She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 740 - Beat Her at Her Own Game

Chapter 740 - Beat Her at Her Own Game

Chapter 740 Beat Her at Her Own Game

Iris stared at Lauren and said, This doesnt mean that Nora has a boyfriend!

Lauren smiled and said, It cant be Justin inside, can it? Hes overseas and hes been gone for two days. Ive observed her. When she goes out every day, her face is abnormally red! Why? Youve been pure of heart for so many years. Dont you even know the basics?

Iriss face turned red.

Mrs. Hunts fingers trembled in anger.

She pointed at the door. This woman, how can she treat Justin like this?! How can she?! Wheres Justin? Ill call him immediately. How can she dare to cheat on him?!

With that, Mrs. Hunt took out her phone and prepared to call Justin.

However, before she could press her hand down, Iris grabbed her hand and shouted, Mom!

After shouting this, she bit her lip and finally hardened her heart. Mom, Justin is very busy at the moment. Lets not disturb him! Besides, so what if he finds out? Can he still cut ties with the Smiths?!

Mrs. Hunt was stunned.

Iris decided to make things clear. Are you on Hermans side?

Mrs. Hunt hesitated.

She had watched both her son and grandson grow up.

Moreover, her grandson was indeed more suitable to take over the Hunts than her son. Although she had helped her son clarify the will that day, it was still the will left by Old Master.

In her heart, she really did not like Laurens behavior. Furthermore, as a woman, she also felt disdain for her son for abandoning his wife.

Mrs. Hunt had always been high and mighty. Previously, she did not like Nora because she had grown up in the countryside. She was afraid that she would be petty like one from a small household and would not be suitable for the status of the Hunts.

Now, she understood.

Justin was filled with internal and external trouble.

Herman was watching him from the inside while Philip was targeting from the outside. At this moment, his grandson had already gone overseas to prepare the funds. If he knew about Nora, would he cut ties with the Smiths? Or would he tolerate it?

If he cut ties with the Smiths, he would have no power to compete at all!

But to endure it?

How sad would a proud person like her grandson be?!

Mrs. Hunts eyes turned red from anger. Her entire body trembled as she pointed at the villa. Then here, here

Lauren tried to persuade her. Mom, go in and take a look. What if weve misunderstood Miss Smith? Besides, with her behavior, shes not fit to be our Hunts daughter-in-law! Lets go in and catch the adulterer?

Iris sighed. There are still three children

Three children

When she thought of Pete and Cherrys innocence and cuteness, Mrs. Hunts heart softened even more.

She took a deep breath and suppressed it. She instructed the chauffeur, Take us home!

Lauren was indignant and continued to urge, Mom, isnt this inappropriate? How can our Hunts suffer like this? Lets go in and take a look!

Mrs. Hunt glared at Lauren and turned to get into the car. After getting into the car, she saw that Lauren still looked indignant. She gritted her teeth and said, Get in!

With that, her gaze fell on the villa again.

Lauren did not dare to disobey her. She could only follow Iris into the car.

Lauren was still fuming. Mom, are we just going to let her do this? Then were too aggrieved. Is our family going to be bullied like this?

After the car started, the more the old madam thought about it, the more aggrieved she felt. She said, Its okay. Wait until Justin gets through this! With his personality, he definitely wont tolerate her!


Lauren rolled her eyes. He was still going to get through this?

Herman was also full of confidence and planned to wait for Justin to personally hand over the Hunts power!

The car arrived at the Hunt Manor very quickly.

After getting out of the car, Iris went to Justins villa worriedly. Lauren looked around and followed behind her. She saw the butler holding a photo and saying something to Iris

Coincidentally, the photo was seen by Lauren. It was a photo of Nora entering the villa.

She leaned closer and heard Iris say, Suppress the news. Give that reporter more money and tell her not to write nonsense outside!


The butler went out. Iris turned around and saw Lauren.

Lauren smiled sarcastically. Why? Are you still helping your daughter-in-law hide the truth? Justin is really promising! Is he planning to live off his wife after being chased out of the house?

Iris frowned and stared at her. Its not certain who will be kicked out yet. Dont be too full of yourself!

Iris turned around and entered the villa.

As soon as she entered the villa, the worry on Iriss face disappeared. She looked out of the door and saw Lauren turn around and leave in the distance. Then, she took out her phone and sent a message to Nora. Its done.

She was being followed, and not by an expert either. After all, the people Lauren hired were all unprofessional. If Nora was followed by a person like Morris, it would be difficult to detect. However, against an ordinary person, how could Nora not have noticed?

She could not be bothered to take a detour and shake them off to prevent Lauren and the others from misunderstanding. Therefore, she simply went to the suburban villa.

Anyway, no one would have thought that the man inside the villa was Justin.

After all, Justins personality was so domineering, it was impossible for him to do such a thing

After a few days, Lauren did show up and called Iris and Mrs. Hunt to catch the couple.

Iris decided to play along with them.

Of course, Mrs. Hunt and the others could not have entered the villa. Even if Iris did not persuade Mrs. Hunt to leave, she would not have been able to enter.

Now Lauren and the others would probably relax even more!

She was right.

When Lauren returned home, she went straight to Herman and was reporting to him. Justin is definitely at the end of his rope! Otherwise, Nora wouldnt dare to do this so openly. The Smiths must have thought that he has no chance of winning, thats why they dared to do such a thing. Tsk, at the critical moment, even his fiance betrayed him!

Herman did not like to see her smug face. He sneered. Heh, she dares to betray Justin now. Lets see what shell do when her familys assets are handed to Justin!

As soon as he said this, Lauren said, He might not even want anything! Besides, why do you have to return everything to him?

Herman glared at her. Who else can I give it to besides my son? At the end of the day, its all your fault for being useless! You couldnt even give birth to a son for me all these years!

Lauren was instantly rendered speechless.

Did Herman hate Justin?

Not necessarily.

After all, how could there be a father who has no feelings for his child?

Back then, he had chosen to take a different path and his son felt that he was wrong and even criticized him. Now, Herman wanted to prove that he was not wrong!

He wanted him to see how difficult Philip was to deal with. He wanted him to experience failure and pressure and understand his decision back then.

As for Iris he had no choice but to give her to Philip.

At the thought of this, Herman picked up the document again.

Lauren suddenly came to his side. As she massaged his shoulder, she said, Herman, I still think somethings wrong. Justin has been managing the family for so many years, so how could he say no? Furthermore, hes clearly giving you 5% of the shares. Isnt he digging his own grave?

Herman sneered. Hes too young and thinks that even without that 5%, there are still shareholders he can rely on. But he doesnt know that no one will stand with him in the face of benefits! This time, I gave up so many benefits to win the support of those old men. Heh, Im going to give him a lesson for messing with Philip and let him know that theres always a sky beyond the sky!

When Lauren heard this, she heaved a sigh of relief. Then, she revealed an excited and smug expression.

The board of directors meeting would be held the day after tomorrow. At that time, Justin would step down, and she would completely suppress Iris.

The winner was the king, and everyone else was the loser. When the time came, she would only be Madam Hunt. No one would remember she was a mistress.