She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 746 - Continuing to Slap Face!

Chapter 746 - Continuing to Slap Face!

Chapter 746 Continuing to Slap Face!

Raymond stared at Sean.

Herman had realized earlier that Sean had not raised his hand to agree, so he had shut his mouth early with a bad feeling in his heart.

When the conductor said this, everyone looked at him.

Without the conductor saying anything, everyone understood that the 5% shares in Seans hands were very important.

Therefore, Raymond interrupted him and asked, Whats the result? Sean hasnt agreed yet! Add Seans shares too!

When the conductor heard this, he looked at Sean weakly and waited for his choice.


Raymond said, Sean, what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Didnt you say that Justin was unfair to you? He trusts Lawrence who doesnt know how to do anything and only knows how to curry favors all day, but hes more wary of you!

Lawrence, who was shot lying down, was speechless.

He was really furious as he stood behind Justin.

What did he mean by only knowing how to curry favors?!

Who was he looking down on? He was just trying to figure out his bosss thoughts!

Lawrence was furious.

Raymond continued to drive a wedge between them. He spoke about all the dissatisfaction in Seans heart and forced him to raise his stand. And when you bought 5% of the shares years ago, it was also your family who supported you. At that time, he sold them to you at a higher than market price. Youve hated this boss of yours for a long time, havent you? Didnt you say so yourself? Youre not trusted in the company!

What he said was reasonable. It was obvious that he was really dissatisfied with Justin. If it had been anyone else, they would have fallen out when these words were said.

But Sean and Justin

The corners of Lawrences mouth twitched as he could not help but curse inwardly!

What kind of nonsense talk was this? Sean was the one who paid for the shares, okay?! Boss just wanted to inject capital into Hunt Corporation, thats why he used Sean!

If he did not know the truth, he might have scolded Justin for treating Sean badly with Raymond.

But in reality?

Lawrence knew very well!

Sean was the person his boss trusted the most. The reason why he was not put in an important position in the company was that he was also managing his business, okay?!

Lawrence was the most pitiful one. He sucked up to his boss every day and begged for food

As Lawrence thought about this, he felt like crying.

With that, Herman said, Sean, dont worry. This is a public place. He wont dare to do anything to you. Besides, youre not betraying him. Youre a shareholder, so you have your own choice!

At this moment, Herman and Raymond both thought that Sean was afraid of Justin.

After the two of them finished, Sean slowly said, Okay.

Raymond: Then raise your hand?

The conductor also looked at him weakly. Mr. Sean, do you approve of Mr. Herman being the president of Hunt Corporation?

Sean said simply, No.


For a moment, the entire meeting room fell silent.

In the strange atmosphere, the conductor slowly said, Yes Well, if Mr. Sean doesnt support it, then there are 17 people who support Mr. Herman as the president of Hunt Corporation, one-sixth of the total number. Everyones shares add up to 45.3%. There is less than half the number of people and shares, so the motion is rejected.

With that, the conductor said, Then next, those who approve of Mr. Justins continued role as the president of Hunt Corporation, please raise your hands.

As soon as he said this, the other people in the office raised their hands.


Not only these people, but even those who had supported Herman raised their hands again. Someone even explained, Mr. Hunt, I had heard incorrectly. I had heard incorrectly

Justin ignored these people.

But Raymond and Herman kept their eyes on Sean.

Sean raised his hand.

At this moment, both of them knew that they had been played by Sean!

Raymond was furious. He pointed at him and scolded, Sean, youre good! So you were just messing with us? Heh, youre a spineless person. You deserve to never be placed in an important position by Justin!

Sean said angrily, I can get money without doing work. Isnt that better?

Raymond was speechless.

Herman narrowed his eyes.

The conductor said at the appropriate time, There are 90 people who support Mr. Justin Hunts continued role as Hunt Corporations President. This totals to 65% of shares; the motion is passed. Mr. Justin Hunt will continue to be the companys president!

With that, everyone in the meeting room stood up and started clapping.

Justin sat there steadily the entire time. When he raised his hand slightly, the clapping crowd instantly fell silent. Then, he looked at Herman and said, You gathered all the shareholders together to see how you embarrass yourself?

Herman: You!

Meeting dismissed.

Justins cold words blocked Hermans words. Then, he stood up and strode out. He could not be bothered to speak to Herman.

However, Herman saw him walk out the door and stood up to follow him. He shouted angrily, Justin!

Justin stopped in his tracks and looked at him.

Herman walked to Justin.

A person close to 50 years old could no longer compare to Justins stature. Justins figure was ramrod straight as he looked at Herman. An unfamiliar pressure and depth exuded from his dark eyes, making him difficult to fathom.

At this moment, Herman suddenly understood that the son in front of him was not someone he could control.


He narrowed his eyes and said in a low voice, Do you think you can protect Iris just because you beat me? Im not even half as good as Philip! Hes not stupid! You can continue to be the chairman, but I advise you not to fight Philip head-on. If he wants Iris, youll have to send her over! Otherwise, the Hunts will be ruined in your hands sooner or later!

When Justin heard his words, he only felt mocked. He could not even be bothered to look at him now as he strode forward.

Justin went downstairs and got into the car, driving toward the Hunts.

Lawrence and Sean helped him clean up the people in the company, now it was time to clean up the people at home!

Felix? Whats wrong with you? Why did the heater stop again?!

Brenda grabbed Felix in exasperation and questioned him angrily.

Felix sat there calmly and fiddled with his fingers. Ms. Brenda, I advise you not to interfere!

Brenda grabbed his collar. Try saying that


Felix was very arrogant. Ms. Brenda, I advise you not to make a move either. Otherwise, when the board of directors meeting is over, there will be just one family left! Your third branch might also be chased away!

Justins car slowly stopped at the entrance of Hunt Corporation.

Felix and Brenda both turned to look. Felix touched his stomach, which was in pain from being kicked yesterday, and smiled. Look, he must have lost! Only those who lose scurry back to pack! Mr. Herman and Madam Lauren are still in the company. They must be busy with the handover. Your good days are over! You hit me yesterday, Ill remember this! Heh!

Brenda: !

She glared at Felix, but she still walked toward Justin.

As Justin entered, the servants at home all looked over, wanting to know the final outcome.

As the vanguard of Lauren, Felix went to Justins villa and planned to take the opportunity to mock him. As he approached, he heard Brenda ask, Justin, how was the meeting?