She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 739 - Catching The Adulterous Couple?

Chapter 739 - Catching The Adulterous Couple?

Chapter 739 Catching The Adulterous Couple?

Brenda lowered her head and took a glance. Yeah, he should be on the plane right now. Nora, if Justin calls you after the plane lands, tell him that If he needs me to sacrifice myself and enter a political marriage for his sake, just say the word.


Brenda touched her face, her lips curling up into a charming smile. After all, given my looks, Im still worth a bit of money, arent I?


With her head lowered, Nora continued to send messages to Justin: So, where are you now?

Justin sent her a set of GPS coordinates.

Before Nora even opened them, she realized that those were the coordinates for the villa shed taken him to earlier that day.


The corners of her lips spasmed and she heard Brenda asking, Nora, who are you messaging?

No one in particular. Nora was not a very good liar, so she calmly changed the subject. Who do you want to marry?

Brenda became a little troubled at once. I havent made up my mind yet.

Nora thought that she didnt want to get married, so she was about to talk her out of it when the woman sighed and said, The York boy is a little puppy while the one from the Shaws is a little wolfhound. As for the Smiths, we already have you, so Im not needed there anymore. Otherwise, the Smith boys would also suffice since they are pretty good-looking. What a real dilemma this is!

The corners of Noras lips spasmed. Next to her, Cherry echoed Brenda. Yeah, Aunt Brenda, what a real dilemma this is! Its so hard to choose! Cant you marry all of them? Cant a woman marry several men?

Brenda: ?

Nora: ?


Brenda couldnt help but laugh. Cherry, what a wonderful idea you have! I am saving money right now so that I can take care of many young men in the future!

Cherrys eyes widened. I see! Once you have money, you can take care of many young men at once!


Nora felt that there was a high chance Brenda would lead the little girl astray if she stayed here any longer, so she immediately started pushing Brenda towards the door. Okay, okay, hurry up and go out!

After speaking, she came back and had dinner with the three children.

At night.

Nora slept with the three children. For once, though, she actually had insomnia after the children fell asleep. She picked up her cell phone and saw Justin had sent her a message: The food abroad is pretty good, do you want some? Ill treat you to lunch tomorrow?

Then came a photo he sent.

It was a photo of a steak.

Nora had never cared much about what she ate, but when she saw the photo, she actually wanted to eat it.

She replied: Did you cook that?

Yes. So, is Ms. Smith willing to come over and have a taste tomorrow?

Nora smiled and replied: Depends on whether I have time tomorrow.

Despite saying that, she put down her phone and turned to look at the three babies who were on the same bed as her.

No matter how naughty the three little fellows were when they were awake, they would always be cute and innocent once they were asleep. All of them were sprawled on the bed with their arms and legs spread out. The sight of them lined up in a row made one feel exceptionally blissful.

Nora kissed Xanders cheek before she finally lay down.

The night passed peacefully.

Soon, it was dawn. When Nora woke up, the three little fellows had already gotten dressed and gone downstairs to play.

Since Xanders return, Cherry had stopped going to kindergarten. The three of them played together every day.

In order to have Xander relax and integrate into the family as soon as possible, neither Nora nor Justin had forced her. After all, Cherry was the familys bundle of joy.

After breakfast, Nora left the house and headed to the suburban villa.

In the villa, she had lunch with Justin and then took a nap. Nora didnt leave the villa until 5 PM when she got ready to go home and have dinner with the children.

She couldnt wake up in the morning, so she didnt have breakfast with the children.

Since she was with Justin for lunch, then she would definitely have to be with the children at night.

For two days in a row, that was how Nora spent her time.

This continued until the third day, when she went out as usual at noon.

When her car disappeared from the parking lot, Lauren held Mrs. Hunts arm and walked out of the house with Iris. The three of them looked into the distance. Then, they got into the car and instructed the chauffeur, Follow her!

The chauffeur followed Nora to the suburban villa.

The chauffeur stopped the car at the side of the road a distance away. From there, they could smell a fragrance coming from the villa after Nora drove in, as if the occupants were cooking

Mrs. Hunt was pulling a very long face.


Lauren paused. Then, she sneered and said, Here I was, thinking that the relationship between Ms. Smith and Justin was really that good! Haha, Justin has only been abroad for two days, yet she is already lonely? To think she has found another man outside!

Iris said, No, Nora would never do that. She is not that kind of a person

If not, then can you tell me who it is inside? Lauren spoke aggressively. Surely it cant possibly be Justin, right? Are you saying that the great president of the company is cooking for someone else in there? And being kept hidden like a secret lover? Ive already checkedthis villa belongs to the Smiths! In other words, this villa is Nora Smiths!


Mrs. Hunts expression turned even darker. The audacity of her! I didnt think that Nora would actually do something like this! She has utterly shamed the Smiths and the Hunts!

After she spoke, she looked straight at the chauffeur and instructed, Drive over! I want to see which part about the man inside is better than Justin that she would actually abandon Justin and look for someone else outside!

The chauffeur:

Iris rejected the order. This is Noras privacy. Its not appropriate for us to go over and disrupt their peace right now!

Lauren lowered her head and said, Iris, what do you mean by that? We are doing this all for Justins sake! I have already noticed during the past few days that she goes out at a fixed time every day. Additionally, when she comes back, her face is visibly rosy. Hah, has she become bored with Justin just because he doesnt have money anymore? Now, that wont do, the Hunts mustnt have a daughter-in-law like that!

Her words brainwashed Mrs. Hunt even further. She immediately said, Yes, go in at once and see who exactly Nora is fooling around with! The Hunts will never tolerate such a daughter-in-law!!