She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 727 - Who is King?!

Chapter 727 - Who is King?!

Chapter 727 Who is King?!

Nora had never felt very anxious about earning money.

She was Cat, she was in the Imperial League group. A casual investment based on some information would earn her a lot. Why should she be persistent?

But now, she realized that someone from the Smiths was also in the Imperial League chat?

Who was it?

The corners of her mouth immediately twitched. Could Eagle actually be Joel?

From their previous conversation, she had once determined that Eagle was an American, and among them, the first person who could enter Imperial League was Justin.

Last time, she wanted to ask Justin if he knew King, but when she probed him, he said was not Eagle.

It turned out that Justin was not in the group?


King was the creator of that group. It was said that before technology became so advanced, they already had special contacts.

Imperial League had been established for hundreds of years.

Nora went downstairs.

When the people downstairs heard the commotion, they all looked up. When they saw Nora, Justin suddenly stood up and said, Youre awake?


Nora had just replied when Justin looked at the kitchen and said, Wait a minute. Ill see if theyve cooked anything.

After sleeping for three days without eating, she should definitely eat something soft to digest when she woke up.

Justin entered the Smiths kitchen and acted like he was familiar with it. Simon and Melissa looked at each other.

Melissa nodded in satisfaction.

When Ian saw this scene, his eyes were also filled with satisfaction.

Simon even whispered, When he heard that Ian knew King, Justins attitude became even more respectful. Ian had a proud look on his face as he looked at Nora. Did you see that? This is the power of our family! This kid probably wont dare to bully you again!



For some reason, she felt that the reason Justin was suddenly so enthusiastic was that he felt a little guilty.

But what was he feeling guilty about?

At the thought of this, Ian sighed. We can only buy them from Hunt Corporations insiders in the country. King didnt sell his shares to me. He sold them to Philip!

Nora suddenly recalled that she was trying to buy the shares in the group three days ago!

When she woke up, her bidding had turned cold?

She immediately sat on the sofa and casually took out her phone. She opened it and looked at the Imperial League chat group. She realized that for the first time, there were fifty-plus messages.

These fifty-plus messages were sent by Bear and Eagle.

The two of them continued to raise the price, wanting to buy five percent of Hunt Corporations shares from King.

From the normal 1.5 billion dollars at the beginning, they had increased the bid to 15 billion!

Nora: !

The Hunts were worth tens of billions, but this was only five percent of the shares. In the end, they sold it to Bear for 45 billion!

This was simply ten times the market price!

The corners of Noras mouth twitched. She felt that this group of people was crazy. She also felt that she was lucky to have fallen asleep. Otherwise, she would have felt even poorer.

Why was she only worth 75 million dollars

As she was sighing, Ian said, The price of tens of billions is ridiculous. However, I had a grudge against Philip back then. Unfortunately, King sold it to Philip.

Simon said directly, Why did King sell it to him but not to you?

Ian sighed silently. Actually, King knows very well how much money every company has. There are only a few such people in New York. How can they compare to Philip? King must think that were too poor. Sigh!

Justin, who was walking out with the porridge, instantly fell silent when he heard this.

He really did not!

Although he looked down on the Hunts assets, he did not dare to look down on his father-in-law!

He instantly felt even more guilty. He was afraid that his father-in-law would have something against him if he knew that he was King. He hurriedly carried the porridge to Nora and handed it to her.

Nora took it. After taking two sips, she suddenly asked, Dad, who is that King?

Although she had only joined Imperial League five years ago, she had actually been very curious about King for a long time.

The people in the group were especially in awe of him. Furthermore, Old Maddy had said last time that only with Kings support and trust would she have the power to fight the mysterious organization.

But now, she did not even know who King was and what was going on with Imperial League!

Hearing her question, Ian said, Kings identity is very mysterious. Its said that this identity can be traced back to hundreds of years ago. Ive only heard about the news here. His consortium is low-key and huge. Some even say that one-tenth of the global wealth belongs to his consortium.

However, their financial group is anonymous. No one knows which companies they have their hands in. For example, everyone should know about the Hunts shares, but no one knew that five percent belonged to King.

As for King himself, no one has seen his true face. I heard that he lives in a castle. There are thousands of beautiful women in the palace, and he has thousands of sons to choose his next heir from.

Justin: ?

Why didnt he know that he had thousands of sons?!

The corners of his mouth twitched. He was about to explain when Ian smiled. Of course, this is all nonsense. Its all speculation about King. After all, he has so much money. I think his life has already reached its peak.

Ian thought about it for a moment before saying, According to my guess, although their consortiums earn money, theyre also limited. Otherwise, they wouldnt have to be so low-key. Besides, Kings legacy is very strange. Their legacy every generation is very peaceful. You cant feel the change in King in the group at all. I once suspected that King had never changed. Hes an old monster who has lived for a hundred years. After all, technology and medicine are so advanced now. It shouldnt be difficult to live a long life, right?


Nora was even more curious by Ians words. Dont you have a guess as to who King is? Arent there only a few richest men in the world?

Ian shook his head, indicating that he did not know. Even those people did not seem like King

The corners of Justins mouth twitched as he listened to them guess who he was in front of him.

But when he thought of the reason he became King, he lowered his eyes and sighed.

After the few people were done discussing, Justin and Nora went upstairs and finally had time to themselves.

Justin was about to tease her, but he was grabbed by Nora. She asked, Do you know who King is?