She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 751 - Q’s Identity Has Been Found!

Chapter 751 - Q’s Identity Has Been Found!

Chapter 751 Qs Identity Has Been Found!

Seans words made sense.

It was to the extent that Lawrence didnt even know what to say anymore. He lowered his head and muttered to himself, But if we take the initiative to contact them, then it will look like we have accepted defeat.

Taking the initiative to contact the enemy made it look as though they were begging for mercy.

Sean looked at him. He really didnt know what he should be saying about him anymore.

In the end, he looked at Justin and asked, Boss, what do you think?

Justin would never decide against investigating what exactly had happened just because he didnt want to be embarrassed, and end up making enemies for himself everywhere.

The first principle of business was to hold harmony above all else.

Justins fingers tapped against the sofa, his expression surprisingly calm. Although he was rather angry at Philips insistence that Nora had cheated on him, his rationality was still intact.

He slowly replied, The question here is, will they tell you even if you ask them about it?

Sean frowned.

That was also what he was worried about.

Philip had made it clear that they intended to be on opposing sides with them. His attitude was as though he couldnt be bothered to talk to Justin, and as though he was determined to drive them to their wits end. At a time like this, even if he sent Sean to bow down and ask them about it, Philip definitely couldnt be bothered to say anything.

When Justin saw the big frown on Seans face, he finally smiled and said, Whats the hurry? Tell those clients to persevere for a while longer. Even if we dont ask him about it, someone will approach him and find out for us just what has happened!

Lawrence was dumbfounded when he heard him. He asked, Boss, whos going to ask them about it for us?

Sean: 1



Justin ignored Lawrence, lowered his head, and continued to read his documents and deal with work matters.

As for Sean, the corners of his lips spasmed and he lowered his head and said, I know what to do now.

Lawrence was still confused. Sean, what have you realized? What are you and the boss talking in riddles about?!

Youre better off just continuing being the bootlicker, replied Sean.

Lawrences attention was immediately diverted. Damn you, Sean! Are you looking for a beating or what? Youre the bootlicker! Everyone in your family is a bootlicker! What I rely on are my education and abilities, okay?

The two left the Hunt Corporation bickering.

After they stepped out, Sean happened to see Herman walking by in front of him, so he suddenly stopped.

Lawrence bumped into him at once. What are you doing? Has Philip scared you so badly that your mind isnt functioning anymore?

Sean frowned and sighed. How can that be? No matter how powerful Philip is, this is America! America will protect us. Besides, he isnt just up against the Hunt Corporation, but both the Hunt Corporation and the Smith Corporation, which are leading companies in the country. If we were overseas, we definitely wont be his match, but given the current situation, its hard to say who the winner will be!

Lawrence nodded. You are right!

Sean spoke again. No wonder Boss decided to cover up the news about Ms. Smith cheating. Unless we absolutely have no other choice, news of it mustnt get out.

Lawrence: ?

He was dumbfounded. He wanted to reprimand Sean and say that Ms. Smith hadnt cheated on Justin and that the person in the villa was none other than Justin himself!

Other people might not know any better, but he had delivered food to Justin before!

But when he looked up, he happened to see Herman standing where he was. The elevator had obviously already arrived, yet he didnt enter. Lawrence got it right away.

The guy was indeed rather smart, otherwise, he wouldnt have been able to stay by Justins side and help him fend off all of the unwanted advances on him all these years.

He promptly and decisively said, Yeah, its just that Boss has suffered some grievances. Sigh!

Sean and Lawrence exchanged a look. Then, both walked into the corridor next to them in unison.

After they left, Hermans face turned green.

Lauren, who was beside him, looked at Hermans expression and immediately said, I didnt expect that Justin would be willing to even be cuckolded just so he could keep his position! Sigh, he may despise you, but at least you were much better than him back then!

Herman suddenly looked at her. You talk too much!

Lauren knew that Herman didnt want to talk about the shame and humiliation of being forced to give up his wife, so she immediately said, Dont take it to heart too much. What happened back then was not your fault, really.

Herman lowered his head. If Justin loses the Smiths support, I wonder how long hell be able to keep his position as president of the company!

Laurens eyes flickered when she heard this.

She said, Ill go and ask around.

The two went downstairs. With their chauffeur driving, Herman took Lauren to the hotel where Philip was staying. He had just set up a meet with Philip, the two were really planning to join forces this time.

In the hotel.

In the study, Herman and Philip discussed how they should go about suppressing the Hunt Corporation. Laurens status was not worthy of seeing Philip yet, so she could only chat with Jason, Philips assistant, outside the door.

Jasons hands were placed in front of him, and he stood where he was in a prim and proper manner without moving at all. It was obvious at a glance that he was trained in martial arts. He was not only Philips assistant but also his bodyguard.

After a moments thought, Lauren leaned over and asked, Mr. Jason, to be honest, even though Herman and Justin are fighting each other in the company, Iris is still in charge of family affairs. I plan to fight for the housekeeping rights, so Id like to ask you a favor.

Jason glanced at her with some disdain, but he nevertheless asked, What kind of favor?

Lauren said tentatively, Originally, the matter about Nora Smiths cheating was already a sure bet, but who knew that Justin would suddenly pop up out of nowhere and insist that he was in the villa during those few days. In truth, he had actually gone abroad during that time. We all know this very well, but even so, I dont have any actual evidence, so I cant cement the fact that Nora cheated either If the news about her cheating can be cemented and posted onto the Internet, the Hunts will have to break off the engagement with the Smiths, even if its just to avoid embarrassing themselves. When that happens, he wont have any help from the Smiths anymore.

Upon hearing this, Jason lowered his eyes and suddenly said, Nora Smiths secret lover is Q the hacker.

What? Lauren didnt expect to sound such important information out of Jason so easily. She said in surprise, Really?

Yeah, Jason told her about the evidence hed found.

Lauren instantly understood.

After Herman and Lauren left, Jason finally entered the office and said, I have told Lauren about Nora Smith keeping Q as a lover.


Philip said, Eagle of the Imperial League is probably a Smith. I dont want to fall out with the members of the group either.

After all, King had taken Eagles side the last time.

Therefore, when Herman was on the way over earlier that day, Philip had hinted to Jason to give them the true identity of Noras secret lover, as well as evidence of it.

On the third day.

As soon as Nora woke up, she received a call from a concerned Tanya. In a low and hoarse voice, Nora asked, Whats the matter?

Tanya said immediately, Nora, you are trending on social media again! They are saying that theyve found out who the pretty boy youre keeping as a lover is!