She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 726 - With King, There’s No Need to Be Afraid

Chapter 726 - With King, There’s No Need to Be Afraid

Chapter 726 With King, Theres No Need to Be Afraid

The person who had asked this in the group was Bear.

There were 12 people in the Imperial League. Other than King, all of them were represented by animal names. No one in the group knew each other, including King. No one was allowed to probe the others privacy, so even King did not know who the other 11 were.

But now, Justin was certain.

Bear was Philip.

He sat on the sofa with his long legs crossed. His well-defined fingers tapped the arm of the sofa beside him. His long eyes were narrowed slightly as a dark light flashed across them.

When he saw his expression, Lawrence could not help but light a candle for Philips funeral in his heart.

This meant that Boss was going to set up traps again!

He wondered how badly Philip would be tricked.

As he was thinking, Justin suddenly smirked and sent a message in the group: I do.

As King, it was normal for him to own the shares of the largest company in each country.

No one in the group was suspicious.

Bears attitude immediately became respectful. Ill talk to you in private, sir.

Justin sat there leisurely, his expression unchanged.

At this moment, Lawrence asked, Boss, why are you still selling your shares to him? Arent you afraid that youll lose control of the Hunts if you sell them to him?

Lawrence knew his boss.

Justin had 51% of the shares under his name and was quite domineering in controlling the direction of the company.

However, there was still 4% under Seans name. In addition, Justins Imperial League persona also controlled 5% of the Hunts shares.

Boss had the shares firmly in his hands. After giving Herman 5%, it seemed like there were only 46% left. However, in reality, he still had the final say in the Hunts.

When Justin heard this, he glanced at Lawrence and smiled. If he offers a high price for this 5% of shares, I could consider selling them.

The Hunts was only a cover for Justin to hide his identity. Compared to the financial group he really controlled, the Hunts assets were simply a drop in the ocean.


He understood! Boss was asking for a sky-high price. As he was thinking, Sure enough, Bear sent a private message: Could you name a price? I want those shares.

Justin was about to extort him when another message suddenly appeared in the group.

Cat: Can you sell them to me? Im willing to pay a high price.

Justin: ?

Lawrence, who was watching secretly, was stunned. Who is this? Isnt Philip the one called Bear? Or is he Cat?

Justin was also confused, but he quickly said, No.

He was the one who had personally invited Cat to the Imperial League. It was considered new blood in Imperial League because he did not want Imperial League to forever be controlled by those old fogeys.

Times were changing. Five years ago, he had realized that Cat had emptied a certain stock without anyone noticing. Then, she had earned 75 million dollars. The stocks had stabilized. This person was very talented in business, but she was also very restrained.

She had only earned 75 million dollars before she became invisible. After that, she was no longer greedy.

Justin had admired her very much at that time, so he personally invited her to the Imperial League.

In Imperial League, Cat rarely spoke. Justin had been observing all these years to see if there were any big dealings. After all, the information in Imperial League allowed one to win without even trying.

However, he realized that there were none at all.

This made Justin admire Cat even more. He felt that this person could resist the temptation of money.

How could he have expected that Nora did try to earn more money only because she wanted to sleep and was not free at all? Furthermore, she had always felt that 75 million dollars were enough!

Justin knew that Philip was not Cat, but he did not understand why she would suddenly come out and make trouble.

As he was thinking, someone else jumped out.

Eagle: I want to ask about the price too. We can give it to the highest bidder.

Lawrence was confused and could not help but look at Justin. He was silent for a long time before saying, Boss, how many people have you offended?


He also wanted to know what was wrong with Eagle!

Bear: No matter how much they are willing to pay, I can increase the price by 20%.

Justin stared at the Imperial League group. For the first time, he felt that things were a little out of control.

At the Smiths.

Joel stared at his phone for a moment before looking at Ian and reporting, Theres indeed someone in the group buying the shares. Dad, youre so perceptive. But is Philip really that difficult to deal with? Raising the price by 20% is simply too much.

