She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 744 - Complete Victory?

Chapter 744 - Complete Victory?

Chapter 744 Complete Victory?

Hermans move meant to suppress Justins aura.

The board of directors meeting was convened and the leaders were the last to arrive. It was nothing, but he used the word uncles to show that everyone present was older than him and should be respected.

If Justin refused to apologize, it would appear that he was very rude.

However, if he apologized, his imposing aura from before would disappear.

Hermans words caused Justin to fall into a passive state.

Nora stared at her phone, wanting to know what this man would do. At the end, when everyone looked at him, his gaze suddenly fell on the camera and stared at the screen.

It was like it landed on Noras face through the screen!


Was this guy that perceptive?

It was just a camera, and he had already discovered it?

No, wait

She had broken through the firewall created by Y. How could he not know? Furthermore, when Nora invaded, she did not encounter any obstacles. Did that mean that this man had allowed her to do so?

As if to confirm her thoughts, she heard him say calmly, Yes, I was with my wife, so I got delayed. Uncles, please forgive me. Nora: !!

Her face instantly turned red. F*ck!

What wife!

Who was his wife?

The two of them were not married yet, okay?

Nora pursed her lips and wished she could throw her phone aside.

However, she was very curious. Wouldnt his aura disappear if he apologized?

Therefore, she could not bear to throw her phone away.

However, the next moment, he said, However, although were a family business, how many family businesses have been destroyed by internal strife? When Grandpa Hunt began working for Hunt Corporation, he made a rule that Hunt Corporation will never allow anyone to take advantage of us. In the company, relationships are not important, only ability is.

With that, he sat up straight. Uncles, lets abandon all kinds of relationships now. In this room, theres only the chairman and the directors!

When he said these words, his attitude was still very light, but the words he said were not to be underestimated.

His aura returned instantly.

Everyone in the meeting room said in unison, Yes, Mr. Hunt!


Nora, who was staring at the screen, expressed that she had learned something!

Although she did not have so many people to control and it was useless to learn, she had to admit that the mans calm and confident tone was indeed very charming.

Nora did not feel hungry either. She simply stretched her legs out on the sofa and lay there. She found a comfortable position and continued to stare at the screen.

In the meeting room.

Justin said a few words and pulled the situation back. When Herman saw this, he said, Justin, youre wrong to say that. Business is business, but a businessman has to be a human first and be more loyal! How can you neglect someone who has contributed to the company? Isnt this breaking an old mans heart? For example, your second uncle has been working hard for so many years for the company. With one mistake, you removed his position. Youre so ruthless to your own uncle, so what about the other shareholders?

With that, he sighed. Its my fault for not being by your side since you were young. Your grandfather and grandmother have spoiled you rotten!

Justin did not speak and just glanced at Lawrence.

Lawrence entered with a document and handed it to the shareholders.

It was a list of all the projects that Raymond had lost over the years!

Justin had never done anything to him because the few billion he had lost was a small sum to him, but

Justin said sarcastically, If we dont remove him from his role, should we let him continue to incur losses to the company? I dont care, but do all the directors agree?

A few billion was a lot of money to these small shareholders who held a small portion of the companys shares!

Herman had just distributed the money to the shareholders, but now, Justin continued to use the shareholders money to persuade him.

Herman choked and glared at Raymond, feeling that his brother was really useless.

He continued to smile. Alright, lets not talk about this today. Our mission today is to elect a new chairman. Ive seen our financial statements. Over the past six months, the profits have stagnated, but the overseas market can be expanded. Over the years Ive been overseas, Ive also accumulated some connections, so Im recommending myself. If I can become the chairman, then I will bring improvements to the Hunt Corporation.

With that, Raymond and Lauren applauded.

The other shareholders also began to clap.

Justins eyes narrowed.

Over the past six months, economic stagnation and bankruptcy could be seen everywhere. It was only natural. Not to mention the Hunts, but even the Smiths could not escape unscathed.

Herman was actually starting with this.

Justin sneered and did not speak.

It was not that he did not want to explain, but there was no need to at all. The directors knew in their hearts that they wanted to pretend to be ignorant. Even if he called out, they would not wake up. If he explained, they would only show weakness.

Raymond could not help but mock, Justin, did you hear that? Youve brought Hunt Corporation to a standstill! Is your crime lighter than mine? Also, real estate is clearly so profitable, but you suddenly called for a halt and insisted on investing in the computing sector. The company has invested hundreds of millions, but theres no sign of profit I know you have your own ideas but you cant mess around with the interests of the entire company!

Lawrence argued, A portion of the companys investments are in electronics, and the electronics industry has always been dependent on foreign technologies. If we dont develop our own technology and our supply from overseas is cut, the consequences will be unimaginable. President Hunt is considering things from a high position for the future of Hunt Corporation! You cant be short-sighted!

Raymond pursed his lips and mocked, Why would the companies cut our supply? Theyre not stupid. Why would they turn down good business? Instead of spending billions on research and development, you might as well buy their product!


This was indeed decided by Justin personally against everyones objections.

The shareholders were already unhappy that they had to invest tens of billions in research and development every year. However, Justin was the head of the Hunts and had 51% of the shares. No matter what meeting he held, he could veto everyone.

Lawrence sneered. Theres no need to wait ten years; five no, just two years. Just wait and see! The international market is changing rapidly. If we dont plan ahead, we might be completely restrained! President Hunts decision is definitely far-sighted!

Heh, stop calling him President Hunt here! Raymond stood up immediately and slapped the table. After today, who knows if hell still be President Hunt? Other than him, who else agrees to what youre saying? Which one of you here doesnt have any complaints? In my opinion, he should give up his position as president and let Herman take over!

Herman waved his hand. Alright, Justin is still young and wont listen to our advice. If I become the president, the first thing Ill do is cut this R&D fund. R&D can be done, but we cant invest so much money!

His words made Raymond clap. Herman is right. You should be the next president!

Although Spencer did not agree with Justins actions, so many years had passed, and they had disagreed many times!

For example, back then, when he wanted to enter real estate, no one agreed. What happened in the end?

He had made a killing over the past few years.

Therefore, he followed Justin blindly. He said, I think President Hunt is still the most suitable. After all, he has brought the company to where we are today. When have his decisions ever backfired?

Upon hearing this, a group of people began to argue.

The scene became chaotic.

Most people did not agree with Justins actions.

Seeing this, Herman was extremely satisfied, especially when the few shareholders who had never approved of him were also criticizing Justin loudly.

He suddenly said, Alright, now is not the time to scold me. Today is also not the assessment meeting for Justin. Well choose the new president first. Now, lets raise our hands and agree to let me replace Justin as the president. Please raise your hands if you


With that, he looked at the shareholders.

The other shareholders had all been taken down by him, leaving only these few shareholders wavering.

Those few shareholders actually did not have a lot of shares.

Together, it was 5%.

The six of them had a very fierce quarrel with Lawrence earlier. Originally, they were very hesitant, but Raymonds words hit their weak spot.

Therefore, when this was said, those people hesitated for a moment. In the end, three of them raised their hands!


The three of them occupied 3% of the shares, and Justin only received the support of the other three at most, only 48%! Coupled with Spencers 1%, he only had 49%

Herman had won completely this time!

Herman and Raymond smiled. Raymond had already begun to congratulate him. Herman, congratulations! Hahaha!

Herman also said, Ill need everyones cooperation in the future

Neither of them saw that someone in the corner had not raised his hand