She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 747 - The Divorce Storm?

Chapter 747 - The Divorce Storm?

Chapter 747 The Divorce Storm?

Justin got out of the car and prepared to go home to see the three children.

After all, it had been three days since he pretended to go on a business trip.

Hearing Brendas words, he casually replied, It was nothing.

He casually entered the villa.

Brenda: ?

She was stunned. She stood in the yard and asked, What do you mean by nothing? Justin, you didnt really lose, did you? Are we really going to move?

When Felix, who was at the door, heard this, he became even more pleased with himself. He said with a smile, See, Mr. Hunt indeed has indeed seen the world. Your position as president is gone and you still say its nothing Heh!

As soon as he finished speaking, the chauffeur who had returned with Justin explained to Brenda, Ms. Brenda, youre mistaken! Mr. Hunt won! Lawrence and Sean are currently handling some matters in the company. Mr. Hunt was worried about the family, so he came back first!

With this sentence, Felixs heart skipped a beat. For a moment, he felt that he had heard wrong.

What did the driver say?

Justin had won?

Then he

Felix stood there stiffly.

At this moment, Justin, who had entered, came out with a cold expression. His gaze swept across the room and stopped on Felix. You broke the heater?

Felix: !!

He was so frightened that he hurriedly took a step forward. His legs went limp and he fell to the ground. He shouted, Mr. Hunt, I didnt do it on purpose. I, I, I

Before he could finish speaking, Justin kicked him!


This pain was even stronger than Brendas kick yesterday. It sent Felix flying again and slammed him into the wall behind him before he fell to the ground with a thud.

His entire body hurt and he felt like his organs had been jolted out!

Bring him down and teach him a lesson.

With that, Justin turned around and returned to the villa.

Felix was still dizzy when his arm was tied behind his back and he was taken downstairs.

Daddy is awesome!

Daddy is so domineering!

Daddy, that kick of yours was like the Monkey King. It was simply too awesome!

Daddy, Cherry wants a hug. I missed you, where did you go?

The bootlicker Cherry hugged Justins leg and looked up with a smile as she flattered him. Her childish voice made Justin feel like his heart had melted.

He glanced into the room and asked, Wheres your mother?

Mommys still upstairs!

After comforting Cherry and letting her continue to play downstairs, Justin went upstairs. He had just entered when he saw Nora sleeping on the sofa.

Justin walked over and gently picked her up and placed her on the bed.

The heater in the room wasnt working and it was very cold.

The moment he went to bed and touched the silk blanket, Nora instinctively curled up and mumbled, Im cold.

Hearing this, Justin smiled.

He took off his clothes and stuffed himself into the blanket.

Nora asked in a daze, What are you doing?

Arent you afraid of the cold?.

Justins voice was vague. Ill warm you up.


Nora still wanted to say something, but her hands and feet were pressed down by his big hands and legs. The mans body was like a hot stove. It was quite comfortable hugging him like this.

She could not be bothered to move.

However, she did not expect the man to push his luck. Youre still cold, right? Why dont I help you exercise to warm up?

Nora: ?

While the two of them were done warming up, the room was filled with an ambiguous atmosphere.

Perhaps the temperature of the floor had risen a little. Or perhaps the exercise earlier had indeed worked.

Nora was not cold anymore and she fell asleep again.

Justin looked at the woman hugging him.

Although theyd already had skin-to-skin contact before, the woman did not want to be intimate with him and kept pushing him away.

But now, she was obediently being hugged by him.

Suddenly, he did not want the heater anymore.


When Noras breathing got even, Justin finally lifted the blanket and got out of bed.

He held his vibrating phone and put on a sleeping robe. He went to the study and closed the door before answering the call.

On the other end of the line was a familiar voice. Kid, you win this time.

It was Philip!

Justins voice was a little hoarse. After all, he had just finished exercising and was still a little thirsty. Thank you.

Philip said, Unfortunately, you won the workplace but lost the love seat.

Justin: ?

He raised his eyebrows and was about to speak when Philip smiled sarcastically again. You should understand by now that women are no good, right? They say they love you, but in the end, they always go with someone else! Now, Ill let you have a taste of how I felt back then! I hope youll like this gift Im giving you next.

With that, he hung up.

Justin: ?

What was Philip doing?

As he was thinking, Lawrence called. Boss, youre in the newspaper!

Justin: ?

Lawrence took a photo and sent it over. It was a weekly magazine in the mall. Although there were fewer physical magazines now, this magazines sale had never fallen. After all, the ones who ordered this magazine were all high-end people in the business world. This group of people still had the habit of reading physical newspapers and magazines.

There was a piece of news in todays journal:

The outcome of the Hunts internal strife has not been determined, but Miss Smith has already found a way out.

Not only is Justin Hunt fighting his father for the consortium, but he is also facing his fiances affair!

Justin: ?

He continued to read the content:

[According to reports, a photo and video of Miss Smith keeping a pretty boy have surfaced. It has been confirmed that Miss Smith has an affair outside. Justin is in danger. Did Miss Smith sense that he wouldnt overcome this difficulty?]

There were photos of Nora going to the villa in the suburbs below.

Lawrence continued, Now, its not just in the newspapers. Even on the Internet, there are people spreading the news. Our IT department has contacted people to delete the thread, but the other party seems to have made ample preparations. Every time we delete it, they bring it up again. It cant be deleted now.

On the Internet

Justin opened a website again and saw that the number one trending article was: A shocking inside story of a wealthy family: A poor man was abandoned by his fiance.

It was a video of Nora cheating on him.

The people below were already cursing.

The wealthy families are so chaotic.

I heard that wealthy couples are only husband and wife on the surface, but they each do their own thing. I dont know if its true or not, but no one has ever caused such a scandal, right?

The Hunts are really in an embarrassing situation now! Theyre definitely going to break the engagement!

Miss Smith is indeed too much. The marriage between the Smiths and Hunts is too out of line. No matter what, cant she just get Mr. Hunt to step down before looking for someone else? This is really a slap to Mr. Hunts face!

Of course, there were also some who raised doubts weakly.

Cant it be Mr. Hunt in the video?

Is the person above joking? Everyone in the business knows he was overseas those few days. If hes overseas, does he have two bodies?

Stop arguing! Go and take a look. Someone has dug out who the man hiding in Miss Smiths golden house is!!

Justin: ??

He followed the thread and clicked on a link. When he saw the list of people being suspected, he did not know whether to laugh or cry!