She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 729 - King’s Slap!

Chapter 729 - King’s Slap!

Chapter 729 Kings Slap!

It was obvious that King had taken advantage of the two families fighting to raise the price in the deal three days ago. The final beneficiary was King.

No matter how he looked at it, he could not admit that he had been unfair and had lied to Bear. Therefore, Philip was certain that King had targeted Ian in the group.

The others could not say that the deal was unfair.

Ian instantly became the target.

If King were to appear now, he would definitely be on Philips side.

Nora was thinking about how to help Ian resolve the situation and make the atmosphere less awkward when she saw

King: Would a normal person spend 45 billion dollars on the Hunts shares that are only worth a few billions?

The others echoed King and instantly sent a message to the group.

Rabbit: King is right.

Wolf: King is right.

Nora was also typing a message. Eagle also isnt saying that King is unfair. Its clearly Bear who is stirring trouble in the group She was typing and wanted to say a few words for Ian when she suddenly realized the meaning of Kings message. She was stunned and confused.

Why was this King acting a bit different than his usual self?!

He had clearly made a killing three days ago and taken advantage of Bear, but now he was still coming out to mock him? This was completely against his principle of peace!

He was simply making enemies.

Nora was taken aback.

In the distant Smith Villa, Ian was stunned. He was prepared to express that this was not what he meant. At most, he would apologize to King and Bear.

After all, everyone in the group was a big shot. Furthermore, in the past, even if King did not smooth things over, he did warn them to be careful with their words.

Butwhy had King suddenly become so straight?

When he said this, Ian was really stunned.

Philip, who was overseas, was even more stunned.

After spending 45 billion dollars, he had actually been very unhappy. However, he did not dare to lose his temper at King, so he could only vent all his anger on Eagle.

After all, Eagle was an American. Eagle might be Justin himself.

During the period when Eagle joined the Imperial League, the Hunts were the number one family in New York.

Thats why he suddenly launched an attack on him in the group. The goal was to make everyone in the group reject him.

Moreover his account was one of the first six to join the Imperial League when it was established!

Although he did not dare to be called the richest man in the world, since no one knew how much money King had, Philip was indeed invincible overseas.

Even King had given him some face in the past. In the group, if King was first, Philip would be second.

Therefore, no one had expected King to suddenly attack Philip.

What did that mean?

Philip was furious. King, did you send the wrong message? Or was your account hacked? What do you mean?

Nora was also thinking about what King meant when she saw him throw another sentence into the group. It means that your IQ is very low.

The group instantly fell silent.

After all, if the first and second big shots fought, who would dare to interrupt?

Even Ian was confused for a moment.

King sent another message: Im selling my shares to you not because Eagle is poor, but because hes smarter than you and not easy to cheat.


In the Smiths villa, when Ian saw this sentence, he could not help but sit up straight. There was a look of satisfaction on his face from being recognized.

He smiled and sent a message in the group.

Eagle: Mr. King, you think too highly of me. King: Youre worth it, sir.

Everyone: ??!

Why did the word sir suddenly become so meaningful?

The people in the group instantly fell silent.

In the past, Eagle did not receive much respect in the group. After all, he was considered a newcomer in the group.

But now, King spoke so highly of Eagle. Could it be that King had instructed Eagle to raise the price yesterday and his goal was to cheat Bear?


Bear was furious. King, what do you mean?

King: Whats the point of bullying a small family in New York? What are the principles of the Imperial League? You openly tried to break them, dont blame me for being merciless!

The principles of the Imperial League

Nora thought about it. Imperial Leagues group page clearly said that they were not to bully the weak.


First of all, was Justin weak?

Secondly! Over the years, Imperial League had wanted to expand its influence, so how could it not have bullied others?

Everyone was in control of the global economy, so they were all fine. Why did King suddenly mention this principle?

Everyone was confused.

However, Philip was indeed Philip.

Offending King would not end well for him.

The reason King had dominant status in the group was that he was the leader.

He was the one who was leading everyone forward step by step. Philip had to give him face. Therefore, when he saw that King had given a reasonable explanation, Philip did not dare to probe further. He lowered his head in the group. I forgot to explain. I have a personal grudge with the Hunts.

King: Since its a personal grudge, then these 45 billion dollars are worth it.

Bear: Youre right.

Through the screen, Nora could feel Philips anger. However, his forbearance made Nora alert again.

At Philips level, it was easy for him to toy with people.

Just like how he could imprison Iris for 20 years with one thought!

However, it was precisely such a person who was used to being arrogant, but he was being so adaptable. He was indeed one of the rulers of the few mysterious families in the world!

Seeing that there were no more messages in the group, Nora finally put down her phone.

When she looked up again, she heard Cherry call out Mommy in a childish voice. Cherry was usually a bootlicker and had a sweet mouth, but she always felt that her words were not sincere.

However, the one who was the most clingy to Nora was Cherry.

After not seeing her for three days, the little fellow did not even play games anymore. She hugged Noras thigh and did not let go. Mommy, I miss you so much, I didnt eat or drink well these past few days! Pete, who ran over with her, reminded her, Thats called not wanting to eat or drink. Besides, I dont think you ate any less.

Cherry immediately looked at him and explained boldly, Thats why I didnt say I didnt eat, I said I didnt eat well!


Nora touched Petes head and then looked at Xander, who was sitting on the sofa and looking over eagerly.

The little guy was very proud. He was clearly looking over, but he still pretended not to care. It was funny.

Nora walked over and rubbed his head. Does Xander miss Mommy?

Tsk! Xander rolled his eyes. Youre too mushy. Im not that childish!

Although he said that, he did not pull his head away from her.

Pete immediately rolled his eyes. Then who is it that asks almost every day why Mommy sleeps for so long?

Xander: ?

His face turned red instantly and he snorted. I was afraid she would die!

Youre not allowed to curse Mommy! Cherry looked fierce.

Pete frowned as well. Dont say such nonsense. How could Mommy die? Youre talking nonsense!

Xander pursed his lips. I was just saying. Its not like shed really

He still did not say the word die.

The three children huddled together and argued. It made Pete talk more. Cherrys ADHD had recovered even without gaming, and it also made Xander not hate this family so much.

Nora checked Xanders body again. When she saw that he was fine, she finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Justin still had some work matters to settle, so he went to the study. Nora was downstairs playing with the three children.

She looked at Xander and suddenly asked, Xander, do you want to change your name?

Xander was stunned and looked at her. What name should I change? Theres no need to change it. Its meaningless.

Nora hesitated and said, But youre Justin and my child. You can choose whether you want your surname to be Smith or Hunt.

Xander immediately pursed his lips. I dont want my surname to be Smith. I dont want my surname to be Hunt either!

Hearing this, Nora was stunned. Why?

Xanders eyes instantly flickered. Sigh, why are you so annoying?! Ive been called Xander Yale for five years. Why do I have to change my name? Im not changing! With that, he jumped up in anger and ran upstairs.

Nora frowned.

Why was Xander so sensitive and against changing his name?

Was he hiding something?

Or was he still

Nora sighed silently. Trueman had raised him for five years. If he still had feelings for Trueman, it was really a headache. After all, she could not forcefully change Xanders thoughts and feelings.

As she was thinking, Pete said, Mommy, dont be angry. I know why he doesnt want to change his name.