She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 742 - Board of Direct

Chapter 742 - Board of Direct

Chapter 742 Board of Directors!

Nora knew that if the news of Justin being poor was released, there would definitely be some people who would hit him when he was down.

However, she did not expect these small figures to be so crafty and drilling.

A small steward in charge of the boiler and kitchen in the Hunts actually dared to speak to his little master like this? He was really tired of living!

Nora lowered her eyes.

It was cold at home, but she could turn just on the air conditioner.

However, she was not in good health. Therefore, in her house, there had to be a heater in the winter.

Furthermore, she did not like to wear too thick a shirt. It was inconvenient to move around like this, especially when she was working in the laboratory. Wearing too thick a shirt would affect her work.

Therefore, she stepped forward and asked, Whats wrong with the heater?

When the in-charge heard this, he immediately said in a sarcastic tone, Miss Smith, even if I tell you whats wrong, what can you do? You should wait for the maintenance company to come. Besides, what you should be concerned about now is helping Mr. Hunt raise more money. Why are you making things difficult for a small manager like me here? Dont you think so?

The in-charge spoke in a way that pushed away all responsibility.

Nora lowered her eyes and sneered. Whats your name?

Felix. The in-charge directly reported his name. Why? Is Miss Smith firing me? But I didnt make a mistake. Im not like the two garden cleaners you fired previously where you held evidence over them. Nora could not be bothered to speak. She said, Yes, Ill remember you.

It was a casual sentence, but it made Felix feel a chill. He stared at Nora and felt that he was scaring himself just now.

Justin was about to be chased out of the Hunts, what could Miss Smith do to him?

He straightened his back. Im a nobody. Why would Miss Smith remember me?

Youre not a nobody.

Iris was furious. At this moment, no one else dares to fight casually. Theyre all waiting for the conclusion tomorrow. Youre the only one who can stand out. Hehe! Youre really good at seizing opportunities!

Felixs thoughts were seen through by her, and his face turned red.

He had been here for so many years. He was one of Mrs. Hunts people, but he had always been working in the kitchen. This work was idle and had no room for growth. He was really annoyed.

Later on, he wanted to request Mr. Hunt frequently to transfer to other places, but Mr. Hunt ignored him. When he went to look for the in-charge, the in-charge said that he was too scheming and not loyal enough. Mr. Hunt would not put him in an important position.

How was he not loyal?

If he was not loyal, he would have stopped working for the Hunts a long time ago, okay? The Hunts only offered a higher salary

Therefore, he was unwilling to accept this. He also wanted to be like a manager.

Many people outside wanted to do business with the Hunts, and they were very respectful to the stewards who went out to do things.

Therefore, he had to grab the opportunity.

This time, Justin was clearly not going to make it. As for Lauren, she was commanding others at home. Everyone mostly agreed with her on the surface but opposed her on the inside. Only he jumped out.

He wanted to be the first person in front of Lauren.

When Mr. Herman became the head of the Hunts, Justin and his family would be marginalized. At that time, wouldnt Lauren be the one in charge of the household?

Therefore, he listened to Lauren now.

Wasnt he just suppressing the people here to see if they would resist?

It was too easy to do such a small thing.

Felix retracted his thoughts and said with a smile, Madam Iris, I dont understand what you mean. Im just doing my job. Alright, if theres nothing else, Ill get back to work.

With that, he left.

Looking at his back, Nora narrowed her eyes and touched her mouth.

Beside her, Cherry whispered, Hes finished.

Xander and Pete looked at her. Whats wrong?

Cherry: When Mommy wipes her mouth, it means that shes very angry. The consequences are serious!

Xander and Pete: ?

The two of them raised their heads and looked at Nora. However, they felt that this woman really seemed to be releasing a murderous aura at this moment.

The two little guys shivered in unison.

At this moment, Brenda twisted her waist and walked in. The moment she entered and saw Nora, her eyes instantly lit up. She came directly to her and grabbed her hand. Why did I hear my mother say that you have a pretty boy outside? Nora: ?

Brenda was the daughter of the third side family. The third household had always been Justins supportive faction, and since Brenda and Justin had a good relationship, Justin had always taken good care of the third household.

Brenda said, When my parents heard about this, they couldnt sit still. Theyve always been in Justins faction. Now, theyre being squeezed at home!

Brenda pursed her lips. Nora, is Justin really done for? If hes done for, let me know. Ill let my parents be fence-sitters for once too. I dont want you to take care of Justin if he fails. If they fail, itll be difficult for them to move forward in the Hunts!

With that, he sighed again. What do you think Herman is thinking? Why does he have to fight with Justin? He and his mistress dont have a son. Wont the Hunts still belong to Justin in the future? I really dont understand. However, Nora, is your pretty boy even more good-looking than Justin?


Was there something wrong with this woman?

Brenda grimaced and entered, only to discover the problem immediately. Why is it so cold here? Wheres the heater?

Cherry complained, Felix wouldnt let us use the heater. He said he wanted us to get in line.

Line? F*ck!

Brenda was furious. Ill go and see whats going on?! A servant actually bullied his master!

With that, she turned and left.

Cherry, Pete, and Xander signaled with their eyes, and the three little fellows followed behind Brenda obediently.

As soon as they walked past, they saw Brenda kicking Felix away.


Felix fell to the ground in pain. There was snow on the ground, but the temperature was very high. The snow was melting and, with his fall, his clothes were stained with mud.

Felix said in exasperation, Ms. Brenda, what are you doing?

Ill give you ten minutes to turn on the heater for my little nephew and niece. Otherwise, hehe. Dont say that my brother hasnt been chased out yet. Even if he is chased out, Ill beat you up until youre half disabled. Do you think Herman will fuss about it with me?

Nora was Justins fiance. If Nora hit him, Herman would definitely fuss about it. But if it was Brenda

Even if the third branch stood on Justins side, she was still the daughter of Hermans younger brother. He definitely did not dare to mess with Brenda.

Felix immediately said, Okay, okay. Ill make the arrangements immediately.

With that, he quickly got someone to turn on the heater in Justins villa.

In fact, the heater that led to Justins opulent villa was only separated by a metal sheet. When the metal sheet was opened, it gradually warmed up.

After Felix opened it, he became angrier the more he thought about it.

Therefore, when he woke up the next morning, he turned off the heater again!

The person beside him asked, Why did you cut off their heater again?

Felix sneered. Today is the companys board of directors meeting. Justin didnt come back last night. What does this mean? It means that the preparations for raising money overseas havent been smooth! Otherwise, he would have returned home long ago. After this meeting ends today, I want Lauren to hear that their villa has turned cold the moment she comes back!

The person beside him asked, Are you sure theyll win?

Of course. Felix was extremely confident and smug. After today, I wont be a mere steward in the kitchen!

He was the first person to jump out and stand by Laurens side. He was the one who supported her, so Lauren would definitely put him in an important position!

At the same time, in Hunt Corporations large conference room, all the directors were gathered. The board meeting was about to start!