She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 752 - It’s Okay For Her To Blow Her Cover As Q!

Chapter 752 - It’s Okay For Her To Blow Her Cover As Q!

Chapter 752 Its Okay For Her To Blow Her Cover As Q!

Nora: ?

Hadnt the news about her having a secret pretty boy lover already been clarified? They had already said that the so-called lover was Justin!

Why were they saying that they had discovered her lovers identity again?

The corners of her lips spasmed and she said, The so-called pretty boy is Justin.

I knew it was definitely fake news! With your personality, Mr. Hunt alone is already enough to affect your sleep. How would you possibly ever have another lover?

Nora: ?

After she hung up on Tanyas call, she opened the link that her friend had sent her. The headline of the article was Rich Engaged Couple Fills In Loopholes For Each Other while the subheading was Poor Mr. H.

The articles content, however, was ridiculing the man for actually being willing to even take a loss such as his fiance cheating on him, just for the sake of his political marriage with another wealthy family. He was exceptionally quick and decisive in accepting the fact that hed been cuckolded, showing that a certain Mr. H was not as bad-ass and domineering as what everyone thought, after all.

In the comments, a group of people criticized the author for lying through his teeth and spouting nonsense when he didnt even have any evidence.

The author then dished out tough talk:

How was there no evidence? To find out who on earth was staying in the villa, K the hacker had specially hacked into the system, but unexpectedly, he was met with friendly fire.

Although he didnt manage to see what the other party looked like, K was sure that the person who had blocked his invasion was Q!

Q was the Smith Corporations network consultant. It could be said that ever since Q took up the position, the Smith Corporations firewall had improved even further and that there had been no major problems so far.

As everyone knew, Q only became the Smith Corporations network consultant after Ms. Smith returned to the Smiths. From this, one could conclude that the pretty boy whom Ms. Smith was keeping as a lover was none other than Q!

It was no wonder that Q never accepted private gigs from outsiders. As it turned out, it was because he already had such a huge patron!

The evidence presented on the Internet was complete and comprehensive. On top of that, a video of K hacking into the villas network system that day was also posted. In the video was a big battle involving a bunch of programming codes. The villas hacker had defeated K in the end.

Those who couldnt understand the codes would say, How amazing!

As for those who could, all the more they would say, They have completely reached a skill ceiling in the world of hackers! It cant get any more impressive than that!

Just like that, some of the comments digressed from the original topic. However, they were quickly brought back to topic by others.

It is said that Mr. H has offended an influential figure, and its to the extent that his company is about to face a crisis! The political marriage between the two wealthy families is at a critical juncture right now. Without the protection of a certain Smith family, Im afraid Mr. H will find himself in an even worse situation! No wonder he has even accepted being cuckolded!

Speaking of which, those three children may not be Mr. Hs either, right? Surely he isnt raising another mans children on top of being cuckolded, right?

Nora merely found the endless Internet abuse funny.

They were saying that her secret lover was she herself?

Her lips curled into a sneer. As she was not sure who the one spreading the news was, she ignored all the related content on the Internet, opened her bedroom door, and went downstairs.

Justin had skipped work that day and was sitting on the sofa downstairs and watching Cherry play games.

Cherry was dissing people while she played games.

Xander was cheering for her from the sidelines.

Pete stared at the two of them in silence, sighed, and picked up the Mathematical Olympiad worksheets in front of him.

Seeing the three of them like that, a troubled Nora rubbed her temples. At last, she said, Um, why dont we send the three children to kindergarten?

I dont wanna! Cherry was the first to object to the suggestion. She said, Cellphones are not allowed in kindergarten!

Xander didnt want to go either. Why would I want to hang out with a bunch of stupid kids? Im not going!

Pete was the only one whose eyes lit up. He looked at Nora, and then at Justin. However, the words at the tip of his tongue did a U-turn and he swallowed them back down. In the end, he merely coughed and said, I think we should go.


Why should I?

Cherry and Xander looked at him in unison.

Pete hurriedly said, Mommy and Daddy are usually very busy at work, so they dont have any time to spend with us. Its not right of us to coop ourselves up at home all the time. Besides, Mia is a pushover, so who knows if shes being bullied at school? If we go, we can protect her. Moreover, didnt God-mom say she wants to take you as her apprentice and teach you how to dance, Cherry?


Despite the huge internal struggle, when she thought of how much of a pushover Mia was, she sighed and said, Okay then, I suppose!

Xander was still opposed to it, but Pete ignored him and said, Then Ill contact the kindergarten teachers and tell them that the three of us are coming to school tomorrow.


He followed after Pete. Hey, I didnt say that Im going to school. You

As they spoke, the two of them went upstairs to the study to call the kindergarten.

Seeing this, Cherry also followed after them. She called out, Pete! Xander! Wait for me!

After the three children went upstairs, Nora finally looked at Justin and asked, Do you know about the ongoings on the Internet? Are you the one behind it?

She thought that Justin had set up something.

However, Justin replied, Lauren got a reporter to post that news online.

Nora raised her brows.

Justin, however, smiled and said, I was just about to ask you something too. Is it okay for your secret identity as Q to be exposed?

Nora curled her lips disdainfully.

It didnt matter to her anymore.

In the past, she had been averse to blowing her cover only because of her mothers final words. The mysterious organization was already after her, though, so what was there for her to be afraid of now?

Practically right at this moment, Mrs. Hunts voice came from outside the door. Where is that woman?! Kick that unfaithful woman whos fooling around outside and giving Justin a bad name out of the house!

As the voice rang out, Lauren helped Mrs. Hunt into the room.

After they entered, Mrs. Hunts gaze fell on Nora first. Then, she looked at Justin and said, Justin, did you see what that woman has done? Yet you still want to protect her?! What on earth are you thinking?! How can you be so muddleheaded?! Is this a loss that you should be accepting?! Kick her out of the house! We cant have a matriarch like her in the Hunts!

Her hands shook with anger. To make matters worse, she actually made all those things she did common knowledge! How utterly embarrassing!

Lauren also sighed. Ms. Smith, Justin is utterly devoted to you, yet you have disappointed him so. How can you do something like that?

She looked at Justin triumphantly. And you too, Justin. In order to gain the Smiths support, you actually plan to even cover up something like that? If you choose to compromise now, that woman will only become even more brazen in the future! Look at what shes doing all day! Apart from sleeping, she doesnt do anything decent! Break off the engagement, Justin. You deserve better! Also, the Smiths must give us an explanation for this!

If they insisted on an explanation from the Smiths, then the Hunts and the Smiths were bound to fall out.

A proud Lauren thought to herself that she had really done some excellent work for Herman this time!!