She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 730 - Taking Revenge For Xander

Chapter 730 - Taking Revenge For Xander

Chapter 730 Taking Revenge For Xander

Upon hearing what Pete said, Nora asked, Why?

Pete sneaked a glance upstairs again, then he glanced at Cherry, who was hugging Noras thigh, and coughed.

Before Nora could say anything, Cherry said in her young and tender voice, Im not leaving, Pete! I also wanna listen!

Left with no other choice, Pete could only sigh silently. He glanced at the upper floor again before he finally said, When Xander woke up, he overheard some peoples conversation.

When Xander regained consciousness, his IQ had once again increased, and he also became more sensitive.

The young child had never had his parents by his side since he was born. Although he had just returned to the family, he could nevertheless sense the familys servants dislike of him.

After all, he had really been very naughty previously.

He pretended to be nonchalant on the surface but had been improving his behavior in private. He went to the lower floor to play with Cherrys childish dolls with her, and also accompanied Pete and worked on Mathematical Olympiad problems together. In truth, he had also been working hard to integrate himself into the family.

But the day before, he had simply been too bored. On top of that, the little guy liked to be secretive and sneaky in everything he did, so he had sneaked into the shared toilet used by the servants at home and eavesdropped on their conversations.

This was because he had found out, after a search on the Internet, that the toilet was where one could listen to the juiciest gossip.

The little guy had squatted in the cubicle and listened to the men chatting outside.

Did you notice that Xanders temper has improved recently?

Thats probably because Pete and Cherry are so well-behaved that he has also become better-behaved due to their influence. He grew up elsewhere, so he has an unruly temper, but he has reined himself in now!

Youd better not say such things so carelessly. Mr. Hunt hates us talking about them in private!

I know, arent I just telling you?

Well, no matter what the reason, you can say that Xander has been reformed, I suppose. But in that case, why hasnt Mr. Hunt changed his name? Or legally registered him as part of the family yet?

Tsk, here, Ill explain that to you. This is just my speculation, but you see how Cherrys last name is Smith, right? In the future, she will probably inherit the assets that the Smiths leave for her mother. As for Pete, his last name is Hunt, and he has long been unofficially appointed as the future heir of the Hunts. If Xander changes his name, then should he take Smith or Hunt as his last name?

Are you saying that Mr. Hunt doesnt plan to give him any shares?

Speaking of shares Do you know? The Hunts always have the final say in the Hunt Corporation because they have more than 50% of the shares firmly in their control. Although Herman and Justin have separated now, this must not happen to the next generation. Therefore, he will only give the shares to one person, so that he can guarantee that persons absolute rights and control of the Hunt Corporation. Will he give them to Xander? Or to Pete? Who knows? The purpose of Xanders sudden return is precisely to fight for company shares with Pete!

Tsk, no wonder he suddenly came back when he has already been away for so many years. Thats true, the Smith Corporations shares are also a large sum of money. Even if Mr. Hunt doesnt give him any shares, Ms. Smith definitely will. Hes in for a windfall this time!

Exactly But little bastards like him can only fake good behavior, he definitely wont be able to change his personality deep down inside. No matter what he does, he wont be able to compare to Petes gentlemanly demeanor

The two left the toilet as they chatted, leaving Xander dumbfounded and speechless inside. He walked out in a daze. As soon as he stepped out, he saw Pete, who was also standing outside. He must have heard what they said just now.

Xander flushed at once. In particular, as he looked at Pete, he suddenly shouted, Dont worry, Im not interested in the Hunts assets! I also dont have any interest in fighting for them with you! I will make all my money by myself in the future!

After saying that, he pushed Pete away and ran to the villa.

Later, even though he didnt quarrel with me, he didnt spend much time solving Mathematical Olympiad problems with me anymore. He has been playing games with Cherry the whole day today!

Pete hung his head and spoke in disappointment.

He must have also wanted very much for Xander to play with him.

Cherry raised her head, her big dark eyes blinking as she said, Really? Why didnt I notice anything?



Cherry was cute and was a sweet-talker, but she was also very insensitive. It would be a wonder if she could sense the little boys secretive thoughts!

All she could do was just fight others in a battle of wits. In truth, she really was rather insensitive.

However, it was also through the contrast between her and Pete that Nora had discovered something-children who grew up with their mothers would indeed have a stronger sense of happiness.

Look at Pete. He might openly say that Xander was sensitive, but wasnt he also just as sensitive? Otherwise, how would a five-year-old possibly contemplate so many problems?!

When Nora thought of this, as well as of the two servants conversation, she felt a burst of anger. She lowered her head and looked down at Pete at once. Can you recognize the two servants who were talking behind your backs?

Mommy, I have already looked into it!

One could always rest assured with Petes way of handling things. Despite his young age, he was already capable of taking every aspect into consideration. He said, The two of them are in charge of cleaning the garden in the backyard. One of them is Greg Lewis, the other one is Lionel Scott. They have been working for the Hunts for three years.


The corners of her lips spasmed and she couldnt help but ask, Since you have already found out everything, then you must also have ways of dealing with them, so why havent you taken any action?

Petes authority at home was not to be violated.

Moreover, although the boy was mildly autistic, he was not stupid. On the contrary, he was very clever.

Pete replied, Xander must be competing with me right now. Since everyone says that I am better than him, if I step forward to defend him, he will definitely feel even more uncomfortable. Besides, isnt it the parents responsibility to protect their children?

Pete looked at her eagerly, Also, I think that Xander would prefer you to protect him instead.


The corners of her lips spasmed. Faced with Pete like that, she suddenly said, Pete, be honest with me. Back then, when two of your private tutors bullied you, you hadnt resisted them. Is it because you had never thought of putting up any resistance?

Pete lowered his head when he heard this.

He initially didnt want to explain, but he suddenly felt like opening up in this instant. He nodded and answered, Yes. At that time, I thought that I had brought harm to my grandmother, so I didnt feel like fighting back anymore.

Nora heaved a quiet sigh.

The boy was simply too sensitive.

She took Petes hand and walked straight out. Come on, lets go to the garden and look for the two of them!

As for Cherry, her eyes swiveled a little and she let go of Noras leg. Then, she ran upstairs.

Mommy was about to unleash her prowess. How could she possibly not get Xander to watch a show as entertaining as that?

How exciting! How thrilling!


In the garden in the backyard.

Two male servants were chatting as they swept the floor.

I saw Pete yesterday. The look in his eyes when he looked at me was just so Why does it make me feel a little uneasy?

What are you thinking? Pete never gets angry, its fine.

The other man whispered, Say, do you think Pete overheard what we said that day? After all, he was standing right outside when we stepped out

Heh, so what even if he heard us? We are here as cleaners by Roger Hunts recommendation. Can a kid like him even fire us? Besides, even if we are fired, we will still get a large sum of money!