She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 725 - King of the World

Chapter 725 - King of the World

Chapter 725 King of the World

Herman held the will in his hand. This is a will left behind by your grandfather. This will is completely valid since he did not leave any other will when he passed away! Are you still planning to deny it?

Justin sneered. Of course I wont deny it. Ill give you what you want. Lawrence!


Lawrence, who had appeared at the door, walked in with a share transfer agreement in his hand. He handed it to Herman. Mr. Hunt, this is the share transfer agreement Boss prepared for you. Please sign it.

This turn of events exceeded everyones expectations.

Everyone looked at Justin in confusion.

Lawrence explained, Since Boss knows that you schemed against him back then, how could he not understand the reason why old sir had not left a will behind here? Boss wont take a single cent from him. Hell return it all to you. It can be considered as him repaying the Hunts for raising him!

When Herman heard this, he felt a little ashamed.

He stared at Justin and advised again, Justin, why are you doing this? Youve worked hard for the Hunts for so many years. It no longer matters to our family how much money we have. Are you really going to watch the Hunts walk toward destruction?

Mrs. Hunt could not bear for Justin to leave.

They did not come to force Justin to leave today. They only had one goal: to get Iris to calm Philips anger.

Herman had feelings for Iris. No matter how reluctant he was, he still had to give her up.

Mrs. Hunt said, Justin!

Her old eyes were filled with tears. How could she not have feelings for a grandson she had raised with her own hands? Furthermore, no matter how outstanding her son was, her grandson was better!

Justin was more business-minded than Herman.

Making him the person in charge was the best thing for the Hunts.

Roger was shocked. Justin, have you really thought it through?

He had fought for the position of power his entire life, and he was going to hand it over just like that?

As the group of people was letting their thoughts run wild, Justin said, Sign it.

Herman could only lower his head and open the share transfer document in his hand. However, when he saw the contents, he was instantly stunned. Justin, what do you mean by this?!

He slammed the document on the ground. Are you kidding me?!

Whats wrong?

Mrs. Hunt was dumbfounded.

Herman pointed at the document and said, The transfer of shares here is only 5%! Father left me 54% back then!

Only with more than 50% of the shares could one have the right to speak.

Everyone understood this logic.

Therefore, the shares Justin had received from Old Master were 54%.

But now, he was only giving back 5%?

Justin glanced at Lawrence. When he did not speak, Lawrence began to explain endlessly, Mr. Hunt, listen to me. We have calculated these shares very meticulously.

Herman stared at him.

Lawrence said, Boss took over Hunt Corporation ten years ago. Over the years, after the Hunts went public, they issued a portion of the shares to the public. The shareholders shares have been diluted quite a lot. Everyone in the family should know this.

If the Hunts wanted to become powerful, they had to issue shares to finance it. Naturally, the shares in the hands of the family members would shrink.

In fact, although they called it issuing shares, and while a portion of the shares had indeed been bought by the stockholders, most of the shares had been bought by Justin himself!

That was why Justins shares had not been diluted all these years and had remained at 51%.

Lawrence continued, The 54% from ten years ago is less than 5% now. Boss thought that since you gave him life, he would give you a little extra.

Herman: !!

Herman was furious. A hundred million from ten years ago is not the same value as a hundred million today!


Lawrence said, Boss has already exchanged it for your current value and even considered the dollar depreciation. Otherwise, you dont even have 1% of the shares.


He did not expect this outcome. He looked at Justin and said angrily, Are you trying to take the Hunts for yourself?

Justin said calmly, Im just taking back what belongs to me.

He had led the Hunts to where they were today. In ten years, the Hunts assets had increased by a few hundred times. Although the shares of the family members had shrunk, whose money had not increased by more than a hundred times?

When he, Justin, thought of Herman and Grandpa Hunts intentions, he instantly realized something and asked Lawrence to calculate all the money he had earned over the years.

Since he had chosen to make this public today, how could he not be prepared?

He did not care about the Hunts money, but

The company he casually ran could not be taken away just like that.

Herman took a deep breath.

He did not expect Justin to have such meticulous records. He could not find any mistakes in his work.

He had originally thought that Justin was not prepared, but now

He could only get back five percent of the shares.

However, 5% was also a significant share.

Seeing his hesitation, Lawrence said, Mr. Hunt, are you going to sign this or not? If you dont sign it, then youre giving it to my boss. Thats good too. Otherwise, my boss would only have 40% of the shares left. Sigh!

When Herman heard this, he signed it without hesitation.

After signing it, he looked up again. Justin, dont think youll win just because of this. You only have 46% of the shares now. You cant say anything.

With that, he raised the 5% shares in his hand and said, As a 5% shareholder of the company, Ill cooperate with others and request to choose the chairman again. Roger! How many shares do you have?

When Roger from the side family heard this, he said, 7%.

How much is it? Ill buy it!

Herman had also earned a lot of money from his overseas businesses over the past few years. He could be said to be wealthy now. He said directly, Also, for the Hunts shares, anyone who wants to sell them at a high price can come and look for me!

Roger looked at Justin and then at Herman. He immediately chose the team without hesitation. Herman, what are you saying? Damn, we have 7% of the shares. You dont have to buy it, either. Ill give you the right to speak without it!

Wasnt it good to watch the father and son fight amongst themselves?

Okay, lets go have a chat. Who else has more shares? My old friends from back then should still be in the company

Herman and the people from the side family left Justins villa.

Mrs. Hunt stood there, her figure trembling. She looked at Justin and shouted, Justin, I have 10% of the shares. Dont, dont blame me If you make a decision, you can come and look for me! If I give you that 10%, youll still be the head of the Hunts!

With that, she left.

After everyone left, Nora said goodbye to Justin and prepared to go home to sleep.

After all, she had not rested well for a few days.

As for Justins matters, she would talk about them when she woke up.

Iris also went upstairs to accompany the three children. After everyone left, Lawrence came in front of Justin. Boss, you could have just given him 1% of the shares, why did you give him 5%? Now, you have less than 50%. You dont have absolute control anymore.

Justin glanced at him and said calmly, If we dont give him some hope, will those demons show their faces?

Lawrence: ?

Lawrence coughed.

It turned out that Boss was planning to clean up the Hunts!

He said, Then lets

Justin no longer had the lonely feeling of being betrayed. He was like the king of the world again, as if everything was under his control.

He said slowly, Doesnt Sean have 4% of the shares? Let him spread the news that he plans to sell them and see how many people are interested in these shares!

Yes, sir!

Seans shares were his shares.

Therefore, Justin had always been holding onto 50%!

Lawrence asked, Then about Philip

As soon as he said this, Justins phone rang. He opened it and realized that it was Imperial Leagues chat page. Someone asked: Who has shares of the Hunt Corporation? Im willing to buy them at a high price.

Justin sneered when he saw this.