She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 741 - Board Meeting Tomorrow!

Chapter 741 - Board Meeting Tomorrow!

Chapter 741 Board Meeting Tomorrow!

In the villa in the suburbs.

Nora stood by the window and watched as the car in the distance left. She pursed her lips and turned around to sit at the dining table.

In front of him was lunch prepared by Justin. The steak had been cut into small pieces and there was also soup. It looked incongruous.

However, Nora did not care at all. She picked up the soup and took a sip. She commented, Yesterdays soup was salty. Its just nice today.

Yes, this means that I still have the talent to cook.

Justin had a smile on his face. After saying that, he scooped another bowl for her.

Nora looked at him and praised, Its been hard on you, cooking is so difficult. You dont have to keep doing it. Ill get someone to cook for you.

Justin raised his eyebrows. Is it difficult? Why do I feel its quite simple?


Nora raised her eyebrows and continued, Do you know? I have cooked three times in my life.

Justin was very interested and smiled. Oh, which three times?

Nora took a bite of the steak and felt that it was not satisfying. Justin had cut it into pieces too tiny. She used the fork to cut five or six pieces and stuffed them into her mouth. After chewing twice and swallowing, she said, The first time I cooked was overseas. At that time, Cherry was one year old. I wanted to cook her a bowl of egg soup.

Justin asked, And?

I took salt for sugar and steamed it until it was too soft. When I fed it to Cherry, she kept vomiting.

Hahahaha! Justin rarely laughed so carelessly. He seemed very cheerful when he laughed.

I did not give up and cooked again. But I forgot to turn off the fire and burnt the bottom of the pot. Fortunately, I was fine. However, my youngest aunt ordered me never to cook again.

Nora sighed helplessly. But I didnt give up. I went into the kitchen for the third time and burned it all down. Forget it. I might not have any talent for cooking.

Justin watched as she described her talent seriously and laughed non-stop. Youre the mighty Anti, the number one doctor of alternative medicine, an international racer, a hacker, and Big Sister of Quinn School of Martial Arts. Youre outstanding in all fields, but you dont know how to cook!

Nora rolled her eyes. Geniuses are not omnipotent.

Justin was tired from smiling. Its okay. Ill cook in the future.


Nora saw that he was laughing so hard. She ate the beef ruthlessly again and chewed hard. She would treat it as chewing this dog man.

What was so funny?

What was wrong with her only having cooked thrice or burning a kitchen down?

On the fourth day.

The board of directors meeting was tomorrow, and the atmosphere in the Hunt Manor became serious.

Furthermore, even the weather seemed to have sensed something. There was a sudden cold wind.

It was even beginning to snow in the entire region.

When Nora woke up in the morning, she felt the cold outside and wrapped the blanket tightly around her. Then, she sneezed. The door was pushed open and Cherry ran in. Her little nose was red from the cold. Mommy, Mommy, the heater is here!

Nora felt the coldness in the air and frowned. Wheres the heater?

Cherry said, The temperature dropped today. Uncle Butler said that the entire manor was warming up today, so the heater was switched on at Fattys house! But why dont we have it here yet?

Nora: ?!

She frowned and lifted the blanket to cover herself with a thick coat.

Ever since she had a major hemorrhage while giving birth, she had always been weak and afraid of the cold. At the slightest hint of cold weather, she would turn on the heater. The room had to maintain 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

The weather was only 70 degrees yesterday, but today, it was suddenly 40 degrees. Furthermore, it was snowing. It might get even colder.

It was too cold.

She wrapped herself in her clothes and followed Cherry downstairs. When she went downstairs, Iris was quarreling with the steward of the greenhouse.

There are heaters everywhere else, why isnt there one here?

The in-charge lowered his head and said with a smile, Madam, the temperature suddenly dropped this year. I wasnt expecting that. We dont have enough fuel left. Besides, something seems to be wrong with the heating pipe here. Ive already called for someone to fix it.

A small family might use electricity to warm themselves, but the Hunt Manor was too big, so they had a special boiler for heating.

Before Iris could speak, Pete said, Since theres not enough fuel, why dont you let us use it first? We usually use it first.

As the patriarch of the Hunts, everyone in the Hunts served Justin. When had he ever suffered like this?!

The in-charge smiled. Pete, you also know you guys get to use it first every year, so its time for others to use it first this year. Its all fair!

This sentence was unfair!

The heating in the servants room was already there, but their small villa did not have it? Furthermore, the heating ducts had not broken even once in the past, how did they suddenly break this year?

It was obvious that they were behind this!

Iris also frowned. Thats enough! Fix it immediately. Ill give you half an hour to turn on the heating in the villa! Otherwise, Ill leave you to your own devices!.

Cherry loved to run around barefooted on the ground. Now that she was freezing, it was inconvenient for her.

The in-charge was not afraid and acted shamelessly. Madam, this request of yours is really making things difficult for me! Where can I find someone to fix it? I dont know how to fix it myself. Ive already asked for repairs, but the maintenance staff is currently busy. I dont have a choice! If you punish me or fire me because of this, youd be going against the contract

The person in charge of the greenhouse was Mrs. Hunts subordinate.

The matriarch would definitely not let her great-grandson freeze. Therefore, it was no doubt Lauren who had ordered this.

What a despicable method.

Iris was so angry that her chest heaved. She wished she could bring her three precious grandchildren to her villa in the suburbs. At the very least, it was up to her when the heater came on.

But she could not leave.

This was the Hunt Manor, the place where Justin was the head. If she left with her grandson, in less than a minute, there would be news of Justin being chased out of the house!

Iris really did not know what to do when faced with such a shameless subordinate.

At this moment, Xander placed his hands on his hips and said, Youre such an unruly slave. Isnt it just because Dad isnt around that youre bullying us? Let me tell you, Mom is still here! Besides, Dad will be back soon!

These words should have frightened the in-charge, but he did not expect the in-charge to immediately smile when he heard this. Even if your father is back, he probably wont have the mood to care about us. Hell be busy handling your mother!

Xander was stunned. What about my Mom?

The in-charge continued to smile. Just as he was about to speak, Iriss face darkened. She shouted angrily, I dare you to say it!

The in-charge pursed his lips. In front of the child, he originally wanted to talk about Noras pretty boy. After all, this matter had spread everywhere! Even the location, time, and the other partys identity as a pretty boy were made clear.

However, Iris was too strong. He could only shut his mouth.

Iris roared, I dont think you want to work here anymore!

The in-charge said, Does it matter if you want me to work here or not? Well hold a board of directors meeting tomorrow. After it ends, lets see if you still dare to be so arrogant!

Iris pointed at him and scolded, What nonsense are you talking about?

The in-charge pursed his lips. Im not talking nonsense. This news has already spread. Mr. Hunt will not be the head of Hunt Corporation for long. Then, there will be another person in the Hunts to respect!

Pete couldnt help but say, Its not certain who will win!

Sigh, Pete, what are you saying You have confidence in your father, but its a pity your mother doesnt. Shes already preparing to run Otherwise, the hearts of the people below wouldnt have scattered so much!

When Nora went downstairs, she heard these words.

A cold glint flashed across her almond-shaped eyes.

Although it had been an act to deliberately give others the illusion, she was still a little angry at this moment.