothered to speak and usually let Lawrence speak on his behalfhad no choice but to speak on her behalf.

Justin heaved a silent sigh inwardly.

After he entered a relationship with Nora, even he found himself too long-winded sometimes!

He immediately said, Yes, thats right. Let me make the introductions, everyone. My fiance is none other than Q. However, Q is just her alias. My fiance has never done anything illegal with this identity.

This was one of the reasons why it was okay for Qs identity to be made public!

The whole place suddenly fell silent. However, someone soon spoke.

No wonder no wonder Q was the one who counterattacked when that person invaded the network during Ms. Smiths visit to the villa. And no wonder Q was the one who built the villas Internet firewall

My god, people even said that it was because Q is having an affair with Ms. Smith that he started to work for the Smiths after Ms. Smith returned to the family But Ms. Smith is a herself! No wonder Q became the Smiths network consultant after she returned to the family!

So thats how it is. No wonder Mr. Hunt said that hes the one on a date with Ms. Smith the whole time, and even when Qs identity was exposed, his stance didnt change As it turns out, this is actually just a misunderstanding!

While everyone was questioning Noras claim, Laurens shrill voice interjected them, of course. She exclaimed, T-thats impossible! H-how can she possibly be Q?

When Justin said that he was not Q, Lauren had been very excited.

But unexpectedly, Q wasnt Justin but Nora?!

No, that was absolutely impossible! This was definitely something they had come up with in an attempt to guide public opinion!

She looked straight at Justin. How can you spin such stories? Theres no way shes Q! Unless she can produce evidence of it!

Justin sneered. But before he could speak, Nora suddenly asked, Are you unconvinced?

She glanced at Lauren casually, and then at the reporters, who were obviously rather skeptical. She let out a low laugh and said coldly, I welcome your challenge any time.

Her glance struck fear into them.

Who would still doubt her when she had already talked so big?!

A video of Nora saying that, as well as the look in her eyes when she looked at the reporters, happened to be filmed and then posted on the Internet.

For a time, Nora became the target of everyones worship and admiration.

In fact, some even thought that that look in her eyes was simply too cool, too alpha, and too sassy! A group of people started to call her their husband in the article.

Just like that, the public opinion crisis was easily resolved.

After the reporters left, Mrs. Hunt looked at Nora with a complicated look in her eyes and swallowed. Suddenly, she asked, Are you really Q?

Nora did not speak.

However, Mrs. Hunt went on by herself. Her voice shook as she said, Not only are you Anti, but youre also Dr. Zabes direct disciple. And now, you are actually Q too W-what other identities do you still have?

Nora curled her lips disdainfully. I probably dont have any more, I cant remember.


Wasnt it more like she had too many identities, so she didnt know which one to mention?!

He then looked at Mrs. Hunt and asked, So, Grandma, do you still have any objections about Nora?

Did she still have any objections about her?

To be honest, the reason why Mrs. Hunt found Nora so objectionable was actually the fact that she always looked so lazy and lax all the time, as though she couldnt wake up at all. She simply couldnt stand it.

But considering how impressive she was, how could she possibly not see her in a new light?!

Mrs. Hunt clenched her jaw, reluctant to admit that she had wronged Nora. She said stubbornly, Since this is all a misunderstanding, then why didnt you say so earlier? By doing that, arent you just deepening the misunderstanding for no reason?

Nora raised her brows.

Tsk, the old lady was still trying to forcibly justify her actions!

However, the old lady was a little stuck-up and not very honest with her feelings, so she couldnt change her way of thinking just yet. She didnt want to bother herself with her.

It was instead Justin who suddenly said, If I dont pretend to be muddleheaded, then how would I be able to make you see certain peoples true colors?

Mrs. Hunt was stunned. Bewildered, she asked, What?

Justin sneered, Who do you think spread the news that Nora was keeping Q as a lover to outsiders? Also, do you think ordinary people can afford to hire a hacker like K to investigate Nora? Or are you saying that he was just being nosy, so he wanted to check it out himself? Then, he happened to find out that it was Q, and also coincidentally happened to tell you about it. Am I right, Lauren?

When Justin saw that Lauren was planning to leave, he looked straight at her when he said his last sentence and called her out.

Lauren stopped.

Mrs. Hunt suddenly understood something. At once, she looked at her and exclaimed, Its you?! Didnt I already tell you?! We can just resolve the Hunts family matters by ourselves! We shouldnt hang our dirty laundry in public! Yet you actually blew the matter up for your own interests?!

Lauren wanted to explain herself. Mom, I

Dont call me Mom! I dont have a daughter-in-law like you! Get out! Get out of the house! Youre not allowed to ever enter


Mrs. Hunt slammed her walking stick onto the floor and ordered loudly.

Lauren and Herman could come and go freely in the Hunts manor only because Mrs. Hunt had agreed to let them into the manor.

Also, no matter what, Justin couldnt stop a son from visiting his mother, either, right?

But now that Mrs. Hunt had given the order, Lauren could forget about ever entering the manor again.

With that, Lauren had been completely kicked out of the Hunts.

After Mrs. Hunt mercilessly drove Lauren out of the manor, she looked at Justin with a complicated expression.

After a while, the old lady muttered, Oh Justin Ive gotten old Im not going to bother with the Hunts affairs anymore!

After saying this, she heaved a sigh. Fanny held her arm and supported the shaky old lady. Then, the two of them left.

As Nora stared at the old ladys hunched back, she knew that the old lady would likely never make trouble for her again in the future.

She looked at Justin. Just as she was about to speak, the butler suddenly walked in. With a big frown, he said, Sir, Mdm. Iris went grocery shopping this morning to pick some ingredients for Pete and the others, but shes still not back yet. I just called her, as well as the men who went with her, but none of them answered. Mdm. Iris shes missing!

Justin frowned at once. What did you say?!

His voice suddenly became stern and severe. Iris was missing?!

He looked straight at Nora.

Nora instantly understood something. It must be Philip!

Philip had come to New York recently, so all of them had been very careful. However, Philips focus had stayed on the business disputes the whole time, so it had given them the misconception that he intended to win them through their fight in commerce.

Who would have thought that he would suddenly abduct Iris?!

In a villa in the suburbs of New York.

A cold Iris looked frostily at the man in front of her.

Twenty years later, the man had become both familiar yet also a stranger to her.