Ian lowered his eyes and said, Philip is definitely in the Imperial League. More than 30 years ago, I tried my best to join this group. When I entered the group, Bear was already there. The group is filled with torch flames passed down from generation to generation. When I entered the group, there were only eight people. Over the years, more people joined until there were 12 in total. Everyone in the group is a tycoon. Dont underestimate them.

Joel nodded to show that he had learned something

Ian had passed on Eagles account to him. Everyone said that he was not Ians child. The outside world was saying that Ian did not treat Joel as someone in power. He had only given a portion of his shares, and his shares were only handed to him to manage.

However, Joel knew in his heart that Ian had really treated him as his heir.

It was because the person in charge of the Smiths did not want to inherit those shares, but this account!

Over the years, he had been in charge of the Smiths and finally understood how important this account was.

Joel nodded respectfully.

Ian asked again, How much liquid capital is on my account?

Joel sighed. Its only in tens of millions, but I still have it on my tab. Besides, I can continue to cash out a portion of it. Ill sell some shares if need be. Lets think of a way and help Justin get past this hurdle!

After saying that, he was silent for a moment and asked, Dad, is it possible that Justin is also in the group?

Ian waved his hand. Theres an unwritten rule in the group. Only one person from each country can enter. There are two people from New York, but Cat is of English descent and can be considered British.

Joel sighed. In the future, if there are any important clues or intelligence, you have to tell Justin. Otherwise, he wont be Philips match.


Ian took a deep breath. Take care of him more in the future so that Nora can have a higher status at home!

Joel agreed. Elsewhere, in the bedroom.

Nora lay on the bed and stared at the message in the group.

She had originally wanted to compete with him. Although she only had 75 million dollars, what if she could buy 0.01% of the shares?

In the end, she was too tired. She fainted in the blink of an eye and did not open her eyes again.

When she woke up again, three days had passed.

She stretched lazily. When she went downstairs, she happened to see Simon and Melissa downstairs talking to Ian. There was even Justin sitting beside her.

Simon: I have some cash here too. Although its not much, its still a token of my sincerity. However, when we buy the Hunts shares, we have to write Noras name. Justin, dont think too much about it. After all, youre not married yet. Of course, I dont mean for you to be controlled by Nora.

Justin said humbly, Uncle, its not necessary for the time being.

However, Melissa called out his name. Although its said that husband and wife should have the same heart without thoughts of profiting, and were not trying to sow discord, a woman indeed cant rely on a man. With these shares, even if you have a change of heart in the future, you would have to consider it carefully.


Change of heart?

How was that possible? What he was worried about now was that Nora would have a change of heart!

He waved his hand and said, Melissa, I cant have a change of heart.

He was high and mighty and would make anyone lower his head no matter who saw him. Only Ian and Joel could sit on equal footing with him, but right now, he was just a junior!

Justin sighed silently. He was just here to see if Nora was awake. Why did he coincidentally bump into Simon and Melissa?

As he was thinking, Ian smiled confidently. Even without the Hunts shares, Nora wont be bullied in the Hunts. Dont worry, the Smiths have confidence!

This behavior stunned them.

Simon thought about it and suddenly realized something. He originally did not plan to mention it, but he looked at Justin and whispered, Could it be that the Smiths really knows that big shot like in the legends?

Melissa was stunned. What big shot?

Simon smiled. Were all jokingly talking about a legend. Its said that the richest man in the world keeps a very low profile. Outside, everyone calls him King.

Melissa was stunned. Is there really such a person?

Simon shook his head. I dont know about that. Ill have to ask Ian.

However, Ian revealed a deep smile and did not speak.

Simon immediately understood and looked at Justin. Youre really lucky, kid. If thats the case, even if youre really chased out by the Hunts, you can rely on the business opportunity your father-in-law got from King to start over! Dont be afraid!

Justin: ???

Nora, who was upstairs: ???