She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 737 - Nora VS Justin: Who’s The Winner?

Chapter 737 - Nora VS Justin: Who’s The Winner?

Chapter 737 Nora VS Justin: Whos The Winner?

Nora was not a little girl anymore. In fact, she had already given birth to three children. She might not have ever really gone into battle with a clear mind, but even if she had never actually done it for real, it wasnt like she was unaware of the process.

Moreover, the 25-year-old majored in medicine and practically knew the structure of the human body inside out. As such, she was even more familiar than most with regard to the matter.

At the bottom of it all, it was nothing but ones physiology making mischief. Justins pheromones were just being excessively released Ahem, never mind, she must be over-thinking it.

While Noras imagination was running wild, the mans large hand was started wandering all over her body.

Noras nerveswhich had always been dull and dense-turned sensitive at this moment. Although she was very sleepy, her mind became exceptionally excited.

In the dark.

She stared at Justin-the man had already flipped the quilt open and slipped under the covers.

Because the children were present, his movements were very light. The two shared a quilt, and his burning hot body gradually warmed Noras slightly cold one.

A sense of restlessness slowly spread throughout her entire body.

Seeing that she wasnt rejecting him, the man lowered his head and kissed her on the lips gently. After giving her a peck on the lips, seeing that she still wasnt responding, the man pecked her on the lips a second time, then the third time until Nora, who found his kisses ticklish, parted her lips and bit his lip.

Justin took the opportunity to deepen the kiss.

He barged into her territory savagely and went on a rampage. In this instant, the man looked totally different from his usual self

This was the first time Nora was feeling how strong the man was, as well as also the first time she was feeling the terrifying aura around him that seemed to want to swallow her whole.

Her cheeks gradually turned scarlet during the kiss. As her eyes remained closed, Justin gradually took control of the rhythm. Then The mans callused fingertips roughly rubbed against her skin. Wherever he touched, it was as though an electric current was going through her, giving her a tingly and relaxed feeling

At some point in time, her pajamas had already come off

The two finally faced each other without anything in between them.

In the dimly lit room, both Justin and Noras breathing had become heavy.

The two stared into each others eyes. At last, they had come to the last stage

Justin stared at her, his voice a little hoarse. Nora, are you ready?.

Nora kept quiet for a while. Then, she answered, Yeah.

After she uttered the word, when Justin was about to take the last step, a young voice suddenly reached them.

Xander asked, What are Daddy and Mommy doing?

Cherry replied, They are probably sparring. Daddy asked Mommy if shes ready, right? So they are probably about to fight each other! After all, Mommy has always wanted to beat Daddy in a fight!

Huh? Can Mommy beat Daddy? Shall we help?

I dont think so, both of them are experts. Its just that I dont know who is stronger Xander, lets make a bet, whoever loses will play as support in the game! Ill bet on Mommy!

Then Ill bet on Daddy!

Cherry gave Pete, who was sleeping in the middle, a push. She asked, Pete, who are you gonna bet on?


He didnt speak. After two seconds of silence in the room, Cherry spoke again. Pete?

Pete replied, Im asleep.

Among the three little fellows, Cherry knew nothing about the relationship between men and women, and even often pretended to be a boy for fun. Xander was even more uninformed about such things. Although he had a high IQ and picked up things very quickly, he had ultimately still been living in and grown up in a basement all this time, so he didnt understand anything at all.

Only Pete vaguely understood something. Even so, he didnt quite understand either. All he knew was that his parents had to sleep together before they could have children As to how exactly the process went, he didnt quite understand.

But it was as clear as day that Daddy and Mommy were making younger siblings for them at the moment!

So, what were those two idiots disrupting them for?

How was anyone supposed to fight under the covers? They wouldnt be able to move with ease at all, okay?!

Pete heaved a deep sigh inwardly. Before he could figure things out, Cherry said, Quit bluffing me, Pete. How would you be able to talk if youre asleep? Who are you gonna bet on? Bet on Mommy! Mommy is the most powerful!


He silently opened his eyes, turned his head along with Cherry and Xander, and looked at Nora and Justin, who were sharing a quilt.

Suddenly, Cherry flipped open her quilt and said, Mommy, hows the fight with Daddy going? Ill come over and help you!

As she spoke, she made a move to burrow under Noras covers.


Fortunately, Nora stopped her in time. She said, Well be done right away. Just give us a moment.

Cherrys big eyes were opened wide as she looked at Nora. She replied obediently, Okie-dokie!

Thus, the couple under the covers started to move, making rustling sounds as they did. Piece by piece, they put their clothes back on the same way they took them off just now.

After they were dressed, Nora shot a glare at Justin.

Her cheeks were crimson, and she felt like she had broken out in a cold sweat from fright!

Then, she found her actions just now simply too absurd. What was she doing with Justin when the children were sleeping right next to them?!

In contrast, Justin the scumbag looked absolutely calm and collected as he flipped the quilt open and got out of bed.

Cherry looked at them. Who won?

Justin chuckled. Your mom did.


Cherry cheered with a grin and looked at Xander excitedly. She said, Youll have to play as support tomorrow- Although the support role was important, the little fellows all preferred to lead and play as heroes instead. Thus, Xander replied very reluctantly, Alright, I guess.

After the three of them finished speaking, they all looked at Nora again. Mommy, Daddy, are you guys gonna continue fighting?

Nora buried her head into the covers and said in a muffled voice, No, were not. Go to sleep!

