She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 728 - Pleasing Father-in-law!

Chapter 728 - Pleasing Father-in-law!

Chapter 728 Pleasing Father-in-law!

Justin was slightly stunned when he heard this and subconsciously said, I dont know. Okay.

Justin retorted, Is something the matter?

Not really. I just wanted to find out since Dad sounded so mysterious.

Nora did not doubt it. After all, when Ian and the others mentioned King downstairs, she realized that Eagle was Joel, not Justin. This meant that Justin might not be in the group at all.

He was quite pitiful. So, she shouldnt mention this topic to agitate him?

Thinking of this, Nora changed the topic. Are you really okay? If you need help, just tell me directly.

No, its fine.

Justin thought that she was going to ask him for help. But even if she wanted to look for King for help, he could not reveal his identity.

It would be very dangerous if this identity was revealed.

Perhaps instead of helping Nora, he might end up hurting her.

This was also why he had lived in New York for so many years as Justin Hunt alone. After all, no one would associate the person in control of the number one family in New York with King.

The number one power in New York had always lived in public. No matter where he went, his exact whereabouts could be found.

At the thought of this, Justin lowered his eyes and said, From the legends Ive heard of King, I learned that if you want his help with something, he is a very easygoing person. You can get Joel to convey your thoughts.

Nora glanced at him.

She thought that she could deliver the message herself without needing to ask Joel, but she decided not to continue this conversation. She changed the topic again. How has Xander been these past few days?

After analyzing Xanders gene serum without any sleep for three days and injecting him with the drug, Nora fell asleep for three days after realizing that all his vital signs were normal.

When she woke up, she was most concerned about Xanders health.

Hes fine.

Justin thought about it and replied cautiously.

Nora immediately sensed the meaning. That means something has happened?

Justin sighed and rubbed his forehead. I only tested his intelligence and realized that its gotten higher. His intelligence is even higher than Pete and Cherrys.

Pete was an extremely smart child. Otherwise, he would not have learned the Math Olympiad questions at the age of five. Those questions were very difficult even for university students.

Cherry was also a representative of high intelligence. She could not calm down. Nora could only let her play games to divert her attention and make her hyperactivity better over the years.

Contrary to these two, Xander had always lived beside Trueman. Nora did not know him very well.

His intelligence surpassed Pete and Cherrys?

Nora was silent for a moment before finally sighing deeply. Genetic medicine is indeed a good thing. Justin also nodded. This temptation is really too difficult for humans to resist. Who doesnt want to strengthen their bodies? Who doesnt want to have outstanding intelligence? We will definitely face many temptations in the future.

At this point, he suddenly asked, Nora, if you successfully find the V16, will you take it?

Nora curved her lips and smiled. Im already one of the smartest people in the world. Why bother? Besides, humans should respect evolution. The current level of human technology and research are not enough to support a sudden arrival of highly intelligent humans.

Hearing her words, Justin smiled. What if that gene serum really succeeds and can extend ones life?

Nora was fine.

She had been a Buddhist her entire life. It was enough for her to have enough money to survive and have her relatives by her side. Furthermore, even if she passed away, she would only be sleeping endlessly.

She was not scared of it.

She waved her hand casually. Not interested. Ill change my clothes. Lets go see Xander.



The two of them stood opposite each other. Nora looked at him for a long time before pointing at the door. Arent you going out?

Justin smiled. Our children are already five years old. Were a couple. Do you still care about this?


This man was getting more and more shameless.

She turned around and seemed to be walking to the cloakroom. When Justin strode forward, planning to follow her, she suddenly turned around and kicked him in the chest.

Justin subconsciously stepped back and reached out to block, but he was kicked two steps back by Nora and he went straight out the door.

The next moment, Smash!

The door was closed. Noras cold and low voice came from inside. Be good. Wait outside.


Justin looked at his hand and could not help but laugh softly. Nora was actually shy.

A minute later, Nora changed into a black windbreaker and went out.

She seemed to prefer black. This coat was especially wide on her. Coupled with her slender figure, she looked especially stylish.

As Justin watched, his eyes darkened.

The two of them went downstairs and greeted Ian before leaving.

On the way to the Hunts to see Xander, Nora switched on her phone. She secretly turned to her side and opened the Imperial League chat group. She had originally planned to see what kind of investment opportunities there were, but as soon as she entered, she saw Bear mocking Eagle?

Bear: If you dont have money, dont come making trouble next time @Eagle.

Philip came back to his senses. He knew that he had been tricked into making a bid of 45 billion dollars, but he did not dare vent his anger on King. So he aimed it at Joel?

According to her brothers character, he would definitely ignore him.

However, when Nora went out, she had seen that Ian had logged in to his account, so the eagle in the group was now Ian. If it was Ian, then

Sure enough, there was an argument in the group.

Eagle: Why? Are you getting angry out of humiliation? If you dont want to buy that 5% of the shares, you can transfer it to me. Heh, you regret buying it? You cant afford to lose, but you dont dare to argue with King. You only know how to talk big here?


Ians words were really provocative, but it was satisfying!

Bear: Heh, King sold his shares to me because he knew you didnt have the money. You dont have to sow discord here. Ill never have any objections to King. King should know that you cant afford them, so he sold his shares to me.

Eagle: Hehe, 45 billion for 5% of the shares. Only a fool would buy it. What are you so proud of?

Bear grabbed the opportunity immediately: What do you mean only fools would buy it? Are you saying that King tricked me? Youre the one whos being disrespectful to King!

Nora: !

It was all over.

Ian was counter-attacked!

In the end, King had sold his shares to Philip and not to Eagle. This showed his attitude. Besides, King had just received Philips 45 billion dollars. He was definitely biased toward Philip.

Philip had just made a few casual remarks. Would King have something against Ian?

King had a high status in Imperial League and his words were final. How was Ian going to talk in the group in the future?

Nora frowned.

Ian clearly sensed this too and said in the group: I have no objections to Mr. King. Youre the one who started the argument today.

Bear: You called me stupid for making the deal yesterday. Arent you saying that King tricked me? @King, say something fair.

Let King speak?

If King spoke up, he would definitely side with Bear!


Was there a need to think about that? Who would admit that they had scammed others when doing business?

Nora pursed her lips and thought about how to say something in the group to draw this matter to an end. However, Philip began to be aggressive.

Bear: Purchasing 5% of the Hunts shares for 45 billion dollars is indeed a few times higher than the market value. But Mr. King definitely has no intention of extorting me. Isnt it all because youre bidding against me here? This is a fair transaction. The highest bidder gets it. How can you judge Mr. King like this?

Nora: !!

Eagle: I have no doubts about Mr. Kings impartiality. You dont have to sow discord here.

Bear: Whos sowing the discord here? Who brought this up in the group first? Mr. King, what do you think?

At this moment, someone came out to agree. Rabbit: I swear that the highest bidder got it yesterday. Theres no unfairness. Mr. King is absolutely fair in handling things.

Wolf: Mr. King is absolutely fair.

A row of people below echoed.

Finally, Bear sent another message: Did you see that? Eagle, you should apologize to Mr. King and to me!

The matter became heated. While Nora was anxious, the car arrived at the Hunts.

Nora was still thinking about what to do. At this moment, King, who had been silent all along, suddenly reacted.