She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 743 - Center!

Chapter 743 - Center!

Chapter 743 Center!

When Nora woke up, it was already past nine.

She woke up an hour earlier than usual. When she thought of how Justin was going to the company to face a group of old mens attacks today, she found it funny.

After some thought, she took out her phone and quietly hacked into Hunt Corporations internal network. She secretly turned on the conference room camera.

She wanted to see how Justin planned to fight this group of old-timers.

She yawned and turned on her phone on the way to the bathroom. As she brushed her teeth and washed her face, she stared at her phone.

On the screen, Hunt Corporations office looked abnormally big.

The rows of tables and chairs were enough to seat a hundred people. This was probably the largest board meeting Hunt Corporation had held in recent years.

Everyone came one after another and sat there silently.

Herman and Lauren had also arrived. They sat at the head of the table in front and chatted with the other people.

Fortunately, this camera had an audio function. Otherwise, Nora would not have heard what they said.

Justins second uncle from the side family was currently flattering Herman. Herman, you should have become the head of this family long ago. You dont know how much Ive been cheated by that kid, Justin, all these years! Hes too domineering. The Hunts are simply operating on his word. Just a while ago, I made a small mistake and he directly removed my position!

With that, he pretended to touch his eyes and wipe his tears. Nora: Herman sighed. Raymond, Ive let you suffer all these years. Hes young and impulsive, and hes insensible. He must have done things to offend all the directors. When he comes later, Ill get him to apologize to everyone!

Raymond nodded and was about to say something when the third son of the Hunts, who was also Brendas father, said, Raymond, arent you exaggerating a little? Could it be that Justins decisions all these years were wrong? Furthermore, he also let go of the project you insisted on so much. What happened in the end? You made a loss before Justin slowly retracted his full power. Its not right for you to criticize him like this. Didnt Justin do well enough? How many times have the Hunts assets increased in the five years that he was in charge of the family business? When Grandpa was still around and in poor health, who was the one who handled the company matters behind the scenes? Even if nobody else knows, you and I should know, right? He had long-term goals even when he was still in school. His talent in business is obvious.

As soon as he finished speaking, Raymond sneered. Spencer, I think youre used to being his licking dog! Can a person only be measured with money? Hes the one with a


Spencer was so angry that he laughed. Raymond, youre being unreasonable. Were in business. What else can we look at other than profits?

Raymond snorted. People have to be particular, okay? The Hunts dont belong to him alone. Why should he say whatever he wants? Did I know from the beginning that I would lose money? I definitely hope that the Hunts will do better!

Spencer smiled. So, whoever can make the company profitable should be the one in charge! Brother, am I right?


Herman narrowed his scheming eyes and smiled. Of course.

As soon as he finished speaking, Lauren said, Raymond is right. This is also what I plan to tell everyone. Everyone should have seen how outstanding Herman was back then. Over the years, he has been living overseas as a test from Grandpa Hunt. We also established Hunt Corporation overseas. If Herman manages the Hunts, then the overseas business will naturally have to be merged with the main company. Of course, Herman was paid by Grandpa Hunt back then. Although it was private money, Grandpa Hunts dividend was also paid by the company. Herman has been thinking of returning home all these years. When he went overseas back then, he said that he would treat it as starting a branch Now, our overseas companys valuation is tens of billions. Of course, it cant compare to the Hunts, so everyones shares wont be diluted in the future.

The shares would not be diluted. In other words, Herman would divide the overseas company equally with every sensible person present!

Ten billion dollars, even if it was 0.1%, it was still ten million dollars!

Who would complain about having too much money? The people present looked at each other. Some of them were even more hesitant.

When Nora saw this, she pursed her lips as well. She felt that this group of peoples struggles were really high. Furthermore, she was really poor!

Should she think of a way to earn money?

She pursed her lips. At this moment, footsteps came from the door, and a tall man appeared.

The camera was facing the door, so she could only see the back view of the man.

However, even so, she still recognized this man at a glance.

After all, they had come much closer in the past few days. Even if he only had a few cells left, she could still recognize him.

Of course, this was a little exaggerated.

Nora could recognize him because the aura of the man was too strong.

Even though the shareholders present were all elites and Herman was a senior expert on a billion-dollar project, Justins aura was not weak at all.

Just as he appeared at the door, a number of his loyal subordinates suddenly stood up and greeted, Hello, Mr. Hunt!

The others subconsciously stood up as well.

Even Raymond could not help but leave the chair. Just as he was about to greet Justin, he sensed that Roger was sitting steadily and saw that Herman was also calm and composed. Only then did he press his butt back onto the chair.

Nora found it funny. She washed her face and sat on the sofa. She crossed her legs and continued to watch.

In the meeting room.

When Justin entered, those who were questioning him and even denouncing him as a hegemon instantly shut their mouths.

He took two steps forward and realized that his seat was occupied.

He did not scratch or make a fuss and sat on the first seat on the right.

Although he was sitting below Herman, everyones attention was still focused on him. Justins body made everyone know that the head chair was not the center, but where he was, that was the center of the crowd.

Sensing the change in everyones eyes, Herman was a little angry and said, Justin, its the board of directors meeting today. Youre late. Apologize to your uncles first.

He was planning to suppress his aura first.

Nora had not experienced this before and found it quite fun. She planned to see what Justin would do.