She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 738 - Justin Is Short of Money?

Chapter 738 - Justin Is Short of Money?

Chapter 738 Justin Is Short of Money?

On this day, on the outskirts of New York, an amorous and suggestive atmosphere filled Noras entire villa.

A full and satisfied Mr. Hunt held Nora in his arms, his fingers stroking her back again and again. On his countenance was a look of contentment that had never been there before.

His dark eyes were so deep and bottomless that no one would dare to look into them. When one glanced at them, it was as if they were looking at the deep and boundless starry sky. The man asked hoarsely, Nora, are you sleepy? Nora was a little tired, though for once, she was surprisingly not very sleepy. She pushed Justin away and got up. The quilt slid down her fair skin.

She was very fair, which made the numerous marks and love-bites on her body look a little alarming as if she had been abused. At the sight, the look in Justins eyes deepened again.

However, Nora quickly put on her clothes. She pulled her hair behind her and said, Im not sleepy. Lets go back.

Justin sighed silently and leaned against the headboard. In this instant, he really felt like having a post-lovemaking cigarette, but as a doctor, Nora would undoubtedly hate the smell of cigarette smoke, so he suppressed the urge and said, I dont feel like leaving.

Nora ignored him and continued to put on her clothes. After she was dressed, she started to walk out. Then I will go first. You can go home later.


Why did it feel like the two of them were having some kind of clandestine affair? To the extent that they had to go home at different timings to avoid suspicion?

The corners of his lips spasmed as he flipped the quilt aside and stood up as well.

Nora had already gotten dressed in a clean and swift manner and was walking toward the exit. Her legs were still a little soft.

When she thought of the position they had taken just now, she silently took a deep breath. From the looks of it, it seemed that she should exercise more in the future and stop slacking off. She hadnt expected it to be this tiring!

On the other hand, true to what Quinn had said, it was apparent that Justin had indeed been training very diligently every day. Thus, his physical fitness was obviously better than hers.

That guy had also exhausted a lot of his stamina just now, yet he looked perfectly fine and was even in good spirits.

Thinking of this, Nora pursed her lips.

Were the two of them really going to waste so much energy on such unnecessary competition against each other, and end up exhausting each other out?

She sighed silently and quickened her pace, for fear that staying there would make her develop thoughts of reducing her sleeping time by half an hour for exercise.

Justin put on his pajamas. He was planning to chat with Nora for a while, but the sound of the door closing instead came from the door. Then, the car started outside. When he walked over to the balcony, he saw that Nora had already slipped away in the car.

Justin: .

He sighed silently again.

At this time, his cell phone rang-it was Lawrence.

Boss, everything has been settled. I need you to put on a show and play along with the performance now.

The situation with the Hunt Corporation shares was at a critical juncture, and Herman was very actively running around in the company at the moment. It probably wouldnt be very appropriate for Justin to behave too calmly at this time.

Lawrence said, I bought you an air ticket for a flight tonight. Would you like to go abroad for a vacation for the time being?

Justin: ?

He raised his eyebrows, knowing what Lawrence meant.

Justin was one of the people standing at the pinnacle of the country. Now that he had encountered a problem, he would undoubtedly have to seek help from some of his foreign business partners. Lawrence was asking him to pretend to go overseas to seek help so that they could bluff Herman and a few certain people among the Hunts.

This was to prevent some people, who knew him too well and were apprehensive of his mighty reputation, from becoming too scared to come out and make trouble upon seeing his overly-calm reaction. If that happened, how was he going to nab all of them in one fell swoop?


Justin coughed. Okay, get Sean to impersonate me and leave the country.

Lawrence was taken aback. Would that really work?

Justin nodded. Yeah, well do just that.

By the time he said that, he had already gone downstairs. He went to the kitchen and took a look, upon which he found that the villa was obviously frequently cleaned.

However, there was nothing to eat in the fridge.

Thus, he said, Buy some food and send it here.

Then, he gave Lawrence the address.

Lawrence asked, Mr. Hunt, are you hiding a secret lover?

Hiding a secret lover?

Justin, who found his words interesting, smiled and chuckled. Just do as I say and send it over. What are you asking so much nonsense for?


Half an hour later, Lawrence entered the villa with a bag of food in his hand. Then, he took a look around the area. Before he left, he even asked, Does Ms. Smith know that youre staying here?

Justin kicked him out the door.

After Nora returned to the Hunts, she played with the three kids for a while.

Soon, it got dark outside and it was time for dinner. However, Justin didnt come back.

Nora picked up her cell phone to send him a text message and ask about it. But in the end, before she could send the message, Brenda walked into the house.

As soon as she entered, she asked solemnly, Nora, tell me the truth, is Justin in need of money?

Nora raised her eyebrows. Whats wrong?

While she spoke, she typed a few words on the phone and sent a message out: Arent you coming back for dinner?

Brenda looked right and left before she finally leaned towards her. Nora, I just got the news that Justin has gone abroad to raise money! He plans to buy 5% of the companys shares at a high price! But he actually doesnt have any money left. Once news of this spreads, it will definitely throw people into a panic!

Nora: ?

Justin needed money?

Then why didnt he say so? Although she was very poor and only had 75 million dollars, at least the Smiths could produce billions of dollars at any time without a problem

While she was thinking about it, Cherry asked, Is Daddy very short of money?

Brenda looked at her and sighed. Seems that


Cherry said, Then why dont I ask my grandaunt for some money for Daddy? My grandaunt can lend quite a few hundred!

Brenda propped her chin on her hands. Whats the use of a few hundred?

Aunt Brenda, do you know what I mean by a few hundred?

Hundreds of thousands of dollars? But a few hundred thousand dollars wont be enough either. I already have a few hundred thousand dollars here. I have been playing too hard all these years, and on top of that, I like to shop a lot Some time ago, I bought around a hundred handbags during Black Friday sales Theres still time for me to return them. Nora, why dont you lend me some money? So that I can pay the balance and return them to save the money for Justin instead.

While Brenda was prattling away, Cherry sighed silently and said, My grandaunts money comes hundreds of millions of dollars.


Flabbergasted, she stared at Cherry for a while. Then, she sighed. Cherry, you mustnt brag like that. Whose company has hundreds of millions of working capital?!

After she spoke, she looked at Nora again. Nora, I called Justin just now, but he has already switched off his phone. Hes on the plane right now, so we wont be able to contact him.

As she spoke, Noras cell phone vibrated and Justins text message reached her: I wont be able to come back for the next few days. Im someone whos supposed to be on a plane to another country right now.


She blinked and looked at Brenda again. Did you say that Justin is on a plane?