Cherry also lay down obediently. Okie-dokie! Mommy, if you guys fight again, be sure to inform us so that we can watch, okie-?

Xander also hurriedly said, Yeah! I wanna win next time! Daddy, fight harder next time!

Nora really didnt feel like speaking anymore. She merely asked, Didnt you guys already fall asleep just now?!

Cherry replied, Uh-huh, but we were woken up by your fight-



Noras cheeks turned even redder. Fortunately, it was nighttime, otherwise, she wouldnt be able to show her face at all! It seemed that their movements just now had indeed been a little too loud.

She covered herself with the quilt, turned over, and went to sleep!

Even if someone held a knife to her neck tonight, she Wasnt! Going! To! Wake! Up! Again!


He looked down at his trousers. He had no choice but to turn around and enter the bathroom.

Cherry asked softly, Daddy, where are you going?

Im going to take a bath!

But didnt you already take one just now?

I was defeated by your mother, so I need to take another cold shower to calm myself down.

Daddy, its not shameful to lose to Mommy.

In the end, it was Pete who spoke. He said, Cherry, shut up and go to sleep!


The next day, by the time Nora woke up, the three children had already gone downstairs. She checked the time, it was ten oclock.

She stretched. At this moment, Justin quietly pushed open the door. When he found that her eyes were open, he walked in.

Nora asked hesitantly, Why arent you at the office?

Justins eyes were a bit red as he stared at her, much like a wolf whose prey was right beside its mouth, yet it hadnt eaten it. There was a savage ruthlessness in them.

He coughed and replied, Oh, theres no difference even if I work from home.

Arent you busy?

Nora stretched and sat up.

Justin rejected the call from the vibrating cell phone in his pocket. No, Im not.

After speaking, he took a step forward. Nora, the children are downstairs

Practically right after he spoke, there was a knock at the door. Xander called out, Daddy, is Mommy awake? Are you guys going to fight


Justin: ??

Nora: ????!!

Really?! Really?!

Cherry also came over.

Justin stood up straight, took a deep breath, and reluctantly opened the door.

Nora could only go to the bathroom to wash up.

After they went downstairs and had a simple breakfast, the three children played with one another. Nora went to the study, intending to study something.

Not long after she entered the study, Justin walked in with a plate of cut fruits. There was a ravenous look in his eyes as he asked, Fruits, Nora?


The look in his eyes made Nora panic.

But she could understand his feelings very well!

After all, a wolf would still be able to bear with its hunger if its prey was out of its sight. However, if the prey was right next to its mouth, then how would it be able to endure it?

Besides, she indeed also found it a bit of a shame that things hadnt worked out the night before.

She raised her eyebrows and stood up. With a teasing look in her eyes, she replied, I dont want fruits. I want you.

Justins breathing suddenly turned heavy.

To be honest, his level of desire in this respect had always been very low. Otherwise, he wouldnt have been single for so many years. After all, with a position like his, if he really had such needs, there was a long line of women waiting for him.

However, he wasnt interested in any of them.

Nora was the only one he had taken a fancy to.

This was especially the case when the woman was going back and forth right in front of him. Coupled with how he had almost swallowed her down, bones and all, the night before, the itch in his heart had become even harder to bear.

He couldnt work at all that day. When he looked at the reports, all that flashed in his mind was the way she had looked the night before.

He could even feel the touch of her skin lingering on his palm Justin felt that he would go crazy if he held back any longer.

But just as he started striding forward, another knock came from the door. Then, Xander called out, Daddy, are you about to fight with Mommy? Come on, you must win today! I dont wanna play as support anymore!



Justins momentum immediately weakened.


Seeing his reaction, at last, Nora couldnt hold back anymore. She couldnt help laughing out loud.

Her laughter made Justins dark pupils turn even more resentful.

The aggression in the mans eyes slowly dissipated, ultimately turning into a look of resignation.

Xander had just joined the family, so he mustnt keep the boy outside. If he did, it would cause negative thoughts to form in the child.

He went out and started to comfort Xander.

Justin sat on the sofa dejectedly. As he watched the three little fellows playing in front of him, all he could feel was dejection and a sense of defeat.

He had never felt this way even when he encountered troubles in business.

When he was sighing in silence, he saw Nora coming down the stairs with a coat on.

When Cherry saw her, she asked, Mommy, are you going out to work?.

Yeah, theres something I need to do at the hospital.

After Nora spoke, she glanced at Justin and went out.

Justin leaned lazily on the sofa. As he listened to the sound of the car starting outside, he couldnt help sighing.

That woman was really heartless!

The thought had only just formed when his cell phone beeped.

He picked it up and looked down to see that Nora had sent him an address.

Justin was taken aback. Then, he saw a text message from Nora:

This is a villa I bought in suburban New York.

Then, she sent a GIF of a woman with heavy makeup on holding a tiny handkerchief and waving it at him.

Justin stared at it for a while. Suddenly, something clicked in his head.

He stood up abruptly, his eyes all lit up.

Daddy, where are you going?

Cherry asked again.

Justin strode out of the house. Im going to work.

To be honest, with regard to her relationship with Justin, Nora had actually long felt that the conditions were already ripe.

Taking the final step was only a matter of time.

She parked the car, entered the villa, and then reached her arm out behind her to close the door. But before she could close it, a pair of big hands held the door open.

Justin then walked in and closed the door. With this, no one can disturb us anymore.

Right after he said that, he held her waist firmly, pulling her straight into his arms