She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 748 - Clarification!!

Chapter 748 - Clarification!!

Chapter 748 Clarification!!

There was a sea of guesses. They were all either male celebrities or people from the male model circle. These people had a common feature, and that was that they were all very handsome.

At the end of each guess, it was written clearly that during that period of time, these male celebrities and male models were in the city. Furthermore, on the night that Nora was photographed, they basically had no work.

Furthermore, among these people, there were some artists under the entertainment company employed by Smith Corporation. They were all saying that these artists had a secret background. Now, it seemed like the truth was out. This background was Nora!


The netizens were really imaginative! They could think of everything.

He lowered his eyes and sneered.

At this moment, Brenda walked in secretly. When she saw him, she instantly stepped back and planned to escape.

However, before she could leave, Justin stopped her. Where are you going?

Brenda turned around and looked at him awkwardly. Her voice was a little graceful and charming. Even if she were to speak to Justin, she could not change her tone. Justin are you in a bad mood?

Justin: ?

Brenda said, I actually understand you very well, but I also understand Nora quite well. After all, Nora cant give up the entire fish pond just because youre in there!

Justin: ???

Brenda continued to persuade him. You have to be happy and go with the flow in life. Sometimes, you have to be carefree. Justin, you should understand Nora. It was so difficult for her to give birth to three children for you. She just made a small mistake that any woman could make!

Oh, Justin, why dont you understand? Nora definitely loves you the most, but think about it. When the most outstanding male celebrities in the entertainment industry gather together and ask you to choose, can you do it? Nora has been keeping her innocence for you all these years. It has been very difficult

The more Brenda spoke, the more she felt Justins expression darken, and her voice gradually became softer.

Actually, she knew that her sister-in-law was in the wrong!

After all, Nora had let her brother down!

However, as a person who liked handsome men of all colors, she really understood her sister-in-laws cheating

Brenda sighed silently. Actually, Nora is already in this state now. Why dont you two really call off the engagement?!

Lawrence, who was standing beside her, thought that Brenda was speaking up for Justin. He was about to say that Ms. Brenda was usually very unreliable and he did not expect her to support her brother at the critical moment!

However, just as this thought flashed across his mind, he heard Brendas next words. That way, Nora will be free.

Lawrence: ??

His eyes widened.

Justin also looked straight at Brenda. After holding back for a while, he finally said, Scram!

Okay. Brenda winked at him. Then, she looked at the three little cuties walking down from upstairs upon hearing her voice. She nodded at Cherry and reminded her, Dont be naughty these few days~ Your father is in a bad mood.

The children were speechless.

Justin: ??

He could not help but take half a step in Brendas direction. It frightened her so much that she instantly jumped up from her spot like a frightened rabbit.

Even in her high heels and short leather skirt, she ran away quickly. As she ran, she waved her hand and said, Justin, bye-bye! Think about it!

Justin felt his forehead throb faintly.

This sister had not been like this when she was young. He did not know when she had become so loose, especially when she said those words. How could she?

Her manners were extremely bad.

She was his younger sister. Justin cared a lot about her the past few years and wanted her to have a serious relationship.

However, she always rejected him righteously, saying that she would let the other handsome men down.

As for getting married, she had never even thought about it. She even said that she was a celibate.

It was also because of her attitude that her parents didnt have any thoughts of competing. After all, why would they need so much money?

Wasnt it enough to live without worry?

With their daughters attitude, they would not have a grandson to hug either!

Brenda was 24 years old. She was at the peak of her life, but she dolled herself up only to work at the police station.

It really gave Justin a headache.


What gave him a headache was not the thought of how to correct Brenda, but the worry that she would lead his daughter astray.

The corners of Justins mouth twitched before he lowered his head to look at Cherry and said sincerely, Cherry, you cant learn anything from your aunt Brenda when you grow up! Cherry: But I think Auntie is pretty cool! Mommy also said that Auntie is very carefree!

Justin: ??!

Pete, who was beside her, sighed silently. He stepped forward and held Cherrys hand. Cherry, its not good for you to be like this!

Cherry: Why?

Pete: Look, Mommy only has us because she has Daddy. But how could Auntie have a baby if she doesnt find an uncle for us?

Cherry: ?

Pete continued, If everyone stopped having children, wont humans become extinct in this world sooner or later?

Cherry: ???

Xander pursed his lips by the side and added, Liar! Mommy and Daddy arent married yet, but theres still the three of us, right? Besides, are you going to let Cherry bear children for another boy when she grows up?

Hearing this, Pete choked on his words.

The two brothers who had a sister complex immediately stood beside Cherry.

Pete: No, having a child is very dangerous. Mommy has already given birth to us. Theres no other way, but Cherry, dont give birth to a child for others!

Xander: Yes, I should find another boy to bear your child!

Cherry: Thats awesome!

Justin: ?

Pete interrupted Xander darkly, Which boy are you planning to get your sister to have a child with?

Xander immediately came to his senses. No, Cherry cant fall for another boy. Boys are all bad people!

Pete nodded and said to Cherry, Yes, Cherry, stay single. Its good, just dont be like Auntie. She likes handsome men everywhere. You can like handsome men but just look at them. Dont get involved with them, okay?

Cherry: But didnt you say that if no one gives birth, humans on Earth will become extinct?

Pete: Youre the only one wholl be fine without a child.

Cherry hesitated for a moment. Alright, then I only like my brothers and Daddy!


Wasnt this too much?!

However, he did not have the time to care about what the children said. After all, it was all just childish babble. He could not take them seriously. There were more important things to do now.

Justin stopped Lawrence. Go and clarify.

Philip must have found someone to flame the news. Furthermore, the matter had already blown up. It concerned Noras reputation. He did not want to accept it. He had to make things clear.

Therefore, Hunt Corporations official page posted a message:

Miss Smith has indeed been to the suburban villa, but the person waiting for her in the villa was none other than President Hunt.

Then, he released a photo of Justin standing in a suburban villa.

There were photos as evidence and words to clarify.

The news on the Internet immediately suppressed it. Everyones public opinion was guided.

Haha, it turned out to be a farce. The engaged couple only went for a date and was still scrutinized by the public. How ridiculous.

These guys are so obsessed with wealthy families. Its as if they themselves are from wealthy families. Are the people in wealthy families so free? You guys havent reached that level, but you always think so badly of them

Justins phone rang again.

He picked up the call and Philips sarcastic voice came from the other end. Heh, I didnt expect you to be willing to sacrifice so much for the marriage between the Smiths and Hunts. You can even tolerate being a cuckold?