She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 736 - Sleeping With Mommy

Chapter 736 - Sleeping With Mommy

Chapter 736 Sleeping With Mommy

Nora thought about his question carefully.

Earlier, she hadnt told Justin about it because it was forbidden for the members of the Imperial League to reveal anything to outsiders. Should they do so, they would be violating the agreement, and she had always been a very rule-abiding person.

But since Ian and the others had already brought it up in front of Justin, then Nora felt that there were some things that she could still say.

She immediately answered, Old Maddy once told me that if I wanted to fight against the mysterious organization, I must get full support from King.

Justin frowned. Why?

Nora shook her head. He didnt explain.

Justin was puzzled.

For a moment, he wanted to acknowledge that identity of his, but when he thought of how he couldnt violate the agreement and reveal his identity to outsiders, he could only keep his silence. Instead, he said, It shouldnt be difficult to get his support.

Nora nodded. Well see. Just focus on your affairs for now. Meanwhile, I will also think carefully about how exactly I should look for leads about the V16.

Clues to the V16 must be hidden among the things that her mother had left her.

As for where exactly that was, though, she hadnt figured that out yet.

Justin wanted to say something, but Lawrence had entered again and was reporting to him the current situation in the company.

At the sight, Nora didnt speak anymore.

That night, Nora stayed at the Hunts.

After Justin hurriedly finished dealing with the companys affairs, the restless mans mind was completely on returning home as quickly as possible. After handing over the companys affairs to Lawrence, he went home straight away.

Lawrence couldnt help but ask Sean, Is Boss busy with something? Why is he in such a hurry?


He kept quiet for a moment. Then, he coughed and answered, Perhaps, I guess.

Their boss wife was at the Hunts, so of course he would be in a hurry!

As far as he knew, even though their boss and his wife already had kids, they hadnt truly done it yet? After all, the last time they did it was because someone had plotted against them!

Lawrence, however, frowned. This wont do. Hes having a showdown with Herman in a few days. Going by how irresponsible Boss is being, I think Id better go over with the documents and look for him again!

Sean stared at how earnestly Lawrence was digging his own grave. After a brief silence, he finally said, If you feel like being sent to some godforsaken place, then go ahead.

Lawrence: ?

Justin returned to the Hunts after he finished dealing with all the matters to do with the board of directors meeting, which would be held in a few days.

By the time he got home, it was already 9 pm.

According to the childrens timetable, they were supposed to go to bed at this time. Nora would also go to bed with Cherry at this time in the past.

Therefore, Justin was not surprised at all when he didnt see her in the living room. He went straight upstairs and entered his bedroom.

As soon as he entered, he spotted a slender figure lying on the bed.

Justin was stunned.

Hed thought that Nora would go to Cherrys room and sleep with her, so he would have to think of a way to trick her into coming over.

Unexpectedly, she was being so self-aware this time?

For a moment there, Justin felt a surge of heat rushing straight into his heart. He suppressed the stirrings in his heart, looked at the woman on the bed, and then went straight into the bathroom. After changing out of his suit, he took a quick bath and then walked out of the bathroom.

There was a bit of light on the bed when he came out of the bathroom.

Nora was lying on the bed and looking at her phone-she was actually awake!

To be honest, Justin had been worried when he was taking a bath just now. If Nora fell asleep again like the other time, then should he wake her up? Or should he wake her up? Or should he wake her up

Unexpectedly, the woman was actually waiting for him.

The corners of Justins lips curled into an even bigger smile.

Even the beauty mark at the corner of his eye started to shimmer a little more. As he had just taken a shower, his cheeks were a little more crimson than usual, and his chest was also heaving up and down a little more intensely than usual.

He slowly walked over to the bed and sat right on the edge of the bed beside Nora.

The lights in the room were switched off, so the room was dim. The curtains were also fully drawn, and no light could come through. Only the faint night light was shining over. One could see that the person on the bed was indeed Nora.

Justin observed her for a while. Suddenly, he chuckled softly and asked suggestively, Are you waiting for me so that we can sleep



Suddenly, a young and tender voice answered him.

Justin was taken aback. His line of sight went past Nora, where he finally saw Cherry sitting up from underneath the covers.

Cherry, who was wearing pajamas with a strawberry print, was rubbing her eyes. She said cutely, Daddy, we are all waiting for you, yeah!

The sensitive Justin caught something amiss in her words. He asked, All?

Yeah! Cherry pointed to the side. Pete and Xander are here too!

After she spoke, Pete and Xander also sat up from underneath the covers.


As the corners of his lips spasmed, he heard Cherry go on. She said cutely, A family should lie down neatly side by side together, so lets sleep together! Daddy, your bed is a little too small, though!

The bed in Justins room was a king-size bed.

After all, he was a tall man.

But now, he suddenly felt like the bed was too big. Otherwise, why would they think that a family of five could fit on one bed?

Cherry was even making a request. Daddy, can we custom-make a bed thats 120 inches wide?


Justin refused her request straightaway. Then, he said, A custom-made bed doesnt look nice. Besides, with such a big bed, there wont be enough space in the room.

Cherry: ?

She, Pete, and Xander stared at the big and spacious 1,080-square-feet bedroom, perplexed as to how there wouldnt be enough space in the room.

Justin immediately gave an order. Therefore, the three of you are to go back to your own rooms now!

He spoke very sternly.

Unfortunately, Cherry was not at all afraid of Justin, who was a slave to his daughter. She refused him straightaway. No, I dont wanna!

She clung onto Nora and said, I wanna sleep with Mommy!

Pete said, I want to sleep with Mommy too.

Xander also said, I also want to sleep with Mommy.


When he wanted to reply, Nora said, You guys promised that you would fall asleep within five minutes. Four minutes have already passed.

As soon as she said that, the three little fellows lay down in unison, covered themselves with the quilt, and closed their eyes obediently.

Justin looked at the three children, and then glanced at Nora, who was already yawning. Right away, he knew that once the three children fell asleep, the woman would probably also fall asleep along with them.

What else could he do, though?

He could only sit there quietly and stare at the few of them on the bed.

It was already late in the night.

Although Noras eyes were closed, she was listening to the three childrens breathing.

When their breathing gradually steadied, it meant that they had finally fallen asleep.

Ha, they promised that they would fall asleep in five minutes, yet they took ten minutes to fall asleep. At last, she could finally sleep in peace now!

The thought had only just formed in Noras mind when someone suddenly lifted the quilt. The next moment, a scalding-hot body slipped under the covers.

Nora, the children have fallen asleep. Its time that we do some adult things