She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 749 - Hacker Q?

Chapter 749 - Hacker Q?

Chapter 749 Hacker Q?

When Justin heard this, he narrowed his eyes.

He sat down on the sofa calmly and crossed his legs. Then, he said, Mr. Coleman, what do you mean?

Heh, I thought that you and your fiance were at least in love. I didnt expect you to only be a couple on the surface I must have misjudged you. I thought that, even if youre a couple on the surface, you chose to tolerate her for the time being because you were worried that something would happen to the company. However, there must be some grudge in your heart. You dont believe in love anymore, do you?

Justin said, I believe her.

Are you still trying to puff yourself up at your own cost? Ive seen too many PR tactics like yours. Many couples in the entertainment industry have their scandals clarified by hired people. Heh! However, I never expected this to happen to you. I thought you would be more arrogant than others. Philips voice was very cold. He no longer had the attitude he had on the phone last time. You disappoint me!

However, youre indeed mother and son. You two are really good at using marriage as a bargaining chip!

After Philip said that, he seemed a little stubborn and crazy. He smiled sarcastically. Youre the same as your mother. Youre always like this. Heh, youve disappointed me! Justin, Ill make you pay for making me your enemy!

Justin frowned.

He had sensed Philips coldness on the phone earlier.

However, when Philip called him last time, he had vaguely wanted to give him some pointers. Furthermore, up until now, Herman had been the one making a fuss and scaring them. Philip had not really done anything yet!

At most, he had bought 5% of the shares from the Imperial Leagues King and supported Herman.

However, this method was childs play to him.

He had suddenly said that he wanted them to pay the price This gave Justin a bad feeling.

He looked at Lawrence suddenly. Go, investigate. I suspect that Philip is in New York!

When Lawrence heard this, he instantly straightened his back. Yes!

In a villa in the suburbs.


A tall and slender figure stood there. The man was wearing a black suit. Although he was almost fifty, he was still good-looking. One could tell from his strong eyes that he was American.

If Iris was there, she would have noticed that Philip had gotten old.

After all, after 20 years of hardships, their best times were gone forever. At that moment, Philips face was cold. He smoked a cigarette hatefully and stubbed it out in the ashtray.

The man was shrouded in smoke. He turned back, his eyes red as he smiled sarcastically. I thought too highly of them. Hehe, I thought that her son could really let me see what love was, but they disappointed me too much! Im so disappointed!

Philip strode forward and paced back and forth. He murmured, Jason, you saw it. I gave them a chance. Over the past twenty years, Ive given them countless chances! But what happened in the end? She didnt withstand my test. Even her son has her blood and genes in his bones. He treated love as a marriage deal!

Behind him stood his secretary, Jason. President Coleman, maybe it really was Justin in that villa? After all, his comeback at the board of directors meeting today was very unexpected. The so-called overseas fundraising was just a gimmick, a smokescreen.

Philip sneered when he heard that. How is that possible? Do you think I dont know who Nora is cheating with?

Jason immediately asked, Who is it?

Philip lowered his eyes and sneered. In order to figure out who she was cheating with, I got someone to hack into the villas system when she entered that villa. I wanted to see who that pretty boy was.

Jason asked, Did you hack into it?

No, Philip said slowly.

Jason was stunned when he heard Philip say, You know Old K? His hacking skills are first-rate. I asked him to do this, but after he hacked into the system, he encountered an obstacle. In this world, there are only two hackers who can defeat Old K.

Jason subconsciously replied, Q and Y? Then, is it Q or Y? 0.

Philip said slowly, Old K said that Q must have blocked his attack in that villa.

When Jason heard this, he instantly understood something. He said, You mean the man who has an affair with Nora is Q?!

Q was a hacker god. It was even more impossible for him to be Noras bodyguard.

Therefore, after eliminating all kinds of possibilities, there was only one possibility left-Noras pretty boy was Q!

Philip nodded. Thats right. Besides, I asked around about Q later. Smith Corporation had never been able to convince Q to work for them, but after Nora returned to the family, Q joined them as well. I dont believe that these two people dont have any feelings for each other!

Jason nodded. There must have been some private relationship between Nora and Q! No wonder Q had been hiding his identity all along. It turns out that he was being kept in a golden house!

Philips eyes were filled with disappointment. Even I realized it. With Justins temperament, do you think he wouldnt notice it?

Jason shook his head. He must have.

They had to admit that Justin was talented.

Philip clenched his fists. Therefore, Ive been waiting to see what Justin would do when hes in the same situation I was back then. However, I never expected that he would be willing to be cheated on for the marriage between the Hunt and the Smith Corporation! Business is important, but is it that important? He really disappoints me!

Jason lowered his head and sighed silently.

He had been with his boss for so many years, how could he not understand his thoughts?

The boss had always liked Iris so much that he wanted her to apologize. As long as she lowered her head, the boss would definitely give in.

Otherwise, how could his boss still be single after 20 years?

Furthermore, even after Iris and Justin violated the agreement from back then, the boss did not plan to kill them all. He had always adopted a loud and simple method.

Even during this fight for the position of chairman, the boss had given them a way out.

He had even said to himself that if Justin could withstand his test, he could consider letting them go.

After all he had never seen such a smile on Iriss face when she was with her granddaughter and grandsons.

However, he did not expect Justin to disappoint him so much.

Jason did not know how to persuade his boss to let go.

At that moment, he heard Philips order. Let them do it!

Philip had originally thought that he and Iris had been punished for 20 years for holding back. He actually did not want this to continue. He wanted to let go. If Justin had given him an answer and told him that he should not have probed too much, then this matter might have ended.

However, he did not expect that they would still end up fighting.