She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 745 - Slap in the Face!!

Chapter 745 - Slap in the Face!!

Chapter 745 Slap in the Face!!

Among the hundred-plus shareholders present, other than Justin, who occupied 46%

the second branch occupied 5%, and the third branch only occupied 1%. This was because the third branch had transferred their shares to Justin previously. This was also Grandpa Hunts wish. He did not want the shares to be divided, so when they separated back then, they had taken fewer shares and more cash.

Over the years, Justin had privately given them the dividends for the other four percent of the shares.

Other than them taking the majority, the rest of the shares were concentrated on a few shareholders.

One of these was Justins subordinate, Sean. Sean held 5% of the shares. Philip had spent a lot of money to buy 5%, and the six uncertain shareholders accounted for 5%.

Actually, it was not the entire board of directors. Only the six of them were uncertain. It was mainly because the other shareholders occupied too few shares. Some people could even be ignored.

There were a few dozen people, but they only accounted for 1%.

Herman had spent a lot of money in private to purchase 20% of the shares, almost spending all his savings over the years.

Coupled with the 5% Justin had given him, Philips 5% was also managed by him. Therefore, he had a total of 30% of the shares.

Herman found a few other shareholders and forced them to lean toward him. Therefore, he did not care that four-fifths of the dozens of shareholders did not support him.

This was because their shares added up to only 1%.

In addition, Mrs. Hunt still had 5% of Hunt Corporations shares. The other shareholders had agreed to his request and even received benefits from him After some calculations, Herman felt that victory was within his grasp!

He stood up and said, Alright, Justin. Im already the president of the company. Ill have to arrange your next job. Are you going to stay in the company or what? However, I dont think any other company will dare to take you in, right?

Justin raised his eyebrows.

Raymond added insult to injury. Herman, I object to Justin staying! Unless he apologizes to all of us for his arrogance in the past!

As soon as he finished speaking, the door was pushed open. The little girl in the pantry brought the tea cart in and served everyone coffee.

When Raymond saw this, he waved his hand. Go out.

Then, he looked at Justin. Justin, do it instead. Youve been unreasonable in the company all these years. How many people have you reprimanded? Apologize to everyone now. Were not that petty. If your apology is sincere enough, well agree to let you stay in the company!

Spencer frowned. Raymond, youre going overboard!

With that said, Raymond sneered. Spencer, dont say such stupid things here. After all, youve been eating for free all these years, right? You havent done anything and havent been scolded either. How can you understand our heartache of being scolded by a junior? Heh!

Raymond felt like he had turned over a new leaf. He pointed at the coffee cart and said, Justin, lets start with Raymond. I want two spoons of sugar, not milk.


He remained sitting there steadily and did not move at all.

Raymond frowned and looked at him. Arent you going to move? Why? Will you only apologize if the president says so himself?

When he said this, Raymond looked at Herman. Herman, look at how arrogant he is. In the past, when you werent around, he was always so high and mighty. Now that youre back, you have to teach him how to face his elders! He has to be more modest! He shouldnt be high up in the air.

Justin continued to sit there and watch them act like clowns.

A staff member was recording the voting data for the day.

Actually, there were not many people who really supported Herman today. Not even one in five. As for the shares, they had to be calculated

The conductor continued to calculate

He looked past Sean

Sean was Justins subordinate, but Justin was clearly different from his two assistants. Usually, Lawrence followed beside him most of the time.

Moreover, Lawrence was a very cheap person. He often mocked Sean in the company and liked to go against him.

Everyone knew that Sean was very dissatisfied with President Hunt. After all, President Hunt was too biased between him and Lawrence!

Therefore, Herman was the first to contact Sean. Sean hesitated for a long time and only agreed after Herman promised him many benefits.


The conductor swallowed and wanted to say something

Sean did not raise his hand. His 5% shares along with President Hunts shares alone were 51% not to mention the support of the people from the third household and most of the small shareholders

He really wanted to remind him, but when he saw that Justin was not saying anything, he continued to silently calculate

After Raymond said this, Spencer said, Raymond, dont be so anxious. You havent even taken office, but youre already anxious to take revenge. Your table manners are too ugly! Besides, there are only a dozen or so people who raised their hands to support Herman!

Raymond smiled. So what if there are more than ten people? Look at them. Those 7 to 8 people only have 1% of the shares! Even if they all support Justin, he only has 49% of the shares at most. My brother still occupies the majority!

With that, he looked at Justin proudly. Justin, are you feeling very uncomfortable? Its just 49% or so, you lost to Herman by a little. This is your retribution!

Who asked you to be so domineering? Thats why your relations are so bad! Look, which of these majority shareholders like you? If you were a little more respectful to them, you wouldnt have ended up like this!

He stood up straight and continued, We majority shareholders dont lack money at all! We care about our face and sense of achievement, but have you ever given them to us? Heh.

Justin raised his eyebrows. You should earn your face and dignity yourself, theyre not given for free.

Earn it ourselves? Ha, youre funny! Then dont talk about me. Tell me about your favorite subordinate, Sean! He must have worked hard enough in the company! He has done a lot for you all these years, but didnt he betray you today?!

With that, everyones eyes fell on Sean in the corner.

Raymond pointed at him. Look at him. Arent you sorry Sean, why isnt your hand raised?

Almost as soon as he finished speaking, the conductor silently said, Shareholders, the calculations are done