She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 750 - Brenda “Compromised”

Chapter 750 - Brenda “Compromised”

Chapter 750 Brenda Compromised

When Nora woke up, it was already the next day.

She stretched and sat up slowly. She realized that Brenda and the three little heads were staring at her. When they saw her, Brenda heaved a sigh of relief. She held her chin with both hands and said slowly, Nora, youre finally awake.

Nora: ?

She raised her eyebrows and continued to stretch before asking, Whats wrong?

You really kept a pretty boy outside. Nora, youre really too much!

Nora: ?

Then, she heard Brendas next sentence. How can you not tell me about your pretty boy? No matter what, let me help you choose! Also

Brenda was very nosy. Her eyes were very bright as she asked, Is that person handsome? Compared to my brother?


The corners of her mouth twitched. She ignored Brenda and looked at the three children. When the three children saw that she was awake, they automatically walked to the sofa and sat there to play.

Nora lifted the blanket and got out of bed in her pajamas. She yawned and entered the bathroom.

She was about to enter when her hand was grabbed by Brenda.

She turned around and saw Brenda, who was usually playful, sigh. Nora, um why dont you give up that pretty boy of yours?!

She lowered her eyes. Actually, I can tell that you and my brother are in love. Why do you need someone to interfere between the two of you? Go apologize to my brother. He has already helped you suppress the matter. He shouldnt mind, right?

It was the first time Nora had seen Brenda acting so serious. She was about to explain when she saw Brenda change her attitude from before. But if thats the case, wont that handsome man you have outside be left helpless? Hes so pitiful. I think you should give him to me?

Nora: ?

The corners of her mouth twitched. She decided to ignore Brenda.

This woman was never reliable!

After entering the bathroom, she washed up and walked out. She played with the three children for a few hours before leaving in the afternoon and continuing to the suburban villa.

She was at her wits end.

She had just read the message when Solo said that he wanted to come to look for her and ask her to find a place to stay.

Fortunately, there were two villas.


According to Justins petty character, the villa they lived in would definitely not be lent to Solo.

After her car drove into the villa, she saw a tall, thin, and fair boy standing there in a daze with messy hair.

When he saw her, Solo instantly rushed over and tried to grab her hand. Anti, Im here to tour New York. Are you okay with me staying for a while longer?!

Nora avoided his enthusiastic hand and said, No objections.

Then, she brought Solo to the door of Villa No.

Along the way, Nora made sure that no one was following her. Otherwise, at this critical moment, if she was photographed again, it would really be difficult to explain.

When Nora thought of this, she simply threw the key to Solo. Go in yourself. Order takeout if you want to eat anything. Ill leave first. Hacker Solo: ??

He was stunned. Anti, is this how you treat distant guests?

Nora did not turn back. She waved her hand and got into the drivers seat coolly. Then, she drove away.

When Solo saw her like this, he could only sigh silently. Youre really rude to your


He entered the villa angrily.

A small head suddenly emerged from the grass in the distance.

As an Interpol officer and a professional, Brenda was best at tracking and investigation. For the sake of her brothers happiness, she had spent a lot of effort today to find this villa where her sister-in-law kept her pretty boy.

She thought about it and walked to the villas door. She knocked. Who is it?

A wary voice came from inside.

Brenda: Open the door.

Solo opened the door.

Without a word, Brenda fell into his arms. Im sorry. I have low blood sugar. Can you give me something to eat?

When Solo saw a woman, he subconsciously held Brenda. When he heard her words, he looked up and realized that the woman in front of him was extremely stunning. Her long eyes were enchanting. She was simply born charming!

How could he reject such a person?

Solos face turned red, and he did not even know where to place his hands and feet. The shy man moved aside. Okay Okay!

Brenda took the opportunity to size up Solo.

This man was very thin. At a glance, he was the kind of technical geek who stayed in the room all year round and rarely went out to see people.

However, his facial features were very delicate.

How could a pretty boy supported by his sister-in-law be bad?

As Brenda thought about this, she smiled at Solo and followed him in.

Sigh, in order to let her sister-in-law and brother live happily together, she could only compromise and sacrifice herself to abduct this pretty boy!

In the Presidents Office.

The tall French windows illuminated the room. The black-and-white color scheme made the room look very majestic.

Justin leaned back in his chair.

Lawrence and Sean stood in front of him as they reported. Philip Coleman attacked several of our clients within a day and interrupted all our projects from the past quarter. Boss, whats wrong with Philip Coleman?

Sean pushed up his glasses in silence and said, He had been shouting arrogantly previously, but he didnt do much. He only gave Herman 5% of the shares. But now, he must have provoked Herman somehow and made him start suppressing them wantonly. Fortunately, those are our long-term clients. Now, due to Philip Colemans pressure, the clients dont dare to continue working with us but they havent agreed to work with Philip Coleman either. After all, they still trust us a lot.

Lawrence sneered. Of course they trust us. How much have they earned from following us all these years? If they leave us immediately after being threatened, then we wont work with them in the future! Hunt Corporation might still care about their little money. Does Boss care?

Lawrence was really irritated when something happened.

Sean was silent for a moment before saying, I dont think its a good thing for us to continue arguing. After all, Philip Coleman is also a member of the Imperial League. He must have misunderstood something to suddenly launch such a huge attack. Its almost a lose-lose situation. I think the best way is to figure out why. Why is he so sure that Nora has someone outside?

Lawrence was dissatisfied. Sean, are you afraid? What are you afraid of? Just attack!

The corners of Seans mouth twitched. We cant shrink back to investigate. Personally, I dont think we need to engage in an indifferent business battle. After all, Hunt Corporation cant handle his suppression yet. If this continues, Hunt Corporation will either go bankrupt or King would have to invest in it. But this way, it would be too obvious. Bosss identity might be exposed. Therefore, we should carefully consider the situation now.